Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

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Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Horse Chinese New Year

Exploring the Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning: The Horse Chinese zodiac sign is all about participation. This sign engages, activates, and pursues. These qualities are often highlighted in social settings. The Horse is gregarious and easily approachable. They make quick friends, and always seem to be willing to offer a helping hand to their pals. Horse signs are natural leaders, and they excel on the political scene. Perhaps it’s their bounding energy or their enthusiasm…whatever it is they exude, they are certainly magnanimous personalities.

The Chinese Horse sign is cooperative. They know all about compromise. They easily give and take without allowing others to take advantage of them.  taken advantage of. In that same vein, Horses are natural teachers. They innately know how to mentor and show people the ropes in the most inoffensive ways. There are some people who teach for the simple joy of imparting wisdom – this is Horse energy at work. Not only that, Horses guide others with a goal to offer improvement and progress to their students and colleagues. They see a better life for those around them, and they want to help people attain that better way of living.

Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year
Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

Horse signs have a distinct brand of wisdom. Their philosophy about life is down-to-earth, and matter-of-fact. This grounded, stable energy is both refreshing and calming.  Although not overly ambitious, the Horse absolutely knows where he’s going, and how to get there. As a Horse, you’re not quite as plodding as the Ox, but to be sure, you exert tireless determination in getting to your destination.

Some things to watch out for: Horses love to share perspective, opinions and wisdom. But no matter how well-intentioned, they can get overly exuberant sometimes. It’s as if they get ahead of themselves (horse before the cart syndrome) – far overreaching the potential of their students or audience. When a Horse stretches to get folks up to speed, it is done with high enthusiasm. However, when the Horse’s charges won’t (or can’t) follow in their footsteps, it can cause crushing disappointment. The Horse’s ability to share and give is linked to personal identity. Understandably, when Horse wisdom gets a kick in the teeth – it’s going to lead to reactions like withdrawal, sulking or even anger.

Thankfully, these reactions don’t last long, and the Horse sign is back in the saddle again. They don’t give up a challenge easily, and will keep endeavoring to follow the path of their choosing. Horse energy will keep you buoyed and focused on your end-goal for the year. 

Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year
Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

 Mythology and Legends About the Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

The horse was highly revered and honored in ancient Chinese culture, and so we see the horse as supremely featured in myth.  Legends and lore tell might tales of horses representing coveted qualities such as: Strength, Courage, Honesty, Determination and Power.

A famous horse in found in a 10th century BC account that describes a mighty equine character who displays extraordinary willpower. The tale also goes on the pain the horse as reliable, pure-of-heart and loyal.

Chinese Year Of The Horse
Chinese Year Of The Horse

Sign of Horse in the Chinese New Year of the Horse

Horse signs who find it challenging to mingle or connect with others in society will find those restraints loosened in Horse years. Likewise, those who are quite content to blend in the background, might have the urge to come forward in a leadership capacity in the year of the Horse. This is a great keynote for the year of the Horse. This is a time when our skills of communication and negotiation are at their highest point, as well as maintain balance and stability.

Teamwork is a big watchword for the Horse. The year of the Horse typically offers opportunities in which we can gallop our way through projects with ease thanks to vital assistance from others.

The Horse sign is also symbolic of trust, faithfulness and reliability. It seems Horse signs can always be counted upon in times of trouble or need. This sign is true and faithful. This is a beautiful sentiment for the year of the Horse. Keep the beatitudes of kindness, faithfulness and trust in your psyche as you go through this year. It will augment those Horse qualities, and therefore enhance your life.

Because the sign of the Horse is vigilant in the face of challenges, the year of the Horse for this sign will provide challenges that the Horse will tackle and grow from. As a Horse sign in the Chinese year of the Horse, may find yourself in a situation in which you aren’t gaining support, or attention from your colleagues. The persistent energy of the Horse will counteract your temptation to give up the good fight.

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