Conscious And Unconscious Planet Meaning

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Conscious And Unconscious Planet Meaning

Planet Meaning In Terms Of Consciousness

Planet Meaning and Consciousness

Did you know certain planets represent consciousness, and other planets symbolize unconsciousness?

Planets are intimately connected to humanity and our environment. We could say our state of our consciousness is symptomatic of planetary status – and vice versa.

Exploring the personality, motions and symbolism of the planets gives us a broader view of our own personalities and behaviors. Why?

Because everything in our Universe is interconnected. We are both influencers and we are influenced by the heavens too. Many scholars contend we were made from the stars, and so study of astrology is like studying our own ancestry.

So why would we want to know about the conscious and unconscious classifications of our planets? It all boils down to one great truth: “Temet Nosce,” or “Know Thyself.”

We can explore consciousness in planet meaning and relate it to our own states consciousness. Planet personalities give us a “big picture” view of our own inner personalities. Planets are the macrocosm and we are the microcosm. A planet hums a certain melody, and our souls whistle the harmony.

That said, let’s take a look at the classifications of consciousness in planets…

“Self-understanding changes with time,

and so also human consciousness deepens.”

~ Pope Francis I

Inner Planets = Conscious Planets

The four planets who represent the conscious mind: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. These are also known as the “inner planets” in astronomy. This might help with your comprehension as most of us already have an “inside understanding” of how our conscious minds work. We know our conscious self – it is closest to us. Likewise, these four planets are closest to the earth, our “home-base.”

Outer Planets = Unconscious Planets

The four planets who represent the unconscious mind: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. These are called the “outer planets” is astronomy. This is a good metaphor because the outer planet meanings are based upon depth, extension and vastness of the unconscious mind. Our unconscious minds can be expansive and distant in our understanding. Likewise, the outer planets are distant and their secrets are not easily revealed.

We can get a overview of our own condition of consciousness by observing these different planets. The movements (orbit) and personality of the planets tell us about our own personality too.

It’s like seeing the “lay of the land” (consciousness) from an aerial view. Learning how consciousness is reflected in the planets gives you a specialized knowing of who you are and about your reactions (conscious and unconscious) to your environment.

Moreover, by looking at the orbits of the planets, we can interpret the motion of conscious and unconscious thinking. For example, when conscious planets are retrograde, our own behavior tends to be inhibitive, reticent and we feel a conscious need to do things over.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on conscious and unconscious planet meaning.Check out the links below for more symbolic planet meaning and cool astro-symbolism. Thanks for reading!

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