symbolic wasp meaning

Wasp Meaning

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Symbolic Wasp Meaning and Wisdom

A lot of people freak out when they see wasps. That’s understandable, but learning about symbolic wasp meaning can help with phobia or fear about these insects. This article discusses how the wasp can bring about big lessons in our lives. Read on to learn what the wasp can teach us.

Unveiling animal symbolism affords us new insight into life, and lessons for life too. Even the wasp has symbolic messages to offer us.

Granted, the wasp isn’t the top ten most popular animal totem or guide, but do a little research, and you’ll find the wasp is a highly regarded symbol in many cultures.

Here are some highlights from my own research…I hope you’ll enjoy them, and gain new perspective into wasp symbolism from reading.

In some African traditions, the wasp is a symbol of evolution and control over our life circumstances.

Some Native American Indian tribal myth indicates the wasp as the creator of the earth and was a symbol of order, organization as well as productivity.

Ancient European lore recognizes the wasp as big part of pollination. Here the wasp is symbolic of fertility as this genre of earth-based believers honored the wasp for its role in the continuation of certain plants and flowers.

Animal symbolism of the wasp deals with many themes. Here are a few…

Symbolic Wasp Meanings

  • Order
  • Progress
  • Team-work
  • Involvement
  • Development
  • Productivity
  • Construction
  • Communication

“Beautiful, pleasing stuff is easy to appreciate.

Creepy, stinging stuff forces us to think differently in order to appreciate it.

That makes the things in nature that sting all the more profound in their lessons.”

~ Avia
symbolic wasp meaning
symbolic wasp meaning

The prime season of the wasp is spring, and so it is symbolic of new beginnings, and starting new projects.

The wasp is very social, and has special means of communication with its family. When the wasp appears in our lives it is a message for us to consider our own methods of communication. The wasp might be a sign that we may need to express ourselves more clearly.

Because the wasp is symbolic of communication, order and productivity, those who encounter the wasp may ask themselves:

Symbolic Messages the Wasp Sends to Us

  • “Are all my affairs in order?”
  • “Am I aligning myself with my goals?”
  • “Am I procrastinating about something?”
  • “Am I keeping myself from reaching my highest potential?”
  • “Am I allowing my progress to be held back by others?”

Those with the wasp as their totem may learn more by asking these questions of themselves, and calling upon the wasp for more clarification too.

Wasps are perfect totems for those of us who need a bit of organized focus, and assistance with assertive communication.

The wasp can also help in areas of building, whether it be a new home, or building on a dream – the wasp is a master architect and can guide you with the planning of any building project you have in mind.

I hope you have enjoyed this animal symbolism of the wasp. Check out the links at the end of this page for more animal symbolism articles. Thanks for reading!



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