Ways to Become More Green-Minded

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Our planet is our life support.  It’s not only our home, but it is the one thing that provides life. After all, without this beautiful blue planet, we wouldn’t even be here.  Given the gravity of our planet’s importance, it’s important to explore ways to become more green-minded. 

While some may argue our earth is becoming more unfit for human survival thanks to human activity, there is hope and tons of room for reform.  More and more, humans are beginning to understand that every little thing we do impacts the planet. Consequently, we’re seeing more grass-roots programs & champions who strive to conserve, preserve, and develop better ways to become more green-minded.

Ways to Become More Green Minded
An improved planet isn’t a dream. It is obtainable through better choices and green-minded actions

Better Choices, Better Planet

Your activities matter, from the water you leave running to the power you neglected to turn off when you weren’t using it. For the planet’s sake, everyone must adopt a more green-minded lifestyle. This mean making more conscious choices that support our land, wildlife, water, environment, etc. Putting the planet first in every choice we make results in a better planet.

For instance, cryptocurrency has proven to be a more eco-friendly option when it comes to making purchases. Digital currencies like Bitcoin are increasing the carbon footprint on the planet. However, some cryptocurrencies are eco-friendly; there’s a low carbon footprint when you mine or buy XRP. If you’re ready to become more green-minded, below are the different ways to start.

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Turn Off Gadgets

Most of us are guilty of leaving our electrical appliances on even when they aren’t used, which is a problem. You can start becoming green-minded by ensuring you turn the lights and gadgets off when you’re not using them.

Apart from the benefits, this practice has to the planet, your purse benefits indirectly also. When you turn off your electronics when not in use, you’ll save a significant electricity bill cost.

Use Energy-Efficient Electronics

Another great way to become more green-minded is by opting for energy-efficient gadgets, which also inadvertently means fewer energy bills. If you want to go further than just turning off your appliances, consider using gadgets to conserve energy.

Thus, when the gadget is in use, it doesn’t threaten the planet because it uses low energy. Energy-efficient appliances are a great way to help the planet and also save money.

Ways to Become More Green Minded
“The choices we make today take root in our future.” ~Avia

Reduce Meat Consumption & Don’t Waste Food

Watching what and how you consume is one of the most effective ways to become green-minded. Thus, eating less meat and more plant-based meals can positively impact the earth – and your pocket.

It doesn’t mean you must become a full-fledged vegetarian; avoid meat for a few days a week. Also, avoid wasting food; besides its impact on your finances, food wastes increase the CO2 in landfills.

Cut Out Plastics & Choose Recycling

Nearly everything in our homes has plastic, from the bottled water we drink to our babies’ feeding bottles. Still, we can consciously and actively cut out plastic if we want to in a few simple practices – like avoiding bottled water.

Additionally, rather than throw out your damaged goods, especially appliances, see if you can recycle them first. There’s almost nothing you cannot recycle today; recycling and eliminating plastic are two highly effective eco-friendly practices.

Adopt Cryptocurrency

As far as things contributing to global warming go, cryptocurrencies probably take the top spot. Moreover, cryptocurrencies offer better transactional benefits than fiat currencies, including being faster, safer, more transparent, and giving you more control of your funds. Plus, considering how the cryptocurrency market is evolving today, digital currencies will soon become more mainstream. As far as things contributing to global warming go, cryptocurrencies probably take the top spot. However, there are eco-friendly cryptocurrencies you can switch to, like XRP; Ethereum is also moving towards eco-friendly mining processes.


LED bulbs are some energy-efficient electronics we discussed earlier; they’re a great alternative to conventional bulbs. Besides the environmental benefits of using LED bulbs, they also offer some financial benefits.

For instance, LED bulbs last longer, are brighter, and, more importantly, use less energy. They last longer means you won’t need to replace them as often as you do the conventional bulbs.

“Tread softly. All the earth is holy ground.” ~Christina Rossetti

Use Public Transport When You Can

This idea seems incredible – after all, why would you stress yourself in public transport when you have your car? If you’re serious about adopting ways to become more green-minded, you might want to consider going out without your car once in a while.

Opt for walking, public transport, or bikes – or consider purchasing electric cars when you can. Nevertheless, you can practice eco-friendly habits when you do drive – like keeping the speed down and ensuring your car is in optimal condition.

Keep Your Purchases Close to Home

If you can avoid going the long distance to get your necessities, do it.  The closer to home you buy things, the better. You’re contributing to the carbon footprint through transportation when you need to travel a distance to get your clothes, groceries, and other items.

You can have an eco-friendly house by buying your product close to home; buying foodstuffs from local farmers is even better. The secret to having an eco-friendly house is in your little things, from eating to bathing to gardening.

Ways to Become More Green Minded
Everything is connected. When we improve the planet, we improve ourselves too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Being More Green-Minded

How can I be a more green person?

As the term, “green-minded” implies, becoming a more green person suggests that you think along more green lines.  To explain, before you take an action, consider how it impacts our planet.  Being a more green person means thinking about being green before making choices.  That means for every purchase you make, every vacation you take, every drive in your vehicle, where and what you choose to eat – all of these and more choices should be weighed in terms of how they influence nature, our planet, and our environment before committing to the decision.

What is green thinking?

It’s a state of mind that consciously considers the impact our actions have on the planet before those actions are taken. It’s also a mindset that is committed to reforming behavior in ways that nurture the planet instead of contributing to the largesse of waste already existing in our environment, landfills, waters, ect.  Green thinking is also a minimalist way of thinking. It adopts a “less is more” mentality.

What is meant by a green lifestyle?

This is about building a life that has a clear mission to support, sustain, and nurture the planet. It’s about making purpose-driven choices that honor the precious resources existing on this planet. Living a green lifestyle may also involve becoming an advocate for helping, healing and championing for the continuation and survival of ecologies, wildlife, etc. A green lifestyle is an earth-centric way of living and entails making ethical choices that benefit the planet.

Conclusion About Green Thinking

Whatever your reason for choosing the eco-friendly lifestyle, you should know that your choice will help the planet greatly. Plus, the planet isn’t the only thing that benefits from your eco-friendly practices; you do, too. You can significantly improve your quality of life as well as the health of our planet by adopting ways to become more green-minded. These tips on how to be more eco-friendly can help you exhibit more green-minded habits.

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