mother bird symbolism and birds that are symbols of motherhood

Mother Bird Symbolism

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Mother Bird Symbolism: The mother bird archetype is undeniably heartwarming, and the bird world is rife with the symbols of motherhood.

Indeed, bird mother symbolism is a language that sings touching, subtle songs that lull each of us into comforting, dreamy thoughts of nourishment, security, and an assurance that (just like mom says) “everything will be alright.” Sappy? Maybe. But consider the mother bird. The symbolism of this comforting picture is legion.

mother bird symbolism and birds that are symbols of motherhood
mother bird symbolism and birds that are symbols of motherhood

Thoughts About Birds and Motherhood

Let’s face it. Motherhood can be a thankless job. Sure, mother’s get the benefit of seeing their children flourish and grow, and the rewards can be great. But, the pay-off for those rewards often come much later in life. Consider birds. Some of these birds that serve as mother symbols sacrifice so much – only to kick their young ones out…never knowing what happens to them. Nature can be a brutal realm. These mother birds are so invested in making sure their offspring gets their best shot. At the end of the day, these birds teach us that us a mother, we can only do the same. Mom’s can only do their best to give their kids the best shot at life.

Mother Bird Meaning – Quick Keywords

  • Love
  • Safety
  • Growth
  • Healing
  • Security
  • Provision
  • Nurturing
  • Protection
  • Satisfaction
  • Compassion
  • Self-sacrifice
motherhood symbols bird meaning

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.”

~Robert Browning
Avia (and Gus) Talks about Symbolism of Motherhood

Top Eight Birds as Symbols of Motherhood in History and Cultural Lore

Are you still with me? I hope so, because now we get into the nitty gritty. Without further ado, here are top eight birds that represent motherhood (symbolically speaking).

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dove meaning mother symbol

Dove: Associated with peace, love and tranquility, the dove is a companion of Venus (Roman goddess of love). The dove is also a common symbol of the Virgin Mother Mary and is portrayed in Christian art as a representation of selfless love and the sacrifice every mother makes for the well-being of their offspring. The dove is included in this list for mother bird symbolism because of her meanings of devotion and compassion. More about the Dove here.


goose meaning and mother symbol

Goose: No discussion of this type can overlook the presence of Mother Goose in the nursery rhyme and collective myth. Geese are notorious for protecting their young ones and can be vicious if they feel their brood is in danger. These creatures show strong familial bonds with their entire clan. Indeed, if a mother is struggling, one or two clan members will stay with her even when the rest of the group begins their migration. The members will not leave a family member in need behind. The goose is a beautiful example of how it takes a village to raise the bar on social responsibility within the youth and community. Learn more about goose Symbolism here.


hean meaning as a mother symbol

Hen: We’ve all heard the expression “mother hen” and those of us who’ve had the experience of observing mother hens with their chicks know why the term was coined. They are diligent in seeing to the needs of their newborns. Furthermore, they are excellent teachers to their offspring. They give their little ones everything they need to know to survive. Then, quite suddenly, the mother hen completely disassociates with the chicks. This back-turning to their young is essential for the survival of these chicks. It might be considered “tough love” but the chick has no choice but to sink or swim.


magpie meaning as a mother symbol

Magpie: In Australian Aboriginal lore the magpie is symbolic of provision, motherly love and protection. Legend has it that when the world was created, the sky was pressed too tightly to the land and light of the sun could not shine fully upon the earth. The magpie took pity on humans (fumbling in darkness), and gathered sticks to pry an opening between the earth and sky so that mankind could have light. Here the magpie is the mother of light and allows for the regeneration of mankind. More on magpie symbolism here.


pelican meaning and mother symbol

Pelican: The mother bird pelican is another symbol of motherly self-sacrifice in order to provide for her young. Myth indicates pelican mothers fed offspring on her own blood, assuring their well-being at the cost of her own life. In reality, the pelican regurgitates food for her babies, and in doing so, blood from the macerated fish spots her snowy white breast – hence giving the impression of piercing her own chest to let blood as food for her young. More on pelican symbolism here.


sparrow meaning and mother symbol

Sparrow: The sparrow is a symbol of fastidiousness, comfort, and simplicity. In European lore, the sparrow is symbolic of domesticity and competent homemaking. The sparrow is also associated with love (motherly and otherwise) as we see her again associated with the goddess of love, Venus. More about symbolic sparrow meanings here.


swallow bird meaning and mother symbols

Swallow: The swallow is symbolic of hope, fertility and renewal of life. Another symbol of the love goddess, Venus, the Roman’s believed it was extremely unlucky to harm a swallow. Further, the Roman’s believed the swallow to be a totem bird to mothers in sorrow as it was said the swallow embodied all the young, innocent’s who died during childbirth. Learn about swallow bird meaning here.


vulture bird meaning and mother symbols

Vulture: You might not think about the vulture when you think of mother bird symbolism. But, think again because these (often maligned) creatures are impeccable caretakers of their young. Indeed, the Egyptian hieroglyph for “mother” is the same as a vulture. Further, the Egyptian mother goddess, Mut is often depicted with the vulture in the ancient art of the culture. The Egyptians observed the vulture as an excellent mother – to such an extent it was thought all vultures were female. More about symbolic vulture meanings here.


I hope you have enjoyed these observations on mother bird symbolism. I also have a page on mother symbols here. For other pages of interest, follow the links below: I hope you enjoyed these thoughts on dream bird symbolism. Click around the suggested links at the end of this page for further symbolic meanings on birds and more.

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