Symbolic Armadillo Meaning and Spiritual Meaning of Armadillo

Symbolic Armadillo Meaning

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Symbolic Armadillo Meaning: My friend Daniel believes in a Creator who is into some really potent psychotropic drugs. He says the proof of his theory is the armadillo. One look at this odd little creature, and it’s tough to argue with my friend Daniel.

symbolic armadillo meaning
symbolic armadillo meaning

Digging Into Symbolic Armadillo Meaning

To be sure, all Natural life has its oddities, but the armadillo is quite a spectacle of unique features. This page discusses symbolic armadillo meaning and what messages these little creatures have to share with us as both totem and guide.

The armadillo, Spanish for “little armored one,” is most well-known for its armored shell. Its armor is made from cartilage and bone. These bones provide an amazing defense and represent protection and a guarded disposition. A great symbolic cue here. If circumstances dictate a defensive stance, the armadillo encourages us to take this position to protect our inner selves. Just as the armadillo curls into a sphere to protect its vital organs from threat, we too can initiate our own defense system to protect our hearts when the occasion calls for it.

Some might think the armadillo as having an aloof, self-concerned existence, often times taking care of one’s own self is perceived as selfish and arrogant. But perhaps we might consider the armadillo as a representative of detachment and objectivity. On our paths to understanding, we must examine and embrace many different attitudes and ways of being, and the armadillo is a grand teacher in that regard.

“Seeing our own smallness is called insight.
Honoring our own tenderness is called strength.”

~ Lao Tzu
symbolic armadillo meaning
Symbolic armadillo meaning

Some keywords are given below to consider while researching symbolic armadillo meaning.

Symbolic Armadillo Meaning Keywords

  • Trust
  • Peace
  • Pacifism
  • Reclusive
  • Neutrality
  • Complexity
  • Sensitivity
  • Inquiry/Curiosity
  • Emotional Excavation
  • Protection/Guardedness

Armadillos and Digging

Armadillos love to dig and burrow with their sharp, little claws. This speaks to us symbolically about searching, discovering, and getting to the “root” of the matter. If the armadillo makes an appearance, perhaps it’s time to do some research on a project you’ve been working. Or, maybe it’s time to dig under the surface of some questions that have been nagging you. Whether it’s launching your own investigation or doing some digging in your family genealogy, the armadillo can help.

Armadillo Meaning Connected With Sensory Perception

Armadillo’s have super-sensory ability to detect life underground. They are masters at “hide-and-seek” as well as superior at finding whatever is hidden. They serve as “tour-guides” to our buried secrets. When we start on a journey of exploration/research/discovery with the armadillo as our spiritual guide, we are primed to receive illumination and answers. Armadillo’s can find stuff for us – real items, or even intangible goodies like epiphanies and insights. Imagine the armadillo waddling out ahead of you on a hiking journey through data/details you’re researching. Encourage the armadillo to astral-travel ahead of you in life/meditation to seek-and-find that which is hidden from you.

I’ve actually done this with great success. The armadillo is such a great help in finding things that are lost – it’s part of their digging/exploring acumen. Several years ago I lost the title to my car. I knew the armadillo was a great detective (detecting grubs, worms, and nice curves in the ground, perfect for making natural dens). I initiated a meditation in which I asked the armadillo to help me find the car title. My journeying was lead by the armadillo, bounding up hills and splashing through streams. At one point, the armadillo started digging through a pile of shoeboxes. Bingo. I recognized one of the shoeboxes in my armadillo-meditation. With a little time, and a trip to my storage unit, I found the shoebox the armadillo showed me in my meditation and found my car title. I kid you not.

symbolic armadillo meaning
Symbolic armadillo meaning

Armadillo Meaning and Sleep

Armadillo’s sleep most of the day, some eighteen hours (just like sloths and anteaters, which are close cousins to the armadillo). When the armadillo burrows its way into your awareness as a totem or a messenger, it might be a good time to get some rest. Relax, recover, recuperate and consider withdrawing from social engagements for a time of renewal. Because armadillo’s typically live in dens underground, we’re observing womb-like symbolism. The Mother (Earth) is both womb and tomb to all life. If the armadillo is coming into your consciousness, consider big themes like this. Is it time to mother ourselves? Nurture ourselves? Is it time to become reborn? Or perhaps it’s time to retreat, withdraw and become more reclusive. These are all questions the armadillo asks us on our life’s journey.

Water and Armadillo Connections

Armadillo’s also like the water, are generally found near some water, and walk underwater. They can even inflate their intestines in order to float upon the water for a time, basking in the sun as they laze about the surface of an ambling stream. Water talks to us about going with the flow of our emotions, and the armadillo carries the same message. Are your emotions dammed up? How can the armadillo help loosen up emotional tension? Truthfully, the mental image of this crazy little creature, grinning from ear-to-ear while it bobs along the surface of a babbling brook is enough to melt my icy emotions and make me smile, perhaps the same might hold true for you.

Its ability to maneuver effectively in water is a big take-away message for us. Even during emotional flooding, the armadillo is a reminder we have the internal fortitude and wherewithal available to us to float through emotional trauma. Sometimes the only way to endure emotional storms is to coast through them. This is what the armadillo does – simply floats through torrential floods. Sometimes this is our only option too, and all we can do is let nature take its course while we surrender to the current.

Symbolic Armadillo Meaning

Armadillo as a Totem

People who hold the armadillo as an animal totem have a natural defense system, and can be incredibly self-protective. Armadillo-people are extremely perceptive and acutely attuned to the happenings in their environment. If you find the armadillo is your animal kin, you tend to have a bright intellect, which is fueled by a natural curiosity. Armadillo-folks are natural treasure hunters and can find stuff that others have misplaced. Although armadillo-people can be short-sighted, and may not have a long-reaching vision for themselves or their world, they have a lovely sense of contentment.

In fact, armadillo people are some of the best folks to hang around with because they are comfortable with themselves. This kind of self-contentment is extremely comforting. If the armadillo is your totem, you serve as a grounding, calming effect for those around you. People often seek you out (perhaps not even knowing why) for your soothing, steady energy. Armadillo-people also have great memories and adore the role of history-keeper. Inquisitive, introspective, thoughtful, grounded, and keen to defend that which is precious….these terms best describe those with the armadillo as their totem.

Conclusion About Symbolic Armadillo Meaning

I hope you have enjoyed these insights into symbolic armadillo meaning. Don’t stop here, the armadillo is an advocate of digging deeper – so by all means, do your own digging into armadillo wisdom. Meditate, contemplate and do further research on the armadillo. To be sure, this creature has a lot to share.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

May all your armadillo moments be filled with value and guidance.

Mighty brightly,

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