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Jade Stone Meaning: Rock Solid Insights

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Jade Stone Meaning in Different Cultures

From the Q & A Files

The following is a question about jade stone meaning in Native American cultures. It’s a pretty fascinating topic, and I’m very glad I was able to answer to Mike’s satisfaction.

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Question About Jade Stone Meaning in Native American Cultures

“Avia, I am helping my daughter with a school project. She needs to know the meaning of Jade in Native North American history. Can you help us? Thank you for any information about what the jade stone meaning is for Native Americans” Thanks, ~Mike

Avia’s Response to Mike’s Jade Stone Meaning Question

Hello Michael,

 It’s great you are helping your daughter for your project. Thanks for writing in.

 Jade is typically an Asian energy. It comes from China, Japan, and other Eastern regions such as Burma, Korea, etc.

 However, there are small jade stones found in ancient ruins in the Mexico regions which are aligned with the Native South American tribes such as Aztec and Mayans.

 In terms of Native South American iconography, jade was symbolic of safe passage.  Jade was a rare and auspicious stone that was symbolic of safe journeying and it was said to protect all travelers. Jade was given as a blessing for traveling in the physical world, and the non-physical world.  It was considered very important to have jade if you were traveling a great distance in any capacity (spiritual or physical).

 As far as Native North American Indian tribes – my knowledge is limited.  Yes, jade was sometimes traded if it got into the hands of merchants, travelers and the like from southern regions like Mexico – but it was rare.

 I’ve only heard of one instance of a jade piece being cherished in North American Indian culture – it was an Arapaho tribal medicine man Which makes sense…Arapaho is a southern North American tribe – located in south regions Texas, close to the Mexican border. These tribes could have obtained jade pieces from South American trade.

 The Arapaho medicine man kept a small chip of jade in his medicine bag.  He reported it had the ability to clarify, heal, and clean the spirit of all evil.  It was a tool to clean up unwanted energy and clear the soul so it could be free of damage.

 I hope that helps.

 I realize you are looking specifically for Native American jade stone meaning, but in case you or anyone else might be interested, the following are some symbolic jade facts in other cultures.

jade stone meaning
Jade stone meaning in Native American and other cultures

More Ideas About Jade Stone Meaning in Other Cultures

 ♦  In certain parts of Asia, intricate jade carvings were made in the form of an insect called the cicada. It was an old tradition to place the jade cicada figurine inside the mouth of a loved one who was recently deceased. I know it might sound a little weird, but there’s a neat reason they did this. By placing a jade stone cicada in the mouth of an ancestor was a way of honoring the dead.  The cicada is a symbol of luck and happiness. This practice insured the spirit of the ancestor would live happily in the afterlife. Get more about the symbolic meaning of the cicada here.

 ♦  In China, jade frogs are carved out and carried in the pockets of travelers. Frogs and jade stones are considered lucky when it comes to any kind of travel – especially travel overseas. By keeping a jade frog effigy in one’s pocket, you were insured a safe journey. Get more about frog symbolism here.

 ♦  Also in China, jade is a symbol of wealth and success.  Having jade stones and carvings in business was thought to be financial luck and many customers.

 ♦  The Maori used to make masks in the likeness of their ancestors who held positions of respect among their people. It was thought the spirit of these ancestors lived within these jade masks.  In essence, the Maori could keep the wisdom and guidance of their powerful ancestors through their spirit held within the jade masks.

 ♦  In ancient Egypt, jade was often buried in the tombs of prominent leaders such as kings and pharaohs. It was considered to be a vital stone that promoted good health and long life. By burying jade in the tomb of their leaders, the Egyptians were insuring these ancestors would live love, happy, healthy lives in the afterworld.

 To sum up, no matter what culture you are consulting, the jade stone meaning is scintillating with fascinating and powerful symbolism. Wealth, health, travel…the jade is a strong energy that has been perceived as a major stone for protection..

 I hope you enjoyed this article on jade stone meaning from the Q & A files.  If you did, please share it with your friends and family!

 As always, thanks for reading.

Mighty brightly,

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