Symbolic meaning of crickets

Symbolic Meaning of Crickets

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All About Symbolic Meaning of Crickets

For such a tiny creature, you wouldn’t think the symbolic meaning of crickets would be a very big deal. But it is! Crickets symbols of luck, protection, patience and contemplation. Their cheerful, chirpy song is a beautiful message of attracting what we want. Cricket song is also a sign of being more sensitive.

I’m vacationing with my friend Emma, of Emma’s Home Remedies. We were relaxing at the beach one evening, and I suddenly heard this “chirp, chirp, chirp”. It was Emma’s phone! She had received a text from her friend, who is a horticulturalist. I loved hearing that sound in association with someone so connected to Nature.

The chirping got me thinking. Crickets are so sound-oriented. We can’t miss their song in the evenings…those sweet nights when we’re kicking back on the front porch with a nice, cool drink.

I think cricket song captures an innocence. They conjure moments in which life moves soft and slow. Moments when we’re just hanging out, enjoying the moment, relaxing. Crickets offer a background music for those times in which we’re just letting our hair down and going with the flow.

My friend Emma also gave me another interesting revelation. She said the sound of cricket song is just so freaking happy! But yet, they can look a little frightening. I admit crickets can look a bit creepy! 

Consequently, crickets are the quintessential embodiment of the phrase: “Never judge a book by its cover.” What do I mean by that? Well, if we sit and absorb cricket songs, we can totally get that happy vibe Emma spoke about. However, when we see a cricket, we may receive a totally opposite impression. Their visage seems counter to their voice. I think that’s a big take-away point about the symbolic meaning of crickets. They teach us a lesson about appreciating the gifts we have (and the gifts in others) without being overly influenced by external appearance.

meaning of crickets
About symbolic cricket meaning

“Never underestimate nature’s creatures.

Often, the smallest and most unlikely creatures

offer the biggest wisdom and guidance.”


I’ll give you another illustration that underscores my point. I don’t watch much TV, but I was recently introduced to a show called The Voice. I haven’t seen it, but the way it was described to me is as such: Talented singers get up on stage to be judged. The hook of the show is that the judges all have their backs turned while the artist performs. That means they can’t allow a singer’s appearance to influence their perception of their voice.

I think that’s how we should view the cricket. In short, if the physical appearance of crickets freaks you out – just relish the loveliness of their song. Submerge into the chirpy joy-joy of their voice. This is a reiteration of the symbolic meaning of crickets…we should not judge on face-value. Rather, the cricket asks us to close our eyes and embrace the gifts that others offer us without judgment.

Keywords About the Symbolic Meaning of Crickets

  • Joy
  • Voice
  • Reason
  • Freedom
  • Expression
  • Protection
  • Good Luck
  • Productivity
  • Hidden Wisdom
cricket meaning
Exploring the symbolic meaning of crickets

So what does protection have to do with symbolic meaning of crickets? Well, that comes from Eastern culture. Both crickets and grasshoppers are a symbol of protection in China. As history tells it, crickets alerted Chinese households to threats. Huh? Yeah.

Consider your own home, or a walk in the woods. All is hunky-dory one minute while you’re relaxing in your space and in Nature. You’re enjoying the song of the cricket…all is well. But then suddenly the crickets go radio-silent. Complete audio emptiness. That’s a sign. They detect something we may not hear or perceive, so they shut up to protect themselves.

As an ally, they protect us too. When a cricket is singing along, but suddenly gets quiet, that’s a sign of some kind of intrusion. There are several Chinese accounts in which crickets have saved family’s lives by alerting them with their silence of intruders. That’s big symbolism. It indicates that sometimes we need to be still in moments of threat.

So often in this aggressive modern world we live in, it feels as though we have to yell, push, get in others’ faces. Not true. I grant you, if there is real threat of bodily harm that’s totally different. But I’m talking about subtle intrusions. Like a co-worker stepping on our toes, or hurting us emotionally. Instead of verbalizing our anger, the cricket suggests taking the tact of silence. Give it a try sometime. If your emotions are being intruded upon, maybe try the silent treatment as a solution. This is a big sign to us when the cricket shows up in our lives.  But remember, cricket song isn’t just pretty. It has a purpose. Crickets make all this noise to attract partners. This reminds us that if we want love, we’ve got to make a joyful noise to attract it.

I want to take a moment to address the keywords “reason” and “hidden wisdom” in the list of symbolic meanings of crickets. It may seem odd to have those in the list, but it deals with color. Crickets range from grey, to brown to black. These are all colors that symbolize deeper depth of wisdom. Black is especially symbolic of secret, sacred wisdom. I’m talking about messages that come from behind the veil. What I mean by that is this: Sometimes knowledge does not come from a book, or a documentary on TV. Nope.

Often our deepest insights come from an odd abyss…from the unknown…from a place we can’t touch, taste or see. And that’s what crickets are legendary for. They offer wisdom from the beyond. Consider Jiminy Cricket. That beloved Disney character in Pinocchio. This movie is based upon ancient cultural symbolism about crickets harboring big wisdom.  Backing this concept is eyesight. Huh? Yeah! Crickets have extraordinary eyesight. They have compound eyes with many lenses which enable them to see many images at the same time. This reminds us to expand our vision and see from different points of view.

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Closing thoughts on symbolism and cricket meaning

Parting Thoughts on Symbolic Meaning of Crickets

All this to say, when the cricket is hopping in your consciousness, there are a lot of things going on. Let me break it down….

♦  Crickets in our lives remind us to get quiet when we feel fear or threat.

♦  When we get quiet, it’s a good time to consider what’s making us feel threatened.

♦ Crickets help us remember that we have divine protection from unpredictable sources.

♦ Lastly, crickets are messengers of big wisdom…knowledge that comes from deep spaces.

Thanks so much for indulging me this article on the symbolic meaning of crickets. I hope this page helped all of you understand that BIG stuff comes from small, unlikely sources.

May all your cricket encounters be chirpy. 



Take Away Tips About Meaning of Crickets

symbolic meaning of crickets

Stop. Hey, what’s that sound?
Cricket song can be a beautiful sound. But, NO cricket song can be a sign of danger. When crickets are silent, they detect a threat. This reminds us to be still and quiet to be aware of our surroundings.

symbolic meaning of crickets

Love connection!
Cricket song isn’t just pretty. It has a purpose. Crickets make all this noise to attract partners. This reminds us that if we want love, we’ve got to make a joyful noise to attract it.

symbolic meaning of crickets

Jeepers, creepers! Where’d you get those peepers?
Crickets have extraordinary eyesight. They have compound eyes with many lenses which enable them to see many images at the same time. This reminds us to expand our vision and see from different points of view.

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