Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons

Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons

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Thoughts About Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons: Whether you adore them or fear them, the fact remains…dogs are hugely capable of love. I especially appreciate dog wisdom in terms of loving without condition or strings attached. They love us when we are stinky, cranky, with makeup or without, overweight or sick, hung-over or euphoric. Dogs love whether we are rich or poor, honest or wicked, awake or asleep.  Read on for more about love lessons and sage wisdom from dogs.

Dogs are Built for Love

When it comes to undying loyalty and love, the dog is perhaps the epitome of compassion and justifiably humankind’s best friend. It’s in their DNA. You see, dogs are descendants of wolves. While wolves may exhibit serious primal predatory ferocity, they are also, by and large, pack animals. Wolves are naturally sociable, communicative and seek sanctuary with their own kin in the wild. By default, dogs sniff out communion within a pack too. Very often, domestic dogs consider their people as their pack-mates, which lends credence to their amicable, loving nature in our lives.

Furthermore, wolves are instinctively protective which is another facet of love. Dogs, by association, are also protective of their territories and their people.  All this to say, dogs come by their impulse for affection and faithfulness (and love) honestly.

Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons
Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons

Dogs as Love Symbols in Myth and Legend

Many powerful figures in myth and lore claim the dog as a sacred companion. Here are a few specific citations of dogs in legends for the purpose of extending love lessons and dog wisdom.

Love Dogs in Celtic Myths

In Celtic mythology, the dog is synonymous with partnership and companionship. In many myths, the hound is also featured as a hero of protection. The dog was depended upon by the Celts for vital functions. They served as an alarm system – barking if the perimeter of their territory was trespassed by enemies. In this way, dogs served as sentinels, alerting their pack (the clan) of potential danger. By association, dogs are representatives of protecting that which is most sacred to humans. Dogs are reminders and guides, helping us keep whatever we love safe from harm.

Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons
Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons

Sacred Dogs of Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egyptian beliefs, the dog represents a kind of “psychopomp” or spiritual guide – an ally while a human soul transcends from physical life to the non-physical afterlife. The dog was relied upon for spiritual journeys and served as a guide during death rituals.  In essence, the dog extended feelings of guardianship and protection as ancient Egyptians moved between the veils of mundane and spiritual awareness.

Dog Wisdom and the Greek-Roman Goddess Hecate

Dogs are sacred to Hecate, the Greek-Roman overseer of lots of things, and certainly, a matron bound to protect all that which is misunderstood. Hecate charges forth ferociously to defend those who need justification and her dogs come baying with equal verve at her side. This goddess and her dogs are champions for the misrepresented so they may have the right to live life fully without the threat of abuse from others. Hecate and her dogs speak for (and protect) those who cannot do so for themselves, like newborn babies, children, and women. Additionally, she and her canine companions are fierce protectors of the meek, mild and mentally challenged. To be sure, the dog in Hecate’s charge will fight to the tooth to defend those who have little or no representation in the world.

Dog Wisdom, Love Lessons, and Affirmations

When the dog begs for your attention in life, it may be a sign to heed loving messages specific to canine kind. Here’s some symbolic dog wisdom that might get you inspired to love like dogs.

Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons
Dog Wisdom and Love Lessons

Protection is Affection

One of the most beautiful aspects of dog wisdom is their hardwired instinct to protect what they love. Dogs show their affection by guarding their people, their territory and their buddies (fellow dogs, cats, etc).  In this way, dogs show us that even if we can show love by protecting those we love. To take this a step further, dogs ask us to defend the defenseless.  Standing up for the underdog is an act of selfless love that renders deeply enriching results. Be an advocate or a voice for those who cannot defend themselves. Protect and guide those you love. These actions may not always be easy, but they are beautiful love lessons.

Bury Bones of Judgment

Or better yet, abolish judgments altogether. One of the most precious and heartwarming aspects of the dog is their capacity to love with abandon. Dogs are color-blind in that they don’t care about the color of your skin. They don’t care what religion you subscribe to. They don’t give a fiddle or a fig about your political association. Wouldn’t this world be a better (and more loving) place if we could all be that way? Dogs teach us to love regardless of race, creed or affiliation.

Get a Short-Term Memory

My Aunt Joy told me once that she read a study that an average dog’s short-term memory lasts for about 7 seconds. Whether that’s true or not is irrelevant because dogs are mercifully forgetful when it comes to common outbursts or squabbles. People with dogs in their lives are fully aware of this. We have a bad day,  we get frustrated and find ourselves yelling at the dog for chewing on the couch or whatever. It happens. But the miracle in this scenario is that seconds later that same dog we hollered at comes sidling up to us, tail wagging and ready to play ball.

The dog reminds us to forget the occasional tiffs and overlook the small outbursts of frustration. We all get ticked off, and we’ve all unintentionally spewed our aggravation on others. The trick is to forgive, forget and get on with loving each other as the dog does.

Get With the Pack

A great way to connect with dog mentality and attract love is to get digging into a group. Link up with the dog’s ability to love unconditionally by getting involved with others. Be of service. Protect a cause. Join a community of like minds and work towards a common goal.  Do this with the intent of altruism rather than nailing down love in your life. Why? Because altruism and unconditional love shared in a group will manifest side effects of love in your life.

The Last Bark on Dog Wisdom

If the dog were to talk to you directly, what might it say to you? Here is a suggestion about dog messages for you regarding love…

“As dogs, we see beyond the surface and we encourage you to do the same. We love fearlessly and our love knows no bounds. When you consciously employ this approach to loving your friends, family, community…you will experience the world as we dogs do…a world without limits, full of potential, and adventures in companionship around every corner.”

As always, thanks for reading!

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