getting messages from nature

Messages From Nature

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Getting Symbolic Messages From Nature

How to Receive  Messages From Nature

We can receive oracular messages from Nature because Nature is a network with infinite channels through which information travels.

Everything in Nature is magnificently interconnected to such an extent that data travels with utmost efficiency and speed.

Furthermore, Nature’s interconnected network is pristine (divine, we could say) so the data transference is crystallized – 100% clean. There’s nothing lost in symbolic translation. Messages from Nature are pure downloads.

So how can we access the data? How can we access oracular downloads and symbolic meanings from Nature? This article on receiving message from Nature offers a few tips to answer these questions.

messages from nature
Exploring messages from Nature

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

—Albert Einstein

Nature is the most generous supplier of nourishment (spiritual and otherwise) and is poised to deliver guidance to us. But, there’s a caveat (always a catch!): We must meet Nature on her own terms. This means attuning our energy to that of the Mother (Nature, that is).

how to get messages from nature
How to get messages from nature

Three Simple Tips to Get Intuitive Messages from Nature

♦  Get Invested
Commit to knowing Nature. You can do this in a myriad of ways. Get outside, take a nature walk, read books about nature, grow some plants, interact with your domestic animals. Whatever floats your boat. The important point I’m making here is we must make the investment to know Nature. Be purposeful in setting aside time every day to connect with Nature.

♦  Get Quiet
After making the investment to submerge yourself in Nature, you’re going to notice her ways are tranquil, melodic, peaceful and soft. To deepen our connection (and ultimately derive phenomenal symbolic meanings/oracular messages) with Nature, we must mimic her ways. This means evolving into a more docile states of being. It means diving into a state of quietude. We can do this through conscious quieting. We can quiet our minds through meditation. Quietude is also enhanced by closing our mouths and shutting off our televisions.

♦  Give Back
Nature is so wholly generous in her gifts, it’s easy to take her bounty for granted. As you move through your days, start to notice opportunities to give back to Nature as a “thank you” for her graciousness. Plant a tree, pick up litter, recycle, conserve resources. You don’t have to join Greenpeace to give back (besides, activism is counterintuitive to the way Nature operates). Small, simple steps with acknowledgment to the Mother (Nature) make all the difference.

Basically, purposeful practice of these three steps on a daily basis will reap you enormous results. Just give these suggestions a whirl for six weeks. Journal your process.

At the end of this trial-run, your connection with Divine Nature will be enhanced. This, in turn, will result in clear access to symbolic meanings and oracular messages from Nature. I guarantee it.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to get meaningful messages from nature. May all your messages be a ‘special delivery.’ 

As always, thanks for reading!



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Getting messages from Nature

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