Neptune symbol meaning

Neptune Symbol

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Exploring Neptune Symbol Meaning

The Neptune Symbol and its Meanings

The Neptune symbol is about the only thing straight-forward about the subject of Neptune. The cross at the lower end of the symbol is symbolic of matter, the root of things – the crux of nature. That cross is a stabilizer among the potentially erratic energies Neptune can represent.

The three pronged pitchfork portion on top of the Neptune symbol represents a trident, commonly thought to represent Neptune, the god of the waters (Poseidon in Greek if you prefer).

Not so commonly known is the trident of the Neptune symbol also represents the threefold essences of nature. Empirically speaking this threefold essence is comprised of: Becoming, Being, Passing away.

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Other threefold meanings offered by the Neptune symbol trident include…

Neptune Trident Symbol Meanings

  • Birth, Life, Death
  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Past, Present, Future

These aspects of the Neptune symbol give us a glimpse at how diverse and expansive this energy is.

Neptune symbol meaning
Neptune symbol meaning

The god Neptune was born from the union between Saturn (Cronos in Greek) and Rhea (Ops in Greek).

Neptune had a tough childhood, considering his father ate him. In fact, Saturn swallowed up all his children whole so as to control any possibility of usurping his ruling status.

Neptune dealt with his isolation in the belly of Saturn in dreamy, contemplative ways. He used the time to gain introspective clarity, and this allowed him to fathom the complexities of transformation – specifically over a long period of time.

Eventually Jupiter (who escaped becoming Saturn’s breakfast with a clever ruse hatched by his mother) overthrew Saturn anyway and rescued Neptune (along with his other siblings) from their father’s belly. The siblings were divided to rule amongst various parts of the universe and Neptune was given domain over the waters of the earth.

This is quite fitting as water is symbolic of deeper emotions and dreams.

Neptune symbol meaning, as well as the symbolism behind the god and the planet Neptune include keywords like…

Neptune Symbolic Meanings

  • Dreams
  • Intuition
  • Psychic ability
  • Invention
  • Magic
  • Perception
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Esotericism
  • Occult
  • Imagination
  • Mysticism
  • Emotion
  • Shadow/hidden side of life
Neptune symbol meanings
Neptune symbol meanings

With these areas under Neptune’s belt, it is no wonder this is such an influential planet. Actually, Neptune is among the four outer planets, so its influence is more generational (the inner planets impacts are felt on a more day-to-day level whereas the outer planets have a long-term influence).

This falls inline nicely with the mythology of Neptune – submerged in Saturn’s bile for such a long time…ruminating, stewing, churning and in constant contemplation (what else was there to do?).

This is how Neptune works in our lives. Its energy settles around us in a dreamy, intuitive fashion and performs a dance with our emotions. When used properly, Neptune energy can transform our perceptions and offer us a level of insight (psychic insight, especially) that can be astonishing.

The key is to remember the cross in the Neptune symbol. That grounding element of stabilizing matter (the manifestation – or end result of the dream state). By keeping ourselves grounded by some dependable means whilst working with the mystic realms of Neptune, our illumination is limitless.

Astrologically speaking, Neptune rules the Pisces (along with his brother, Jupiter). Depending on where Neptune falls in your astrological chart, you may feel this energy in interesting ways. For example, if Pisces is your sun sign, then dreams, intuition, and psychic ability will be a very matter-of-fact way of life for you. Your powers of observation will likely be at the forefront of your life experience.

Neptune energy is thought to rule the pineal gland which is the part of the nervous system that oversees psychic phenomenon: Higher awareness, visions, a sense of divinity, nirvana, etc. In fact, the pineal gland is of particular interest to occultists and esoteric practitioners for its elevating potential. Hence, the Neptune symbol is often seen in mystical texts as synonymous with such subjects.

Neptune symbol meaning
Neptune symbol meaning

You can tap into the power of Neptune by incorporating various symbolic intentions into your meditative/spiritual practices.

For example, dive into the symbolism of water in your meditative practices to gain more emotional clarity. Doing this will also show you how your emotions relate to your psychic awareness.

Emotions are vitally linked to psychic ability. Neptune can help you strike a balance and see these connections more clearly through water magic.

Keep the Neptune symbol in the forefront of your focus. The grounding cross along with the trident will give you a visual reminder of how Neptune is about mixing the energies that are deep within you. When these deep emotional energies surface, the trident will remind you of your responsibility to create and expand in new directions with a newfound balance.

Aquamarine is both a color and a stone that will also help facilitate Neptune energy. Wear aquamarine when you are working with dreams for clarity. Keep an aquamarine stone with you when you are working for psychic clarity.

Interestingly, Neptune is the governor of the “hanged man” in Tarot astrology. You can incorporate hanged man symbolism in your thought practices too, if you are inclined. Find out more about the Hanged Man in Tarot here.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on the Neptune symbol and how it relates to god, planet and energy in our lives.

As always, thank you for reading!



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