symbolic duck meaning

Symbolic Duck Meaning

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Thoughts on Symbolic Duck Meaning: This article for symbolic duck meaning started when buffleheads and mallards starting flocking to my favorite pond, and I am so grateful for their visitation! They teach a lot…so much wisdom from a seemingly insignificant feature in Nature.

Aside from intense observation and meditation about the duck…these buoyant babies reminded me of something a dear friend of mine always said every time it rained. He said:  “It’s a good day to be a duck.”

Seems a pretty innocuous statement, but really it is a statement of opportunity.

Why? Because ducks take advantage of whatever conditions they find themselves in, and they do so with superb grace and order.

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Ducks are highly symbolic in many areas, and can teach us humans a duck-ton of lessons.

Here are just a few keywords to highlight what the duck meaning contributes to our life experience:

Duck Meaning Keywords

  • Order
  • Family
  • Intuition
  • Following Bliss
  • Going with the Flow
  • Being Flexible
  • Adjusting to Circumstances
  • Fidelity and Unity
  • Cooperation
  • Letting Go
symbolic duck meaning
symbolic duck meaning

Different ducks imply different meanings.  For example, wood ducks are (obviously) aligned with trees, and that makes them messengers of transition, memories, being grounded…a sense of being rooted.

But all ducks are in communion with water – so that common thread deals with: Emotion, Intuition, going with the flow.

So whether you are looking for advice from a common domestic duck, a bufflehead duck, or even a wandering whistling duck..the meanings and advice will differ. 

Here is an attempt to give you solid symbolic duck meaning across the waters of this delightfully fun fowl.

Some Lessons From Symbolic Duck Meaning

  • If it walks like a duck: Sometimes a duck is just a duck…but with symbolic meanings, there is always something deeper. Consider the beautiful colors of the male duck. These and other mating movements are employed to woo a partner. But what most people don’t know is that ducks go through tremendous scrutiny when picking potential mates. It’s not all about pretty plumage! Same with humans. Ducks remind us to put potential friends, partners, lovers through some paces. Don’t fall for the fluffiest feathers first. Ask questions, get to know people beneath the surface. If it walks like a farty duck, then you’re in store for some farty experiences (meaning, stinky stuff)  if you don’t heed the signs. This is not to say to discard anybody who does not meet your standards. Only to say be selective with whom you invest quality time.
  • “Love a mother duck!”: To this day, I really don’t know what this means, but it is a phrase my momma often employs. That said, upon deeper contemplation of the duck, I discovered that they are extremely nurturing.  Both males and females (usually) take an equal role at raising young. This is big symbolic duck meaning that points to focusing on our potential, and upon our offspring. Sure, this duck-message implies focus upon our foundlings, and gathering our ducklings up (no matter what their age) to encourage, re-connect, support, discipline, provide, etc.  But this also points to your dream-ducklings. What? Yeah…dreams, goals, ideas, projects…those are your babies too! Are you giving those babies your adequate attention and support?
  • Duck off, you mother-ducker!: Forgive me the innuendo? Please? Well, I said it because many ducks tend to have a temper. What is curious, and useful for humans is that they are not controlled by their temper. Typically, their arguments start out to be a reign of rage…but then…within moments, they separate…then a few moments later, they are swimming in tandem as if nothing ever happened. That is big-duck-juju for us humans.  Ducks remind us to flip the middle-feather-finger when appropriate…but do NOT let the sun go down on our rage.  Outbursts happen. But do no harm so intense that it prohibits you (or others) from swimming with your fellow fowl in the future.
symbolic duck meaning
symbolic duck meaning

Duck Meaning in Culture

  • China: Many ducks are known to mate for life…and have even been seen to mourn if they lose their loved one. This makes them a symbol of faithfulness, loyalty, devotion and love in China.
  • Celtic: The ancient Celts recognized the duck’s ability to be super-comfortable on both land and water. This, in their minds, was an indication of flexibility of mind, intuition and psychic perception. Why? Because water is an intuitive, emotional element. Land is a stabilizing, grounding agent. Combined…the duck is a perfect symbol for having balance between the physical and spiritual realms.
  • Danish: Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story called “The Ugly Duckling.” It’s been an epic tale for countless awkward, maladjusted humans (young and old). It certainly was for me. The gist of the story is that this wee duckling was dubbed ugly, and was unaccepted. Eventually, the duck grew into a beautiful swan.  The story points to mis-identification.  It is symbolic. Feeling out of place? Feeling like you don’t fit in or unaccepted?  You are not the identification you were labeled as when you were a child. Keep that in mind as you continue to find your place in this world. Although not technically a symbolic duck meaning…it is still relevant in this article, as it is a legendary story, and holds tremendous lessons for growth.

I hope you had a quacking-good time reviewing these ideas about symbolic duck meaning. Of course, with all signs and symbols, there is more to explore.  If ducks are coming to you, then I would encourage you to dive deeply, and explore more ideas about duck meaning.

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As always, thank you so much for coming to my website, for reading, and for staying symbolic.

May all your endeavors be duck-tastic!

Mighty brightly,

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