Nature Helps Navigating Spiritual Path

How Nature Helps With Navigating Your Spiritual Path

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No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, you’ve got to admit that there are anchors along the way that help you feel more grounded, harmonious, and more soulfully attuned.  I mean, let’s face it – spirituality is intangible.  Rarely do we have a concrete experience when it comes to the ephemeral side of spiritual journeys. That’s why we need solid foundations when it comes to improving and advancing in our spiritual lives.  For some, this might mean connecting with chakra crystals.  Other folks might be get spiritually stabilized by connecting with the Bible, or bonding with the Saints

Avia’s Experience With Nature and Spiritual Development

For me – I always look to Nature.  Nature assists me in navigating on my spiritual path, and (for me) it never fails.  In my darkest moments, a sunset offers enlightenment.  When I can’t find my voice, a blue jay or a crow will remind me of the power of speaking out.  When I scold myself for being too timid, the deer reminds me that might not be a bad idea after all.  And when I need to stand up for my turf, family, or beliefs, the badger is my companion as I go all bad-ass when necessary. You get the idea.  Nature is an infinite resource of wisdom, lessons, knowledge, and sanctuary for those of us seeking peace, stability, and solid ways to walk a stellar spiritual path.

In terms of navigating your spiritual path, Nature can be incredibly helpful.  The trick is to observe the Natural world and pay attention to that which you are drawn to.  For instance, if you are called to trees, then this is a great foundation for your spiritual journey.  Or maybe certain animals (as in your animal totems or guides) can offer you spiritual navigation.  Leaning on and listening to your animal guides is one of the most enriching ways to grow in your spiritual journey.   Of course, communing with trees and connecting with animal totems requires spending time in Nature.  So, it’s a no-brainer that spending time in Nature is the number one tactic for developing spirituality and navigating your spiritual path.

Nature Helps Navigating Spiritual Path
Nature Helps Navigating Spiritual Path

How Spending Time in Nature Helps With Spiritual Growth

Many folks (self-included) who start to get more serious about their spiritual journey often spend a lot more time in Nature. This is because they know Mother Nature is the best salve to heal the soul, calm the mind and gain better overall balance.  Nature is also a marvelous way to stimulate the spirit as well as ignite the creative spark within you.  Here are some benefits of connecting and spending more time in Nature while navigating your spiritual path:

Get Clarity

Nature is a panacea for clearing and quieting the mind.  If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, get out in Nature.  The light of the sun, soft breezes, bountiful foliage, magical trees – they all form a collective that is a healing balm for your nerves.  Try meditating beneath a shady tree, or focusing on bird songs while you’re outside.  This is a brilliant way to clear out the cobwebs in your mind and de-stress.

Get Grounded

Many times our spiritual path gets wonky. We get off track, or maybe we just feel out of touch with our deeper selves and/or our spirit guides.  Nature is the remedy for when we’re feeling off-center.  If you’re feeling unsteady, whip off your socks and shoes and take a walk in the grass.  Better yet, get your hands in the dirt and do some planting or gardening.  These simple tasks are the best way to get centered, grounded, and re-balanced.  What’s even better is it doesn’t cost anything, and it works! From drumming into grounded meditations – to getting centered in the core of Nature’s womb – getting rooted with Mother Nature can be total salvation.

Get Intuitive

Nature is the “Great Connector” – it is everywhere & interconnects with everything.  If you think about it the essence of Nature imbues all life.  We breathe Nature in the air, we see it, touch it, smell it.  Because Nature saturates all things, it serves as a powerful catalyst for boosting intuition.  Tapping into Nature is one of the best ways to connect on a deep level.  As a catalyst, Nature allows your deeper knowing to branch out, expand and gather intuitive insights you just can’t obtain any other way. 

Nature Helps Navigating Spiritual Path
Nature Helps Navigating Spiritual Path

Connecting With Nature and Enhancing Your Spiritual Path

It’s ridiculously easy to connect with nature. All you gotta do is find a calm, safe spot outside, tuck in and savor Nature’s boundless energy around you.  This could be a wooded area, a local park, your garden, or even a tiny patch of grass in your backyard.

You can certainly do “Nature on steroids” by taking a trip to the ocean, or climbing a mountain, or even visiting a volcano.  While these majestic natural wonders are a great way to boost your spiritual batteries – it’s not necessary to go through extravagant Nature trips. 

Heck – I’ve had my most revolutionary spiritual growth spurts sitting in a field of dandelions!  Here are a few things you can do to connect with nature while enhancing and navigating your spiritual path.

Nature is an infinite resource of wisdom, lessons, knowledge, and sanctuary for those of us seeking peace, stability, and solid ways to walk a stellar spiritual path.


Ideas for Connecting With Nature

  • Have a picnic outside
  • Walk a labyrinth in Nature
  • Take a mindful hike in Nature
  • Meditate beneath a shade tree
  • Light a candle while you ponder the stars
  • Spend time planting or gardening outdoors
  • Draw or paint Nature scenes while outdoors
  • Spend time under the light of the full moon
  • Dance, sing songs or have a drumming circle outside
  • Establish morning spiritual rituals that help you stay strong on your soul journey.

You get the idea – just about anything you can think of doing is better done in Nature.  Furthermore, as you do activities outside to improve your spiritual connection – do these things mindfully.  Focus on your breath, your movement, and visualize how your actions are interwoven with the energy of Nature.  Allow Mother Nature to be your ally and companion – guiding your steps, gardening, meditation, or whatever.  Nature truly is our best compatriot when it comes to spiritual guidance.

Nature Helps Navigating Spiritual Path
Nature Helps Navigating Spiritual Path

What if You Don’t Have Access to Nature?

To this question, I say “poppycock!”  As mentioned, nature abounds.  She is everywhere in all things.  You can find Nature in the cracks between concrete sidewalks.  You can experience rejuvenation by radiant skies in the middle of a metropolis.  The sun can kiss your soul even in the most populated areas you may find yourself.  If you think Nature isn’t accessible to you, think again. Nature is where you find Her, and She is always available to you.

That said, you can still bring Nature into your home for spiritual growth and healing.  If you can’t get outside, bring some plants to your living or office space.  Grow an herb garden on your windowsill.  Plant some seeds and observe the miracle of life as they grow in your home.  You can even bring in fresh-cut wildflowers and savor their wild beauty. 

The Last Word on Nature and Your Spiritual Development

The aforementioned tips are great ways to surround yourself with Nature and will help you navigate your spiritual path.  To be sure, one of the best ways to strengthen your spiritual life is to really submerge yourself in the bodacious bounty of Nature. 

Hopefully, these tips for augmenting your spiritual walk prove helpful on your path.  But at the end of the day, your spiritual journey is yours alone.  Therefore, it’s a personalized path you’re walking and your methods for increasing intuition and soulful awareness should be tailored to your needs.  As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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