Panther Tattoo Ideas

panther tattoo ideas and panther meaning

Panther Tattoo Ideas and Panther Meanings

Symbolic Panther Meaning and Panther Tattoo Ideas

In order to familiarize ourselves with the power and purpose that backs up panther tattoos, it behooves us to observe a bit about the panther in the wild.

In their natural habitat, panthers are stalkers. They track movements of their prey, stealthily prowl and ambush the object of their hunt from a blind-side. This is symbolic of strategy.

The panther contemplates its most advantageous tactic. Are you a calculating individual? Do you sit back and observe your surroundings before you act? Do you take in the details, and then pounce on opportunities when the timing is right? If this sounds like you, then the panther may be the perfect totem tattoo for you.

Not only do these magnificent creatures symbolize intelligence and tact, they also represent deep aspects of magic. This is largely due to their native habitat. The panther dwells within the deepest regions of the darkest jungles. In ancient culturesthe panthers home is within the richest wombs of the earth – where moist emerald jungles teem with life, breathe with diversity and glisten with rich vitality.

It is here the panther claims its kingdom and silently roams its dense and exotic realms. There is much that remains unknown within the folds of the jungle – and the unknown is the gateway to magic. It makes sense the panther is the keeper of this dark, sacred magic. Do the realms of shadow, and the lands of exotic unknowns excite you? The panther tattoo is a fitting memorial for this kind of fascination.

The sense of magic and the idea of the black panther as a sacred “secret keeper” is enhanced by it’s obsidian hues. Black panthers are symbolic of the night – where secrets are kept tightly locked away from the light of the sun. Black is a color of mystery and silence and deep secrets. Black is also a very lunar energy and can be associated with the Divine Feminine.

Some keywords to consider as you explore more panther tattoo ideas and meanings…

Symbolic Panther Meaning

  • Honor
  • Power
  • Action
  • Stealth
  • Silence
  • Agility
  • Stamina
  • Sorcery
  • Ferocity
  • Patience
  • Solitary
  • Protection
  • Attraction
  • Sensuality
  • Intelligence
  • Invincibility
  • Deep Magic
  • Shadow Self
  • Dark Mystery
  • Secret Keeper
  • Feminine Power
  • Shamanic Sight

Interestingly, the panther is a solitary creature, preferring its own company over anyone else’s. Outside of a mother raising her cubs, panthers live, hunt and evolve alone. This is symbolic of the Hermit – an ancient archetype of one who contemplates and evolves in unique understandings due to living a solitary life. Living in this manner causes unorthodox insights, and brings one closer to understanding various precious secrets of life because there are no distractions.

Just something to consider as you embark upon your exploration of getting a panther tattoo. If you tend to enjoy solitude, contemplating the deeper mysteries in life, the panther may be calling to you.

The panther is also considered a symbol of protection, and many South American myths identify the panther as the guardian of spirit worlds. In the wild, panthers hunt during dusk and dawn – these are considered to be powerful moments in time among ancient cultures. Dusk and dawn are moments of transition and magical metamorphosis – moments of infinite potential.

This, combined with its sleek black coat, piercing eyes and consummate hunting skills makes the panther a legendary guardian of other realms, and spiritual worlds. Are you the protector of your own special worlds? Are you the guardian of your clan or tribe? Perhaps a panther tattoo is the right emblem to convey your powerful ability to guard that which is precious to you.

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