Shou Tattoo Ideas

Shou Tattoo Ideas

Shou Symbol Meaning for Tattoo Ideas

The Shou symbol is a powerful Asian icon that represents long life and immortality. It is a symbol that comes from the Taoist philosophy which touts connection with Nature as the true way or path to enlightenment.

This symbol is prolific in Asian art to denote happiness, harmonic life and longevity.

The Shou tattoo meaning embodies five tenets in Asian/Taoist philosophy which are:

  • Nobility
  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Responsibility
  • Awareness

You can see the four corners of these tenets in the Shou symbol. The fifth element is represented in the center of the Shou symbol - of the five tenets, Wisdom is held in the center because one must have wisdom to discern how to utilize the other four tenets.

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