law of attraction and vulture meaning

Law of Attraction and the Vulture

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Exploring the Law of Attraction and Vulture Meaning

I admit, you might not think of vulture meaning in connection with the law of attraction, but that’s why I wrote this article. The law of attraction has been hanging around for a very long time. Sometimes it’s a good idea to mix things up to make these principles come alive again.

So here I am, I’m doing it again. -Making weird comparisons between law of attraction (LOA) and creatures in Nature. As if my article on the Law of Attraction and Spider Symbolism wasn’t wacky enough! So, I can hear you sweet peeps asking: “Avia, what in the world does the vulture have to do with LOA?” Great question. My answer deals with the subtle nuances of LOA.

Practicing the law of attraction is an art. Nature and all Her motions is artful too. By association, vultures offer unique and elegant illustrations as to how we can fine-tune our work with LOA.

Let me give you a brief backgrounder on LOA, in case it’s been awhile since you’ve practiced (or maybe you honestly have no idea what law of attraction is). LOA is a universal law that is bigtime powerful. In fact, many metaphysicians argue LOA is more powerful than the law of gravity. I dunno about that, but I DO know law of attraction IS a law, and it is always in effect.

So what’s LOA about? One word. Boomerang. Essentially, what you toss out is going to come right back to you. Emit goodness, and goodness is returned to you. Get stuck in stinkin’ thinkin’…then stinky stuff keeps coming into your life. Pretty simple. What’s interesting about LOA is that it’s impartial. It functions according to quantum rules. The law is linked with our conscious and subconscious. It doesn’t feel. It just responds. Sounds cold, but LOA could care less about the crummy-crud you’re dealing with. The law is just there, and it’s our responsibility to utilize it. We can work it to our advantage or demise.

vulture meaning and law of attraction
Law of Attraction and Vulture Meaning – a curious but nifty comparison

All that said – what’s this got to do with vultures? As mentioned, vultures serve as an illustration of the finesse we can employ with our LOA practices. Huh? Yeah. Bear with me while I explain. Let’s break it down…

Three Reasons Why Vultures Add a Touch of Class to our Law of Attraction Practices.

1) Squeaky Clean, Lean and Mean:
Vultures get a bad rap. Too often the carrion they feed on conjures images of pestilence and filth. Not true. Vultures are, in fact, exceptionally clean. In fact, they make a daily practice of cleaning themselves. They do this in funky ways (which I find fascinating). If you want to learn more about vulture’s daily ablutions, check out my article on Symbolic Vulture Meaning here. Also, without scavengers like vultures, we’d be up to our eyeballs in some pretty ugly stuff. Vultures not only keep themselves clean, they clean our world.

So what does this have to do with law of attraction? Well, if you’ve studied LOA, you know in order to make the law work in your favor, you must have a clear desire. It’s critical for your focus to be uncluttered. The less distracted you are from your desire, the better (and faster) your results with LOA will be. This means doing a scrub-a-dub-dub on our hearts and minds. We must be vigilant in keeping ourselves clear and clean. That allows us to keep a crystal clear bead on what we want. LOA doesn’t respond to cobwebby minds. It doesn’t respond to carrion we store in our heads. What? Yeah. We’ve all got dead stuff in our brains that simply doesn’t serve us. Get rid of it. Get clean. If you want what you want – you must be clean in focus and intent. Eliminate the negative. Clear out naysayers in your life. Refuse to allow flies to infest and distract you from your goals.

law of attraction and vulture meaning
Law of Attraction works when we clean out negative thoughts. Vultures are all about getting clean!

2) Big Man on Campus:
Vultures don’t question their authority. They don’t wonder about their function or purpose. Neither should we humans. -Ever spent a few hours observing vultures? I have. They’re quite fascinating. You know what they do? They strut. They have more confidence in one of their single feather’s than I had as a pimply, awkward kid growing up. I love that. You want to know something else? They could give a flip about how they’re perceived. They may not be the most beautiful creatures on earth (according to human standards), but they don’t give a rats rump about primping. They’re about survival. They’re about focus. Vultures are about getting their needs met with staggering efficiency.

That’s big juju. That’s a big LOA lesson. An essential part of utilizing the law of attraction is having confidence. You’ve got to believe in yourself. Sod what everybody else thinks! It’s crucial that you know you’ve been put on this earth not just to survive, but to THRIVE! That means you’ve got to have swagger. Vulture does. Man, oh, man do they ever swagger. They come on a scene and claim what is theirs without question. No doubt. We must do the same when it comes to proclaiming our wants and desires. We must move through this world with the knowledge that we deserve good things.

Furthermore, our desires are essential for the continuation of life. Having our needs met is a natural process. It’s the universe’s divine design. It’s what makes life expand and express. It is our birthright. Vultures know this, we should too. When it comes to your LOA practices, be a BMOC (big man on campus). Know you are the big bull goose. Know that you are worthy, valuable, and gosh-darnnit, expect your needs to be met!

vulture meaning and law of attraction
More about vulture meaning and law of attraction

3)  Maybe the Grasshopper Had it Right:
Do you remember Aesop’s fable about the Ant and the Grasshopper? In a nutshell, Grasshopper spent the summer sipping Mai Tai’s while the Ant worked his legs off preparing for its future. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to advise any of you to cast all cares to the wind, toss your 401K and sail the seven seas without regard to reality. But I am saying this…

Vultures do not toil. They do not tarry. They do not worry. What they are remarkably skilled at is knowing that ALL of their resources are at hand. They don’t need to prepare (except when it comes to bringing new baby vultures in the world…then it’s all about nesting!). They don’t stockpile. They aren’t concerned about their retirement or how they’re going to pay the mortgage. Vultures KNOW. They know all their needs are met. They relax in that blissy knowledge. How great would that be for us humans to realize? What if we woke up every morning knowing all of our needs are met. What if we, like the vulture, perused our territory – deemed it perfect – then flew in the skies in absolute assurance that we want for nothing. That’s what LOA requires.

You’ve probably heard the term: “Fake it till you make it.” To be sure, vultures aren’t faking their way when it comes to meeting their requirements. But sometimes we humans might need to adopt that phrase. When we look around, sometimes our territory might seem a little screwed up. But an essential tenet of LOA is holding our idea/vision of what we WANT to see – not what might actually be in our awareness. LOA asks us to keep our inner eyes honed on what we want in our lives. It asks us to dispel ‘what is’ – LOA works only when we walk by faith (confidence) and not by sight. Vultures do this inherently, naturally. By Natural design and universal unity – so can we.

“I know where I am going and I know the truth.

I don’t have to be what you want me to be.

I am free to be what I want.”

~Muhammad Ali
vulture meaning and law of attraction
Closing thoughts about vulture meaning and law of attraction

Closing Thoughts on Vultures and Law of Attraction

Did I get your attention? Isn’t it funny that some of the most unusual creatures hold some of the most powerful lessons for us? I just love that. Too often it’s the misunderstood or overlooked in this world that proffers the most value in terms of life-lessons.

If you got jazzed by this freaky little article, please explore more. Check out my articles on vulture meanings (a bird that I’m completely in love with). I give the links to those articles at the end of this page.

I truly hope this article offered you a strong illustration of your authority in this life.

To be sure, you have power. Observe powerful sources in Nature. Watch how vultures, wolves, whales – whatever – move in life. They do not question. They do not wonder. What says humans weren’t designed to be the same? What happened to our ability to claim, stand up, and assert our birthright to be happy, free, abundant?

Just thinkin’.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

May all your vulture ventures be vivid and vivacious,


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