Dreaming of Tattoos

Dreaming of Tattoos

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Ideas About the Meaning of Dreaming of Tattoos

A friend called this morning and asked about the symbolic meaning of dreaming of tattoos.  I found this synchronistic as I’ve been feverishly working on new tattoo articles on this site, so I was completely in step with the question. Although unsure about what everybody else says, I’m certainly clear on my brand of understanding about dreaming of tattoos. 

Dreaming of Tattoos
Dreaming of Tattoos

Keywords for Dreaming of Tattoos

Here is a quick list of concepts conveyed in dream tattoos with an explanation of my conclusions to follow:

  • Ritual
  • Devotion
  • Lineage
  • Initiation
  • Permanence
  • Heritage
  • Ancient connection
  • Historical reference
  • Drawing attention
  • Creative expression
  • Commitment
  • Alteration
  • Metamorphosis

How am I coming up with all these symbolic meanings for dreaming of tattoos? Some are self-explanatory.  Tattoos are permanent, and so when we’re dreaming of them it conveys a sense of unaltered choice.  To use the adage “the dye is cast” is appropriate.  Dream tattoos speak about irreversible choices we make in our lives that affect us on deeply personal levels for the rest of our days.

Dreaming of Tattoos
Dreaming of Tattoos

Dreaming of Tattoos and Transformation

Concepts like “drawing attention” and “creative expression” are pretty obvious too.  When we dream of tattoos, our inner voice is telling us to express ourselves more outwardly – share our gifts and talents with the world.

Symbolic meanings of “alteration” and “metamorphosis” connect with tattoos being a form of changing our appearance.  Body  modification is personal transformation taken to the extreme(with internal/spiritual consequences too), and so when we dream of tattoos it’s a reference to major changes.

Dreaming of Tattoos
Dreaming of Tattoos

Dreaming of Tattoos and Identity

Now to my favorite parts of this topic.  Tattoos in dreams may also pertain to heritage, lineage and archetypal identity because our collective consciousness is fully aware of the historical human practice and purpose of tattooing.  As humans, we all share ancient memories and common lineage (there is only one ethnicity: “Human”). 

Our subconscious has access to all this hereditary memory.  Ergo, when we have dream tattoos (specifically dreaming of tattooing in progress), we are experiencing a sacred process our ancestors practiced for eons.

From an ancient perspective, tattoos are ritual.  They galvanize the human saga.  They mark initiation.  They concretize identity.  More specifically, our ancestors used tattoos to commemorate rites of passage (coming of age, marriage, battle victories, etc).  They also used tattoos to document historical importance’s within the tribe.  In this instance, the skin is a scroll upon which the history of the family clan is recorded. So, dreaming of tattoos in this sense is a message that we are infinitely connected with our ancient heritage.  It holds meaning of tribal awareness, and our infinite link with the sacred nature of the human saga.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on the symbolic meaning of dreaming of tattoos.  As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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