Using Symbols for Protection

Using Symbols for Protection

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I got a question the other day about symbols.  My neighbor said a friend of hers suggested she have some sort of symbol placed on the doorway to her gallery, for protection.  She shared that she felt the place is protected because she ask for protection.  So she asked me what I thought about this, to which I respond…

How Physical Symbols Work to Protect or Influence Our Lives

I agree – our energy is protected (or otherwise) when we consciously make it so. A physical representation, symbol, or totem can certainly enhance our affirmations of protection – especially when we imbue our intentions into the physical object.

Symbols are useless to us if we do not believe in their vibrational potential.  Similarly, it is not the symbol that holds the power – it is the intelligence that holds the symbol that commands power. In other words, the fire of human belief fuels the implied meaning of a symbol.

About Utilizing Symbols for Protection
About Utilizing Symbols for Protection

The History of Symbols for Protection

Our ancestors used symbols frequently for drawing in or banishing various essences.  In ancient times, certain symbols were considered powerful on their own. For instance, an effigy of a wolf may have been carved to inject a sense of protection, power, and strength into a tribe.  The wolf equated to power, so therefore its physical representation imbued power to the clan.

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As humankind moves forward, we see these old ways dropping off more and more.  In some ways, this is regrettable, but in others – it’s a good thing.  In the discussion about symbols for protection, modern humans realize it is not the symbol that holds the power – it’s the energy & intent behind it.  Consider the Hermetic axiom “As within, so without – As above so, so below.”

Modern Thinking About The Power of Symbols

Today, humans understand the power of their own minds and spirits.  Therefore, the question of superstition vs. symbolism is on a more playing field. In other words, there are no more mindless beliefs in golden calves or effigies.  Rather, today’s more sophisticated spiritual practitioner unifies with a symbol as well as infuses it with personal intent.  This is a powerful shift to intelligent symbolic living versus blind, mindless belief.

Now the esoteric art of symbolic interpretation is even more profound because it is our human heart that forms the meaning. The symbol serves as a reminder of the attributes we embody (or wish to embody), the ultimate reality of our infinite potential.

About Utilizing Symbols for Protection
About Utilizing Symbols for Protection

Which Symbols Should We Choose for Protection?

What is our infinite potential? A different question would be: What are our symbols?
What are we aligned with? For instance, if you gravitate to the evil eye symbol, that might be appropriate for you. However, someone else might opt for a bear statue, or a hawk totem as a symbol for protection. Symbols and their purposes really are in the eye of the beholder.

This cycle of reason makes me think of the question: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” because our symbols can define us, or we can define them.

If we feel the need for a symbol to protect us, then we come from a position of vulnerability. This is a position of weakness. It assumes that we can’t be protected unless we have the symbol. As long as we are vigilant in purifying ourselves and our environment, we are protected. The symbol is just the icing on the cake.

Let’s just say symbols for protection are an intentional exclamation point at the end of a request for protection.  Fending off evil with a symbol you’ve infused with your intention can be highly ineffective. Not only does it trigger feelings of strength and confidence within you – it reinforces the concept of protection.  If a space resonates with comfort and security, it will draw unto itself the same resonance.  It’s that whole “like attracts like” stuff.

Using Symbols for Protection
Using Symbols for Protection

The Last Word on Using Symbols for Protection

In essence, a symbol that represents the verities of purity, love, compassion is certainly valid for protecting your environment.  It’s the thought, intention, and soul you place upon the symbol that is equally (if not more) powerful than the symbol itself.

Whichever symbol you choose for protecting yourself or your home depends upon your personality and what types of symbols you are drawn to.  Whichever symbol you adopt for protection & however you use it – I wish you every success in your endeavors. Furthermore, I hope these insights about using symbols for protection prove helpful on your path.

Mighty brightly,

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