December Astrology Horoscopes 2022

December Astrology Horoscopes for 2022

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December is the time of year when we come together to rejoice. It’s a time to reflect on all that we’re grateful for and start new positive resolutions. It’s also a chance to reorient ourselves with renewed faith and optimism, which will help us open new doors in the year ahead. With this in mind, here are some insights into December astrology horoscopes for 2022.

The Signs That Light Up December

December is the Sagittarius and Capricorn season.  That’s a beautiful mix of honesty and optimism versus pragmatism and stoicism.  calls for Sagittarius energy reminds us of the benefits of dreaming, exploring, and aspiring to new zeniths in our lives.  Capricorn imbues a sense of stability and it prompts us to pay closer attention to what is valuable in our lives this time of year.  Additionally, the dominance of these two zodiac signs during December should inspire us to seek new ways of thinking and explore different ways of perceiving ourselves and the world around us. I’d say these are pretty keen vibes during the holiday season.

This December, you can expect to encounter a renewed sense of self, as well as achieve renewed connections with others.  December astrology indicates this will be a chapter in our lives where we will undergo unorthodox understanding and rekindle old relationships (both with people, and with concepts that you may have long forgotten). 

Astrological Insights to Heed During December

December Astrology Horoscopes - Important Dates
December Astrology Horoscopes – Important Dates

This year’s December astrology horoscopes, have plenty of key dates to remember. This Wednesday Dec. 7th is the first full moon of December and it’s in Gemini, with Mars aligned on one side of the moon.

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All throughout the month you might be feeling really burdened by decision-making and the need to make some changes, like an itch you can’t scratch according to Capricorn season. Be prepared to feel even more pressure around these times due to potential increase in misunderstandings or disagreements that may pop up in your communications. This is the culprit of polarizing energies at play between passionate Sagittarius and fiery Gemini energy–they react off each other with intensity during the aforementioned December dates.

The middle of Mars’ retrograde cycle also falls at this point, meaning that for a brief moment between October 30th-13rd January 2022, you might find yourself delaying what comes next or taking more risks than usual because subconsciously you may want to slow down and review how things are going with Mars’ current stationing position in Pisces (retrograde). That is, until Jan 13 when Mars enters Aquarius for his forward

As you move through these December astrology horoscopes, remember that this should be a good time for research, planning and beginning any new long-term goals or projects. Mercury will be in Capricorn until January 19th, take care of scheduling, contracts, agreements, and negotiations now while Mercury isn’t retrograde. The New Moon on December 23rd welcomes you back into the hard work necessary to reach your goals.

December Astrology Horoscopes for the 12 Zodiac Signs

Now that we’ve covered the overarching themes for December astrology horoscopes, let’s take a look at each individual zodiac sign and what they have in store for them this month.  Please enjoy these horoscopes for December – I hope they help you manage the month with assurance and confidence.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Aries
December Astrology Horoscopes – Aries

December is a great time to reach your financial goals. Jupiter, the planet of luck and prosperity, enters your sign on Tuesday, December 20. With Jupiter in your sign, you should treat yourself better. Be more kind to yourself through pleasant activities like self-care and well-deserved rest. Consequently, you’re kinder to others too.

Remember: The end of the year can be stressful because of all the holidays and family plans – but with Jupiter’s help, you should do just fine! A Capricorn new moon on Friday, December 23 reminds you that everything will turn out okay in the new year.

The mythic wounded healer, Chiron went retrograde in July, which may have seen you struggling with trying to heal or repair damages in your life. Thankfully Chiron moves directly in your sign just before Christmas Eve (Dec 23rd), which will see you feeling more whole, confident, capable, and secure.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Taurus
December Astrology Horoscopes – Taurus

Astrologically, December is a good month to warm up your connections with others — maybe even your financial future. On December 7th, when the full moon comes into your money zone, have an open conversation about what you need to stay true to in terms of generating income. You’ll be able to find some potential new professional gigs if you can be open to opportunities – and if you’re willing to leap when your lucky break appears.

December is also a good time of year to take a vacation or explore a new tribal vibe. This is about connecting with others who share your perspectives, interests, and worldview. In other words, December supports your need to mingle more. Think about making plans for your next educational course or trade show; now would be the optimal time.

In addition, there’s a new moon on December 23 that will make this an even better time than ever before to join, bond, relate, and connect with others in your tribe. Just be careful of misunderstandings and delays when Mercury goes into retrograde from Dec 29th to Jan 18th.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Gemini
December Astrology Horoscopes – Gemini

Your December astrology horoscope indicates that Mars is retrograde in your sign. This means you’re considering yourself more as a power player than as just someone playing along. With Sagittarius and Pisces on the scene in your personal and professional arenas respectively, you’re invited to activate and initiate. The rewards will be abundant but the ensuing conflicts may be revealing.

Pay attention to what’s emerging and evolving in your life. Notice authentic expressions of your needs, or old defense mechanisms that hold you back. You have the chance to grow and improve. Establish safeguards to ensure you don’t become the villain in this endeavor.

The December moon is waning and the holiday season is upon us, making it a perfect time to catch up on rest. The latter half of this month will get your social calendar quite full, so hurry up and make your New Year’s Eve plans – even if you end up with someone totally unexpected at midnight. Mars continues its retrograde motion through Sagittarius this month, leading you to feel a little sluggish or low on energy at times. But don’t worry! Giving yourself breaks from time to time can give you more energy and help you increase productivity.

You’ve probably noticed that you’ve been feeling more sensitive than usual lately. This could be due to the full moon in your sign on December 7th, or it might be something else that’s bothering you now. The best thing to do is give yourself plenty of time and space to work through what you’re struggling with.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Cancer
December Astrology Horoscopes – Cancer

When Neptune retrograde ends, the stars will have you standing up for yourself this holiday season so you can spend it with your true family. Meaning, you’ll begin to redefine family.  You might give yourself permission to spend the holidays with people who are your family – but they are not your biological kin.  Furthermore, your ruling planet, the moon, asks you to get clever during the full moon, then to bring blessings to your love life at new moons.

As the Lady Luna falls in Mercury-governed Gemini, and the planet Mercury will be in your zone of relationships, you should consider opening up a dialogue about hot-button issues cropping up in your life with a trusted partner, family member or friend can prove therapeutic and can relieve a lot of pressure for you.  You might feel slightly overwhelmed around New Year’s Eve. Be patient with friends or anyone who shows up late to an event or is slow to text back.

December’s Gemini-Sagittarius embroilment ignites between your twelfth house of mental health (Gemini) and your sixth of physical limits (Sagittarius). Pay attention to what is setting you off and how the symptoms manifest before Jupiter hits Aries on December 20 to launch you into an exciting, propulsive new year of career and relationship expansion. Before then, make sure you really have everything you need.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Leo
December Astrology Horoscopes – Leo

We’re one month away from 2023, and that’s likely compelling you to take a look at how you plan to share “the new you” with the world. It’s a good thing to ponder, because you’ve been through some extraordinary changes and revolutions in 2022.  Luckily, as the planets shift into lively Sagittarius, they should inspire your 5th house of creativity and unique expression. This will help you master self-expression and manifest your artful visions for yourself and your life. These Sagittarius-bound planets also will help you convey your Leo 2.0 after the New Year.

The full moon on the 7th drops into your zone of partnerships, networking, and communication. It could bring to light the truth about your friendships, including which ones you want near you. It might be hard for you, as a fixed fire sign, to break long-lasting bonds. But if it’s what you need, this lunation could offer relief in both freeing up space and creating more genuine relationships.

The planet Venus’ transit of your wellness sector from December 9-January 2 could inspire you to stick with your health routine, whether that’s inviting a friend on a bike ride, planning a spa date or hitting the gym with pals. The sun’s placement in the same zone from December 21 to January 20 only serves to heighten this energy.

Once expansive Jupiter moves back into your adventure zone on December 20, where it’ll remain until May 16, you’ll find yourself more emboldened and confident. This should motivate you to sample a new fitness routine, contemplate alternative wellness therapies or maybe even take a healing vacation. 


December Astrology Horoscopes - Virgo
December Astrology Horoscopes – Virgo

The full moon visits your 10th house of career on December 7. This illuminates your desire to be recognized for all of your hard work. Speak up and make your help others take notice of all your efforts. Do your research and be prepared to defend all that you’ve done with your work and career. You’re sure to feel a lighter vibe as sweet Venus moves through romantic and self-explanatory zones: from December 9 to January 2.

You may have a lot of deadlines to meet, and it can be difficult to enjoy moments in life. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make pleasure a priority.  Embrace spontaneity; this will be a boon to your emotions and mood as well as creatively fulfilling. And as we move closer to coaxing in the New Year, Mercury will go retrograde. This might inspire you to return to your artistic project or create more memories with loved ones.

In love and attraction this month, Mercury comes to your rescue, helping you vocalize and realize exactly what you need in a love life. Remember that It’s not selfish to want a healthy, giving relationship. You deserve love and happiness. However, right before New Year’s Eve, Mercury will go retrograde. Don’t let its effects dampen your hope and desire for improvements in your love life.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Libra
December Astrology Horoscopes – Libra

Your December astrology horoscopes reveal that this has the potential to be one of your most social seasons in a while, and you love being busy and hosting loads of parties. If this is your favorite season of the year, be careful not to get yourself burned out. You want to ensure you’re having fun, not getting frenzied or overwhelmed.

And when you’re feeling less energetic, likely around the full moon in your higher learning zone on December 7th, you can do an internal check and decide whether you want to move in an exciting new direction. You might want to develop new skills if you know it will better your career opportunities.

December 9th marks a moment when your ruling planet, Venus, enters your relationship zone. Because this is happening at a time in which you’re also thinking about making changes to your life, Venus will intensify your desire to take it easy and be at home until January 2nd.  Sometimes it’s nice to stay in for the night and catch up on old friendships. You might find that some deep and personal one-on-one time with your partner will be more satisfying than being out with a crowd.

Jupiter, our good friend, will be moving into your relationships zone under an auspicious transit starting on December 20 and lasting until May 16. This should get you excited to see what lessons, themes, and undertakings will follow this transit. At the very least, the transit will see you involved in some very exciting new partnerships.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Scorpio
December Astrology Horoscopes – Scorpio

Some of your old haunts or habits might not be serving you as they once did.  The stuff that gave you joy and allowed you to escape the mundane world is no longer giving you “lift off.”  So what’s a prophet to do?  I have advice, but you might not like it: Detox.  You can start by rehydrating yourself.  Drink lots of water. The rule of thumb is drink clean water for 1/2 your body weight in ounces. 

Take stock at the fundamental areas in your life (like work, home, spirit, friends, finance, etc) and try to cast an objective eye on what’s going on in each area.  The idea behind this “bird’s eye view” of your realms is to get objectivity and seek out a healthy balance in your life.  I know you have the support you need to make some changes and gain more balance – just start with baby steps in the right direction – the path of clearing, healing, and balance will open up for you. 

You might have best luck with this detox around December 20th when Jupiter begins strolling through your zone of industry and productivity.  Jupiter stays there until May 16th, so recognize its long-term residence by concentrating on doing good works while also being mindful about taking care of yourself and balance.

You might also feel compelled to dive into a work project or creative endeavor on Dec 4th. Venus in Sagittarius, coupled with Neptune in Pisces is causing that compulsion.  I say go for it, and follow that instinct.  This astrological configuration will support your creative and work efforts.

Just be mindful about going overboard.  Don’t allow the project to consume you.  Stay balanced, and don’t get obsessive.  On Dec 9th, Mercury (communication and travels) skips through Capricorn, which should augur more social activity.  This is also an ideal time to carry on with creative projects, finish old projects and maybe even start some new habits or hobbies.

December is the perfect time to enjoy simple things. A hot soak in a bubble bath, a catnap, a good book, a cozy cup of coco – you get the idea. Indulge, and soak up all the self-care you deserve. You’ll also be happy to know that this month brings good tidings for your personal and romantic life. The stars indicate you may receive the gift of new partnerships, friendships, and/or love connections. Additionally, the stars mark it as the perfect time to splurge (a little) and give yourself a gift this holiday season. But don’t do so at the cost of your bank account – be conservative in your spending this month.

On December 23, you’ll experience the arrival of a new moon in your intellectual and communication zones. It may be challenging for you to find a balance between travel and creative freedom with Mercury retrograde on the 29th, which could cause snafus or befuddlement for you.  Realize that this is just a phase – things will balance out ultimately.  Roll with the flow, and you’ll see your way into the new year with sublime harmony and equanimity. 


December Astrology Horoscopes - Sagittarius
December Astrology Horoscopes – Sagittarius

The festive Sagittarius season of December is an ideal time to ponder the ways you’ve worked hard to keep yourself stable, rooted and grounded. It’s also a perfect time to do some home decorating or nesting as Pisces is in your 4th house of family and home. Anything seems possible now, and you have the spiritual tools necessary to venture into astral realms without fear. But you can’t grow all on your onesie.  In order to expand your horizons further, you’ll need to team up with like-minded people who support you and who you actually want to spend time with.

The full moon in Gemini on December 7 can help you address any relationship troubles that have been bogging you down. Now is the time for collaboration and social harmony.  Prepare for a new chapter in your life that is far more flexible, forgiving, and amicable towards others.

Even though it may feel like you don’t have time, checking in with yourself is something that will actually benefit you. On December 9th, Venus and Mercury will begin a retrograde cycle where they’ll explore your values and goals. The planet of relationships (Venus) will enter your money sector, igniting your desire to ask new friends or former colleagues what they do for work or how they found their success.

This should inspire you to make improvements in your own work life. You might not see any results immediately, but trust that you’re making progress with the support of these planets. Lastly, look for Mercury retrograde (Dec 29 – Jan 18) in your financial zone, which encourages you to tidy up money matters. Doing so will see you sitting pretty financially in the upcoming months of the new year.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Capricorn
December Astrology Horoscopes – Capricorn

As Mercury gradually moves into your sign on the 6th self-focused tendencies are likely to diminish and selfless sentiments will prevail. Implement this heightened state of compassion by performing acts of kindness for your loved ones.

Your December astrology horoscopes reveal that it’s important to be mentally and physically prepared for the holiday season. Even though you’re a practical person, loved ones might not fully understand your needs. Try to be vocal about your desires in order to get your needs met as well as avoid hurt feelings or miscommunications. Be honest about what you need to be satisfied, how you want to spend your time, and anything else that would make your birthday season memorable.

Through Dec 21st – Jan 20th, the sun is in your sign and this feel-good energy amplifies a sense of self-assurance. You might want to take the time now to perfect an idea you had planned for the new year to take advantage of the new sense of self-worth and confidence. Mercury enters your sign during its last retrograde of the year on the 29th and runs through January 18. Therefore, you should tie up loose ends, button things up and finish any projects that may be undone before the retrograde. Doing so will ensure better results in upcoming months in the new year.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Aquarius
December Astrology Horoscopes – Aquarius

As an Aquarius you inherently want to make the world a better place. But sometimes you might put so much of your effort into this goal that it becomes all you think about. This may cause you to neglect some important stuff such as your relationship with yourself and others.

You can alleviate some of that when Mercury pays stabilizing Capricorn a visit on December 6th.  While this might not make you feel any different on the inside, it will help you prioritize, organize your thoughts, and help you express your needs (to yourself and others) more clearly. On Tuesday, you should try to hone your intuition and pay close attention to your surroundings. Because this Mercury-Capricorn transit will fall in your 12th House of surrender and subconscious, your heightened awareness will give you the edge in improving your community, workplace, or social groups

Also remember that establishing boundaries and saying no are okay! The best thing you can do is rest and recuperate from whatever mental or emotional exhaustion you’re feeling. You’ll be much more efficient if you take care of yourself first!

Although your December astrology horoscopes indicate you may encounter a few stalls and dips in energy, you don’t have to let that slow you down. To explain, Sagittarius is active in your 11th house this month, which will bolster your sense of hope and enthusiasm.  Essentially, this position will give you the shot of energy required to rekindle relationships and become more inspired. Take this time to get reenergized and stimulated.  Use the holidays as a catapult for creativity and incubating new ideas. By the time the new year comes about, you will see yourself rolling with renewed energy and feeling more excited about your future.


December Astrology Horoscopes - Pisces
December Astrology Horoscopes – Pisces

Lots of people find themselves with more to-dos during the holiday season, what with all their party plans and winter wardrobe experimenting. Meanwhile, even if you’re busy at work recently, December will see your professional journey flourishing. You might be getting presented with so many opportunities that it’s tough to take advantage of them all.

If you’re finding yourself feeling torn between two different activities or getting overwhelmed, take time to meditate, get some rest and tune into your intuition so that you can get clear on making the best choices for yourself.

Especially during Mercury’s transit through Capricorn, you’ll be able to vocalize what matters to you. A full moon in Gemini can be best spent at home, as it falls in your 4th House of hearth, home and family. This illumination might stir up a bit of chaos or drama.  That’s when you need to step away, and take time for yourself.

You’ll be grateful for the chance to rest because a few days later on December 9th, Venus enters Capricorn. This positioning will see your love life becoming more harmonious and balanced. This is great because you’ll be rested, ready and primed to embrace new love in your life.  Resist the urge to shy away from love. Whether it means meeting someone new or or enjoying a romantic dinner while celebrating a committed relationship – take full advantage of this Venus position in December.

Important Astrological Dates for December 2022

  • December 3rd – Neptune goes direct in Pisces
  • On December 6, Mercury enters Capricorn
  • Wednesday, December 7 – Full moon in Gemini
  • On December 9th (Friday) – Capricorn receives Venus’ entry
  • December 20th sees Jupiter entering Aries
  • On Wednesday, the 21st of December, the winter solstice happens; the sun enters Capricorn.
  • December 23, 2022 – The new moon illuminates Capricorn, and Chiron ends retrograde
  • December 29 is when the last Mercury Retrograde of 2022 begins.

The Last Word on December Astrology Horoscopes for 2022

Well, that’s a wrap. I hope these insights into December astrology horoscopes for 2022 prove helpful to you and assist in guiding you more easily through the holidays.  As always, thanks for reading, and I wish you all the best through the holidays, the new year, and beyond.

Mighty brightly,

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