Celtic zodiac sign bull and cow meaning

Celtic Zodiac Sign Bull Cow

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Celtic Zodiac Sign of the Bull and Cow
April 15 – May 12

Personality Introduction for Your Butterfly Celtic Zodiac Sign: Greetings dear Bull and Cow! Your Celtic zodiac sign is one of stability and dependability. What in the world would the rest of us zodiac signs do without you? We’d be spinning into chaos, no doubt. Why?  Because you are the scaffolding upon which many of us rely. You are a foundational sign, possessing rock-solid virtues.

It’s important to note the difference between bull and cow in terms of Celtic zodiac sign meanings. On surface, the difference is a no-brainer. Bull=Male. Cow=Female. Both genders encompass overarching personality traits of this Celtic animal sign. However, depending on gender, there are a few nuances. For example: The sign of the cow resonates more to feminine energy. The cow is aligned with lunar attributes. This means moon symbolism like: Intuition, Motherhood, Fertility, Secretiveness. Conversely, the bull resonates male energy. It is aligned with solar attributes. This means sun symbolism like: Virility, Action, Fatherhood, Survival and Forthrightness.

Now with the particulars out of the way, let’s talk about your Celtic zodiac sign personality type. As a bull/cow you represent the Plymouth rock of the zodiac. Sure, there are other signs that display determination, solidity and constancy…but not to the extent you do. You are the go-to sign when folks need a shoulder to lean on. You are remarkably accountable and dependable. You are a cornerstone that stands strong…even if the building around you might be crumbling.

Celtic bull sign meaning
Cow & Bull Celtic Zodiac Sign Meaning

“Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.”

~Leah LaBelle

But for your sake, I hope there’s no crumbling. I mean, nobody likes disorder – but it hits you particularly hard. Change is not your bag, baby. Neither is chaos. Nope. You need structure, order and consistency. You’re under the impression that if something works fine the way it is – why change it? You don’t mind learning new things, but you’ve got to learn it your own way, at your own pace. If these requirements aren’t met, and your faced with changes without a plan in place…oh boy… that could mean anxiety-city for you.

As mentioned, you do your best work when you’re in an environment that is familiar and orderly. You do even better work when you’re surrounded by lovely stuff. Why? Because you’re a sucker for beautiful things. Nothing wrong with that! In fact, your appreciation for finery is a sign of your impeccable taste. You’ve got a knack for interior design. You just have a great eye for what looks good. Color, texture, scent…if it engages your senses in a pleasing way, you’re switched on by it. So much so, that you might find yourself in the business of collection. I know many bulls/cows who have impressive art collections, fine antiques too.

Celtic bull sign meaning
Celtic zodiac sign for bull meaning

Speaking of collections, bulls/cows are kind of people-collectors too. That sounds creepy, so let me explain. Your Celtic zodiac sign admires and appreciates good fellowship. Rather than having many casual acquaintances, you hand-pick a few gems from the mines of your community. You tend to hold onto these friendships and connections, because you value the people you associate with. In truth, no better friend could be had in you. Why? Well, I tend to think your finest BFF quality is in your belief in another person. If someone is lucky enough to be in your friend-herd, they will find you are a champion on their behalf. If your pal needs back up – you’re there. Wingman? You’re it. Defender of the defenseless? Yep – you’re on it. You rally for your peeps. You encourage, uplift and support the people you care about.

Indulge me a little story on this subject? My mom is a bull/cow. Now, I was a hellion of a kid. It seemed mom was forever visiting the principal’s office because I’d gotten up to no good at school. That’s when mom’s bull came out. She’d get so steamed up on my behalf! She would insist I was a complete angel, and that any wrongdoing HAD to be at fault with the school. LOL! My beautiful bull/cow mom! I share that story because this behavior is a tendency for your sign. You can be utterly blind to the wrongdoings of your loved ones. Well – I take that back. You probably know exactly how your beloved’s are little devils. But when it comes to public defense – you will stomp your hoof in righteous indignation on behalf of those you care for.

This kind of loyalty is especially evident in family life. Both bulls (male) and cows (female) are extremely family-centric. Cows are especially good at mothering, providing and nurturing. So are bulls, but in more of a mentoring way. Bulls like to teach their offspring by example. In other words, you bulls are strong role models for anyone under your wing. You cow-moms are too, but you tend to have a softer approach. Your sign develops a deep sense of self through family. You absolutely relish having loved ones close to you. Your family circle is a profound source of comfort. Now, this family stuff doesn’t have to be literal. Many bulls/cows adopt surrogate families, within which they derive the same level of comfort and pride. A tight-knit community of co-workers, colleagues, friends, etc. can serve as a strong family unit for bulls/cows – not just biological kin.

Keywords for Celtic Zodiac Sign of the Bull/Cow

  • True
  • Solid
  • Loyal
  • Caring
  • Patient
  • Steady
  • Practical
  • Inflexible
  • Stubborn
  • Protective
  • Nurturing
  • Trustworthy
  • Dependable
  • Materialistic

I want to take a moment to quantify a few of these keywords. Words like: Stubborn, Inflexible and Materialistic. These terms are sometimes viewed in a negative light. That’s not necessarily the case with you. Take materialism. As mentioned, you love good stuff. Nothing wrong with that. In truth, you rarely overspend. You’re quite frugal. You want to get the best value for your hard-earned buck. If you do crack open your wallet, it’s probably a sure bet that it’s going to be for something of fine quality.

And what about being stubborn and inflexible? It’s true, change isn’t your best cuddle-buddy. You can stubbornly cling to old beliefs or habit, simply because you might be uncomfortable with a new, untested way of doing things. If all your systems are working optimally – then no big deal – no need for change – be as stubborn as you want! However, you and I both know that the only guarantee we have in life is change. Being stubborn is great when you’re staunchly standing for a noble idea, or protecting loved ones. But, when it comes to going with the flow, or moving with changing times…learning to be more flexible is a big lesson for some of you.

Noteworthy Aspects for Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

Element: Earth
Those of you born under the Celtic animal sign of bull/cow are ruled by the earth element. What does that mean? It means you got ground, baby. You want to know where you stand (you usually do), and that spot has got to be solid. You like things that serve as an anchor. Indeed, YOU are an anchor for many people, projects, etc. Being an earth sign also means you have a fine appreciation for nature. Many of you thrive when you’re gardening, or doing stuff outside. Earth signs giggle when they get dirty. You love the smell and feel of the earth, and that’s what makes many of you a natural ‘green thumb’. Bull/cow earth signs often get dirty in the kitchen too. Lots of you are fabulous cooks. But this isn’t always the case. I lost all my baby teeth on my bull/cow mom’s cooking.  Sorry mom, just sayin’.

Planet: Venus
The bull/cow is governed by the planet Venus. The symbolic theme of Venus deals with sensuality, beauty, love and pleasure. This is the planet of appreciation of the finer things in life. Under Venus’ influence, you are able to stop and smell the roses – you might cut a few and bring them inside to beautify the home too! Venus is also all about love and affection. When you’re in a comfortable, safe environment you have no problem expressing your loving side.

Celtic bull sign meaning
Celtic bull sign meaning

The Legend of Your Celtic Animal Sign

In Celtic myth and lore, the bull and cow are epic in symbolic meaning. Why? Because the bull was prized for its strength, virility and endurance. In fact, bulls were commonly incorporated in Celtic craftsmanship and art. The bull symbol was the mark of a strong warrior, and industrious worker. These marks also served as a blessing. In fact, bulls were sometimes embroidered on wedding sheets to insure prosperous offspring from the marriage bed.

Cows were similarly honored. They were also prized, for their durability – but also for the gifts they brought to the Celts. The life-giving milk cows offered was a luxury and an indulgence. Big gratitude was given to cows for sustaining the village with their milk.

Bulls and cows were also a kind of currency. Symbolically, they equated to riches and status. These animals were commonly traded. So, the more cows/bulls a Celt had, the better he was in a position for higher stature in the community.

Learn more about the power of the bull from a Celtic perspective here: Symbolic Bull Meanings . Or, check out Symbolic Cow Meanings here.

Closing Thoughts on Your Celtic Zodiac Sign

For those of you born between April 15 – May 12, I salute you. Heaven knows I’d be in a dire pickle if it weren’t for your encouragement and support. To be sure, bull/cow signs are vital to the stability of society. This is especially true for closer-to-home communities. Your sign is essential in the family, in the home and at the work place. You lay the groundwork of love, morality and sanity in an otherwise chaotic world. Thank you!

I hope you have enjoyed these insights into the bull/cow Celtic zodiac sign. If you liked this article, don’t miss the whole list of Celtic Animal Signs here. You might also like to read more about Cow Symbolic Meanings here. You might also want to check out my page on Bull Symbols here.

As always, thanks for reading.

Bully blessings to you,


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