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Explanation for Advertisements on

Why Does Avia Put Ads On Whats-Your-Sign?

Why Are There Advertisements on


You can’t go too far into this website without encountering advertisements. A part of me wants to say they are a necessary evil. But they really aren’t so evil, most of the time. Why? Well, I’ve taken great pains to insure the ads that are shown on the website are relevant to my content, and relevant to stuff you might be searching online.

They are still, necessary. These advertisements put food on my table, pay my mortgage, pay for my Internet provider, put fuel in my gas tank.

If I could have everything MY way, I would be independently wealthy, without need for ads on Alas, not every aspect of my world complies to my wants (yet, lol). Thankfully, there are things I can do that comply to my needs.

Sometimes (not often), I get complaints about the ads on my site. I understand. Like I said, I’d rather not have them. But if it weren’t for these ads, this website wouldn’t exist.

Symbolically, it’s like egrets picking parasites off of cows, or ticks latching onto dogs. Each serves their function. One may not like the other, but it’s the nature of things. It’s a symbiotic relationship – not always agreeable, but fulfilling a purpose.

You should also know this: Even though I’m diligent about putting the best-reputable ads on my site…there might be some shady sources that sneak in. If you encounter and advertisement that has mislead you, please contact the source. I’m terribly sorry if one of the ads on my site led you to a unsatisfactory experience. I really try to cull out the badies. I urge you to do research on a site that offers a product or service before purchasing. This goes for ads on my site or any other site.Look before you leap.

In the end…advertisements allow me to keep this information FREE to you. You don’t have to pay one red cent for the 100’s of pages of symbolic information provided! I think that’s pretty cool, and I’d like to keep it that way.

So, thanks for indulging the ads. They do serve a purpose – they keep me solvent, and enable me to keep offering you great information at no cost to you.

For those of you who know what it’s like to be a “starving artist” thanks so much for understanding the purpose of advertisements.

For those of you who keep coming – even though the ads might be irking – thank you so much.

Mostly, thanks for understanding, for reading, and for your loyalty.

Big bright beams to you,


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