10 Crystals for Focus

Top 10 Crystals for Focus

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Everybody loses focus.  With the hustle-bustle of the world today, distractions, deadlines, etc – concentration and focus are commodities that many of us are sorely lacking.  Losing focus is very common whilst studying and people try lots of different ways to stay on track.  In fact, staying focused is something people strive for in work, with their friends, and with family too.  Using crystals is an increasingly common method that people are utilizing to regain concentration. Thankfully, there are specific crystals for focus that can help you clear your mind and get back to energized mindfulness.

Crystal powers should not be underestimated.  Their ability to absorb negativity has been used for centuries.  Once you have chosen the correct crystal, hold it close and feel its powers going to work.  Check out these top 10 crystals (in no particular order) to keep you focused on the task at hand.

Black Tourmaline for Focus

This crystal for focus is great for those who work in large offices where lots of different energies are at work.  Having black tourmaline close by is said to protect you from negative energy.  It also shields against electromagnetic radiation fields (ERFs) which are emitted from cell phones and computers.  ERFs have been proven to increase anxiety and stress. Therefore keep a black tourmaline close by to keep you on track.

Quartz Crystals for Focus
Quartz Crystals for Focus

Clear Quartz

This clear and colorless stone releases your blocked energies from your aura layers and chakras.  With this stone, any energy you put in will be amplified.  The more you imbue the crystal with positive energy, the more positivity the stone will return to you.  Clear quartz also helps you recognize overindulgences such as abuse of screen time or internet use.  What is amazing about clear quartz is that it both absorbs negative energy and attracts positivity.  

Tiger’s Eye

Used by the ancient Romans and Egyptians, the tiger’s eye is a great protective stone and also boosts courage and bravery. This is a very powerful stone that people use for beginning spiritual journeys.  Tiger’s eye radiates calming energy and it relieves stress and anxiety.  Its yellow-brown appearance also makes it a great choice as a visual crystal.

Blue Sodalite

This unique stone can encourage calmness and rational thoughts.  In terms of crystals for focus, blue sodalite is helpful to people who are intense in their studies, especially during exam season.  The whole academic process can become overwhelming which is where the powers of blue sodalite help in soaking up any brain fog that might be developing.

Smoky Quartz

This protective member of the quartz family is great at keeping your mind focused.  It is a favorite among people who do a lot of physical activity as it increases stamina and energy levels.  If keeping sharp is a requirement for you, then these crystals for focus is the one you need.

Using Crystals for Focus
Using Crystals for Focus

Blue Sapphire

This stone enhances your ability to focus on one task at a time.  It also enables your brain to learn new things and increases memory.  Blue sapphires help to develop mental abilities including attention and memory recall. Also, this is an excellent healing tool for people and animals, bringing both calm and order to their lives. This sapphire can even stimulate the immune system and helps to flush toxins and other negative elements from your body.

Citrine for Focus

This yellow-colored stone is known for its ability to increase self-confidence and courage.  The whole purpose of this crystal is centered on personal power and growth.  It significantly reduces self-doubt and negativity. This allows you to focus your energy and accomplish your objectives and goals. 


This green gem is great at increasing your focus and concentration.  Additionally, amazonite attracts positive energies into your life and keeps your heart chakra open.  By keeping you focused on the task at hand, these crystals for focus have the ability to develop a positive attitude towards those around you. 

Black Agate

Black crystals, like a black agate, are perfect for removing negative thoughts and emotions.  They can stabilize your root chakra and helps eradicate negative energy and thoughts.  The stresses of everyday life like going to work or school are also counteracted by this crystal because it oozes calmness.  With the negative thoughts gone, your mind is free to focus on the important, here and now moments.

Amethyst and Crystals for Focus
Amethyst and Crystals for Focus

Amethyst for Focus

This versatile crystal is commonly known as the spiritual stone, as well as the go-to crystal for relationships.  Furthermore, these powerful crystals for focus can also increase your psychic abilities to help you communicate with spiritual guides.  Amethyst opens your mind and allows your life to be influenced by higher energies.  Amethyst is a popular choice amongst healers as it increases their psychic abilities and increases relaxation.  And with better relaxation comes better focus.

The Last Word on Crystals for Focus

Whether it is exam stress, intense work anxiety, or challenging relationships that is affecting you, there is a crystal that can help you get calm and relaxed.  Smart people have used different crystals to maximize their powers of focus and observation for eons.  Lastly, keep any one of these recommended crystals nearby and in your workspace, so you can get more clarified and focused to live your best life.  

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