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Symbolic Meaning of Grass

Last Updated on September 30, 2020 by Avia

Strolling Through Symbolic Meaning of Grass

What? Grass? Yes!! Grass is symbolic too! The symbolic meaning of grass speaks to us about roots, connection, and foundation. Think about it, if we didn’t have grass, we would have erosion, mudslides, deterioration, and worse. Grass is essential, and it holds a lot of symbolic lessons for us.

If you live a symbolic life, you’ll find that even the most innocuous things in your environment can hold wonder, and deep meaning. That’s one of the aspects I love about digging for symbolic meanings. There is stuff all around us that is so common, so overlooked…but if viewed with symbolic perception, it all takes on a whole new dimension.

Take grass for instance. We see it everywhere. We mow it, walk on it, have picnics on emerald knolls of it…but do we ever stop to consider grass as a metaphor? A messenger? A mecca of massive meaning?

As I move through my dreams and meditations it becomes more clear that everything casts a symbolic shimmer – even grass!

I’ve recently been inundated with grass imagery (I talk about dreaming of grass here), and find the concept of grass to be profoundly relevant to human evolution. Why? Because like the web of humanity, grass is all about interconnectivity.

You can’t alter a patch of grass without it affecting the whole. This is a mammoth tenet. It conveys the message that what we do to our brothers and sisters, we also do to ourselves. How we treat our community and our environment has far-reaching effects. It has to do with the web of life. Consider the root system of grass. Those roots hold hands, nestle together, and form a community of connectivity. This is a glorious metaphor for human harmony and community. Grass, it seems, is a fine illustration for the Golden Rule.

meaning of grass
Exploring the symbolic meaning of grass

“There’s no separation between self and other, and everything is interconnected.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Symbolic meaning of grass also deals with its color…that lovely, gemmy, green goodness. When we root around for symbolism of anything (including grass), it’s a great idea to tap into colors for deeper meaning.  Here are some ideas about meaning of the color green:

Symbolic Meaning of Grass (Green)

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Well-Being
  • Generosity
  • Abundance

My perceptions pick up on these attributes by linking grass with the green Anahata chakra. The fourth, center, heart chakra.

The emerald heart center speaks to me of fresh new growth, the promise new hope brings, the eternal nature of love and the ability to share that love for the common good.

This viridian heart chakra is the fulcrum – the prime core. The heart is the dispatcher of information – all kinds of information. From physical, emotional, and intellectual the heart serves as the hub – and interconnects the matrix of existence. If you ponder it…grass behaves in similar ways as the heart.

Interestingly, grass is also a matrix spanning its growth in much the same way energetic heart patterns radiate out in subtle vibrations.

I appreciate how the grass is lush and wildly expansive. Grass is also essential for holding together the matrix of our earth. What? Yeah!

Grass is a natural water collector. It holds water within its blades and roots, and distributes moisture into the soil. This process is a great lesson about conservation and making the best use of our resources.

At the time I’m (re)-writing this article, California is feeling the necessity of grass in a big way. To explain, an epic onslaught of fires ate through the grasses of California landscapes. If that wasn’t disastrous enough, heavy rains began to fall. Then, without the grass to hold and regulate the flow of water, massive mudslides formed, causing devastation and ruin.

This a drastic example of how grass is essential to the quality and stability of life as we know it. I guess that’s the best and biggest symbolic lesson of all. That lesson goes something like this…

“Never underestimate, or overlook the importance of all life.

The tiniest bits play huge roles in ecological balance.

Even the common stuff becomes uncommonly vital to our existence.”

symbolic meaning of grass
Thoughts about the symbolic meaning of grass

So, the next time you come into contact with grass, let your awareness dig deeper into the infinite root systems of meaning it has to offer.

Symbolic Meaning of Grass (a Quick-List)

  • Love
  • Growth
  • Expansion
  • Connection
  • Health/Healing

I encourage you to meditate in a patch of grass and really get into its green groove. This is a foundational practice of living a symbolic life – the rewards are immense (for you and for Mother Nature!).

You know, there’s so much Nature has to offer us in terms of wisdom, revelation and solace. It’s just a matter of communing with her bounty. That’s another great thing about living a symbolic life…exploring metaphor and meaning around and within us requires a special kind of stillness. Cracking open the wisdom of symbolism means we have to be present, we have to be open…maybe even a little childlike in our observations. Consistent practice in seeing the symbolic roots of our environment trains us to become focused on the important stuff.

Grass…as mundane as it may seem, can reveal amazing insights when we get into its verdant vibe. I invite you to take a roll in the symbolic meaning of grass…explore how this miracle of matrix and network applies to your own psyche and soul. You may be pleasantly surprised at how many correlations you can draw between your own life and the secret life of grass.

Thanks for indulging me this article on the symbolic meaning of grass. On the surface, it may seem like an odd topic…but that’s the beauty of symbolism…nothing is off limits…all things offer knowledge. Thankfully, Nature offers grace and generosity in all her lessons….even via the overlooked complexity of grass.

As always, thanks for reading.

May all your grassy encounters be tinged with joy and good juju.

Brightly, Avia

Take Away Tips About Symbolic Meaning of Grass

meaning of grass

Stay off the grass!
On top, grass is a common sight. But below, we see a massive connection of roots. So connected, that when you damage the roots, the whole system suffers. This speaks to the crucial importance of strong, healthy communities.

meaning of grass

Go green! Conserve resources.
Grass is a natural water collector. It holds water within its blades and roots, and distributes moisture into the soil. This process is a great lesson about conservation and making the best use of our resources.

meaning of grass

You gotta have heart!
Most grass comes in some shade of green. Green is a symbolic color of the heart. On a deep level, green grass points to health, vitality and the heart of what matters most – life.

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