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More about EcoIntuition Meaning: What it is, and What it’s About: Did you know our Natural environment is in constant communication?  What if you could eavesdrop on Nature?  Better yet, what if you could tap into the network of Nature for unmatched insight into your existence?

This is what the term EcoIntuition proposes. 

Sounds sci-fi, but it’s not.  For eons our ancestors have formed sacred unions with the Natural realms in order to intuit keen understanding about life, energy, time and all manner of wisdom.

EcoIntuition is simply a fancy new word for an ancient way of life.  It’s about living in synch with Nature: Neither a dominator, nor a slave to natural forces. EcoIntuition focuses on soulful participation with the subtle energies of the Natural world.

EcoIntuition meaning marries the terms “ecology” and “intuition.”  The word conveys a special state of being that is attuned with the remarkable structure of Nature.  EcoIntuition suggests humankind’s ability to intuit the sacred wisdom held within that structure.

EcoIntuition Meaning

Nature is a matrix of infinite interconnections, and the science of ecology demonstrates this elegantly.   To wit, Webster’s dictionary defines ecology as the study of relationships and interactions between biological organisms and their environment.

Intuition works in much the same way.  All of us have the ability to creatively free-associate along non-linear lines of thought.  Intuition is about making unorthodox connections in limitless, creative ways.   When we live intuitively, we suspend the analytical mind momentarily and we feel our way through to conclusions.

Nature is inherently intuitive, and that’s why humankind can enter a dialogue so easily with our natural ecosystems because we too are born intuitive.  We’re hard-wired into Nature.  We cannot sever the connection. 

EcoIntuition Meaning
EcoIntuition Meaning

EcoIntuition proposes a way of life that is consistently attuned to Nature on a soul level. 

Furthermore, Nature on earth is the single-largest sustained life system immediately available to our awareness.   This makes Nature the grandest and easiest source of information to access. 

Data is stored in every blade of grass, every raindrop, and every creature.  By acknowledging Nature as a vast storehouse of unique data, we have volumes of sacred knowledge available to our intuitive awareness.

So what?  Why would we want to empathically connect with our ecosystems?  What’s so great about Nature’s knowledge that might motivate us to intuitively connect?  There are plenty of opinions to answer that question.  Here are a few:

  • Nature was here first.  She’ll be here last.  It might bode well for the continuation of humankind to harmonize with Nature.  Intuiting her mechanisms can teach us a lot about surviving and thriving in the days to come.
  • Nature is the ultimate oracle.  By forming a sacred union with Nature we see our lives in a more expansive view. Unique connections are made that allow us to know remarkable things about ourselves, our future, the people around us, etc.  Jacking into Nature gives us accurate impressions about the evolution of our lives.
  • Nature is karma.  Whether you believe in karma or not, if you’re reading this, odds are you at least subscribe to the Golden Rule.  Investing the time to intimately link up with Nature means big payoff’s.  Nature generously rewards her compatriots. 

In closing, it should be clear EcoIntuition is a new word for a very old concept.  And, at the same time, EcoIntuition is the wave of the future too. 

As always, thank you for reading. I really hope this article on EcoIntuition meaning was inspiring for you.



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