Dreaming of the Deceased

Dreaming of The Deceased

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I got an email from a reader of my website who was dreaming of deceased people, and she requested some clarity on this issue.  While dreaming of the deceased is not uncommon, it can be unsettling.  In fact, I recently dreamt of my father who passed away last month. It brought up a lot of emotions, but it also stirred up a lot of wisdom.

You are going to hear a million different reasons and explanations about dreaming of the deceased (or people who have passed from this physical plane, if you prefer).  All of these explanations are slices of the truth, and so you owe it to yourself to find the meaning that sits best with your own spirit.

Consciously Communicating With the Deceased in Your Dream

Reunited in Dreams
Reunited in Dreams

Whether recently passed or long gone from this physical plane, dreaming of the deceased is an opportunity to learn.  If you’re fortunate, you might even be able to communicate with the deceased in your dream.

 I often do this by returning to my dreams and consciously re-living (or re-dreaming) the scenario.  It takes programming and purposeful intent to re-enter the dream in order to mine for more meaning or prolong the dream’s narrative.  However, if you can do it – this practice can be extremely revealing because you can gain further insight and information from the deceased communicating in your dream.

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The Nature of Death and Its Relationship to Dreams

In my life experience, I have come to know the nature of energy (including the life force that is “human”) never dies – it simply passes from one phase to another.  We see it in all of nature.  Energy simply cannot be destroyed – it is a universal law.

With that foundation, we can make the next assumption that our connection with other people (connections are a type of energy) will not die either – even if their physical bodies have ceased on this earth.

Are these people that have passed away coming in your dreams to give you a message?  Perhaps….there are many philosophies out there that will tell you this.

The psyche deals with mortality in interesting ways – this is due to our own deep rooted beliefs as well as the collective conscious’ perception of death.

Is Dreaming of the Deceased a Message?

Connecting and Dreaming of the Deceased
Connecting and Dreaming of the Deceased

Perhaps you could also entertain the idea that you are a receiver of energy.  If our energetic connections with people never cease, then it would make sense that there are places within our own psyche that will recall the energy of those who have passed.  In this light, perhaps your own inner self is sending you a message, and using the imagery of those who passed as a message.

Recall the personalities of those people in your dreams.  Is there a predominant theme?  For example, was one person a healer?  Perhaps this is a message for more healing in your life.  Was another person always angry? Perhaps this is a message to point out your own anger, and how you may work to defuse it.

When we dream of those who passed, it might be our inner selves telling us to die to the things that no longer serve us.  In other words, dreams of people who have passed me be a message for us to release grudges or ditch bad habits.

Could Dreaming of Loved Ones Passed Be a Visitation?

Dreaming of Loved Ones Who Have Passed On
Dreaming of Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

One of the most common and understandable interpretations of dreaming of the deceased is it might be a visitation.  As a certified medium and an empath, I’ve opened myself up to experience connections with the deceased.  Very often, they communicate with me through my dreams.  So the prospect of your loved one visiting you in your slumber, is totally realistic and probably the most likely. 

The deceased don’t experience physical obstructions the way we do.  They can transfer energy and communications far more swiftly and differently than those of us still bound by physicality and gravity in this earth. So the likelihood that you are receiving a message or visit from a passed lovely is high when you see him or her in your dreams.

What I Know About These Dreams

I can promise you one thing, however: These dreams would not come to you if you yourself did not have the answers to their meaning. I can also tell you this.  Dreaming of the deceased is a definite sign that those beyond the other side of physical life are trying to show or share something. 

This might be by speaking through your psyche so that you can relate to the imagery in your dreams.  Or, it might be your loved ones actually trying to connect with you.  Whatever the case, it’s important to record these dreams and interpret them with deep heart and devotion.

Last Words on Dreamed of Those Passed

Dreaming of the so-called dead is a mysterious phenomenon, for sure.  Books have been written about this unique type of dream and will continue to be written about it.  What is key here, is that you invest the time to determine the meaning and understand your dreams your own personal satisfaction.

Dreaming of the deceased can be unnerving.  Or, it might be total elation.  However you receive these dreams, just give yourself the time, patience, determination, in interpreting them.  The answers will come. As always, thank you for reading.

Mighty brightly,

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