Symbolic Solar Eclipse Meaning

Symbolic Solar Eclipse Meaning

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At the time of this writing, a solar eclipse in our midst. Whether you see it or not is rather irrelevant. Why? Because these celestial bodies are moving and grooving whether you are aware of the motions or not. So what’s up with the symbolic solar eclipse meaning?

Sure, I can spew all the sciency-science stuff about solar eclipses, but (I’m hoping) you want to know about the deep, rich, symbolism backing this phenomenal event in the heavens. In truth, learning about the spiritual and energetic significance of the solar eclipse can be extremely impactful and have a profound effect on our lives.

Solar and Lunar Duality: Symbolic Opposites Attract

The crucial symbolic essence of a solar eclipse deals with conjoining dualities. Wait, what? What do I mean by that? Conjoining dualities is all about melding polarities together to bring about a unified force. Hang on, that sounds even more confusing. Okay, how about this: You know the common concept regarding how “opposites attract”?  It’s a thing (and you may be aware of it already).  Very often, you may find yourself attracted to a completely opposite personality in a friend or a life partner.

There is a reason for this, and it mostly has to do with identifying personality traits in someone else that you may wish to have for yourself (or at least experience in your life).  So, while you might be an introvert, you may find yourself attracted to an extrovert for the ease and comfort he or she has communicating with others. Or, your partner might be a homebody, preferring to veg for rest and relaxation, but you might be more inclined to parachuting out of an airplane for your R&R fix. We find ourselves attracted to polarities because we are drawn to that very unique energy, we want to come in contact with it (or maybe even want to be radically different like those we are attracted to).

That’s the kind of energy we’re dealing with the symbolic solar eclipse meaning.  It’s push-pull energy. This cosmic event speaks to us about opposites and how we can all just get along (let’s play nice, already! Sheesh!).  The solar eclipse is a clear symbolic message that says: “You are different. I am different. Let’s get together and create something wicked-awesome together!

Symbolic Solar Eclipse Meaning
Symbolic Solar Eclipse Meaning

Understanding Sun Symbolism and Moon Symbolism

To deeply understand the symbolic solar eclipse meaning, it’s a good idea to dive deeply into the independent identities of the sun and the moon.  In essence, the two could not be more different from each other. However, they do share commonalities. This is the point of this whole post…embracing differences while sharing core similarities.  I’ll get to shared traits in a minute, but for now, take a gander at the striking differences in the symbolism of the sun and moon.

The Sun is Symbolic of…


The Moon is Symbolic of…


So, you get the idea here, opposites, right? Essentially, the symbolic solar eclipse meaning is about combining and celebrating opposites in the people and circumstances in our lives. This can be tough for some of us, especially if we love our comfort zones. But that’s the second beauty about the lessons shared during a solar eclipse…I’ll explain.

Symbolic Solar Eclipse Meaning
Symbolic Solar Eclipse Meaning

Celebrating Differences by Recognizing Similarities

Maybe you’re mesmerized by opposites, drawn to the flip side like a moth to a flame. That’s cool. But not everybody feels the same. For some people, the idea of people living a different life from the one they feel is proper (or most like the life they themselves are living) might feel uncomfortable. Let’s face it, at the core of judgment, racism, political or religious unrest is one faction saying, “You’re different, not like me, and that’s wrong.” to some other faction. Now, just to be clear, I am not of that mindset, and I welcome diversity to the nth degree. However, folks who struggle with people who look, feel, love, or believe differently than what (they feel) is customary can get twitchy. These peeps can begin to bridge that oppositional gap by looking for similarities.

That’s where symbolic solar eclipse meaning can help out.  On almost every other day of every or any year, the sun struts his stuff and the moon quietly keeps to herself (the gender attribution is on purpose as the sun is typically symbolic of male/yang energy and the moon represents female/yin energy). However, in a rare year, on a unique day, these dueling contradictions smush together, creating an epic visual and energetic impact.  So how does this relate to humans?  It’s about looking towards commonalities in order to honor and acknowledge differences in others.

To explain further, the sun and the moon are like biscuits and bagels. Totally different bread, but they share common denominators. Both the sun and moon orbit in our solar system. They both have mass, they were both born from the same creative chaos of the universe. They share the same galactic neighborhood. You get the idea. 

We can apply the same formula to humans in an effort to encourage understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of differences within each other. All humans breathe, eat, sleep, and we all bleed. We all feel, and we’re all doing our best to get through life. If you think about it, humans have more common traits than the sun and the moon do! The point to all this opposite and similar talk is about embracing what makes us individual while also recognizing on a deep level we are all the same in many ways. I think that’s the big takeaway lesson about a solar eclipse, it’s about loving all the things that make us simultaneously separate and same.

The solar eclipse is a clear symbolic message that says:
You are different. I am different. Let’s join forces and create something wicked-awesome together!

Symbolic Solar Eclipse Meaning
Symbolic Solar Eclipse Meaning

More Interesting Symbolic Meanings of a Solar Eclipse

Because the solar eclipse is a rare event, we can anticipate some rare stuff in our life around the eclipse. Furthermore, the sun is blocked by the moon. This is significant in terms of our ability to shine our light. We may have trouble and expressing ourselves during this time.  This may sound daunting, but the good news is, it’s only temporary, and our ability to express our brilliance will return.  But be mindful during this time as it might feel unsettling. You may have difficulty communicating opening up, being honest, or conveying your needs to others.  Or perhaps the solar eclipse might manifest in your life with a desire to withdraw or isolate yourself. Just be patient with yourself, because when you reemerge in your radiance (and you will), you will rebound brighter and better than ever.

The symbolic solar eclipse meaning is also a sign of alignment.  This rare cosmic happening is a message that urges us all to get aligned with ourselves. This is a time to ask if our vision is aligned with our actions.  Or, ponder if our lifestyle is congruent with our expectations.  In other words, are our words, actions, emotions, and thoughts in alignment with the vision and desires we want for our life?

Points to Ponder and Stuff to Do During the Solar Eclipse

  • Embrace what makes you (and everybody else) unique, different and dazzling
  • Recognize the similarities we all share and rejoice that we are (essentially) all one
  • Understand that opposites can come together to create something extraordinarily beautiful
  • Evaluate perspectives about transition, change, and emotional growth
  • Ponder emotional wellbeing. Be easy with yourself. Take time alone if you need it.
  • Get into alignment. Check-in with yourself. Confirm your thoughts and actions are congruent with the ideal vision of how you want your life to be.

In closing, I hope these thoughts about the significance and the symbolic solar eclipse meaning is helpful to you. As always, thanks for reading! Oh, and if you liked this, check out my article on the symbolic and spiritual meaning of eclipses (in general), here.

Mighty brightly,

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