Shamanic Healing for Pets

Shamanic Healing and Connecting With Pets

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Suggestions for Energetic, Shamanic Healing for Animals

I’ve had some experiences and exposure to shamanic healing, specifically in terms of connecting and comforting animals. It’s a beautiful connection because shamanism is a very primal, instinctive practice, and animals, by nature are also deeply rooted in primal energy.

This article on exploring shamanism as an alternative healing for pets is inspired by folks who have emailed me asking if there are energetic, symbolic alternative healing options for our animal friends who are struggling to reach optimal health.

Most of the care for animals in our homes and in our daily lives is devoted to our creature-kin.  In other words, we are not pet owners.  Rather, we are family, providers, and friends to the animals who participate in our lives.  Because we feel so deeply about our animal clan, many of us are seeking unique ways to help them.  Although shamanism is ancient, it can prove to be an innovative method of alternative healing or comforting for our familiar animal companions. It’s like sharing a dream vision with pets and animals that is often restorative and co-creative in terms of mutual connection and understanding between you and your animal kin

Please note, this article on shamanic healing for pets using ancient philosophies is only suggestive.  This should never replace consultation or treatment from a veterinarian. Seek professional medical advice if necessary.

Shamanic Healing for Pets: Comforting Animal Connections
Ancient Shamanic Healing for Pets: Comforting Animal Connections

What is Shamanism?

There are various views about what shamanism is.  At its simplest, shamanism is a state of being that recognizes the core and primal spirit in all life.  Shamanism is an instinctive form of practice and thought.  Animism (acknowledgment of a spirit in all things alive) is the core tenet of a shaman’s spiritual practice and path. By association, shamanic healing is about piercing energy, tapping into ancient roots, and calling upon aboriginal, primitive wisdom to spark positive changes within the body or spirit.

That said, shamanic healing for pets often yields interesting and positive results because it is rooted in animalistic wisdom. So how can shamanism help heal your pet?

Getting to the Roots: How Shamanic Healing can Help Pets

When called to practice, shamans pick up a single energetic thread of life – the main thread – and follow this thread to its origin.  They understand that there is a core animalistic thread.  Once that core thread is identified, it can facilitate communion, healing, comfort, and contentment within you and your animal friend.

For example, a core thread for domestic dogs is the lineage of the noble wolf.  Shamanism affirms this original energetic bloodline within domestic dogs and communicates with the wolf on the dog’s behalf.

Shamanic Healing for Pets: Comforting Animal Connections
Shamanic Healing for Pets: Comforting Animal Connections

Examples of Primal Ancestors to Common Pets

When I say that shamanic healing for pets is about getting to a primal, ancestral energy…that primal energy is about the instinctive lineage of our pets. Domestic animals tend to absorb or pick up our (human) drama simply because they are with us and love us so much. However, their ancient ancestors are wild, free and domestication hasn’t confused their will to live.  That’s why calling the energy of a domestic dog or cat’s powerful ancestor can imbue strength and even healing.  Here are a few examples of primal animal ancestors to call upon in shamanic healing for pets

Suggestions for Ancestral Bloodlines Connected to Domestic Pets

Dog = Wolf:

All dogs are descendants of wolves in one form another. As you visualize healing within your dog, conjure imagery of the great cave wolf (who is remarkable and massive).

Cat = Lion, Tiger, Puma:

Visualize the ancient versions of the domestic cat, such as the saber-tooth tiger, or any wild feline ancestor that will boost your cat’s energy in times of need.

Bird = Eagle, Owl, Hawk:

You might even invoke prehistoric avian energies such as the teratornis, the 12-foot wing-span progenitor of the California king condor.

Fish = Shark, Sturgeon:

Swim deeply into the oceans and seas for primal origins when it comes to healing pet fish.

Snake = King Cobra, Titanoboa:

Connect with ancient snake power when linking up with your pet snake for wellbeing or healing.  

Lizards = Ancient reptiles such as dinosaurs, T-Rex, Raptor, etc: 

Domestic lizards are modern replicas of majestic dinosaurs that once roamed the earth.

You may tap into different prime lineage.  That’s okay.  Go with what compels you – that’s what shamans are known for…they follow their instinct, and listen to ancestral impulses as they move through the process of unifying primal energy with present conditions.

knowing your animal totem
Connecting with Ancient Animal Energies

Tap Into Animal Energies in Myth, Legend, and Animal Totems

You may also consider tapping into the power of myth and archetypes in your healing practice. For example, call upon Odin’s mighty dog duo, Geri & Freki to come and nurture the wellbeing of your own dog in times of need. Or, respectfully invoke the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet and link her ancient energy to protect and heal your beloved feline.


Impressive dogs of ancient lore may include the Greek hound Cerberus, King Arthur’s beloved hound, Cavall who was a masterful hunter, or the ever-loyal and super-strong Argos, dog of Odysseus.


Some powerful cats in myth and lore include Bast, the Egyptian cat-goddess, Hecate who is associated with supernatural cats, or the mighty cats of the Norse goddess Freyja who drove her chariot across the heavens.


Consider linking your pet bird with the powerful Garuda, a legendary bird of healing among Buddhist mythological figures, or invoke the essence of the phoenix when connecting with your feathered friends.

Do some research about mythological and epically powerful beasts that are connected to your pets as a source of inspiration for you and your animal kin in terms of connecting and healing.

Your Pet and Your Animal Totem: 

You can also marry your own spirit animal with the soul of your pet. Call upon your animal totem and ask it to communicate directly to the wild heart of your cat, dog, parrot, etc.  We all have animal totems and they are always willing to lend helping energy to heal, calm and conform our animal compatriots. Remember that connecting with our animal friends on a spiritual level is a two-way street. This is a cooperative practice that is meant to be restoring for your animal but it will also be extremely illuminating for you too.  The act of embracing and empowering our pets through shamanic healing or energetic communion results in mutual benefits.

Shamanic Healing for Pets and Animal Connections
Shamanic Healing for Pets and Animal Connections

Suggested Steps in a Shamanic Healing, Connection Session with Your Pet

If your pet is not feeling well, you can take the active role in his or her healing and betterment by performing a shamanic healing session on your animal family member.  Here are a few steps to get you and your pet started towards a journey of renewal, relief and wellness.

  • Comfort: Be in a comfortable environment with your pet.  Have one or two of his/her favorite items (like a chew toy, blanket).  This enhances the sense of comfort and ease.
  • Claim: Speak your intent clearly and express gratitude.  A verbal or mental statement such as, “We are all connected, and I am at one with (my pet’s name here). Healing is activated in this circle of energy, and we are grateful for the work that is done.”
  • Contact: Touch your pet lovingly.  As you do so, move your awareness into a deeper, meditative state.  Begin to calm yourself as you continue to calm and stroke your pet. With each stroke, move your mind and spirit to a deeper level of consciousness.  Both you and your pet are diving into sacred shamanic energies.
  • Visualize: When you feel yourself submerged in a calm yet powerful energetic field, begin to focus your awareness on your pet – but do not see him/her as ill.  Rather, see your pet as complete, whole and healthy.  Part of shaman magic comes from seeing potentials (not what you see in front of you) so see vitality in your dog (even if he/she is sick). 
  • Connect: Now focus on the prime animal bloodline (that core thread of life – see examples of these ancestors shown above) of your pet.  Tap into the root, or the original family line.  This is where the power lies.  In domestic animals this power lays dormant, but it can be summoned and activated to facilitate healing. 
  • Communicate: Once you identify your pet’s original power line, focus on this energy and begin to communicate with this primal, indwelling spirit. 
  • Activate: See this primal ancestral energy running through the veins of your pet as waves of ancient healing, helping and strong ancestral love for your animal. For example, if you are connecting to your cat, see the tiger racing through your cat’s essence and being.
  • Timing: Continue working with these ancient animal energies – see the energies comingling.  Respect and participate in the energetic mix.  When you feel a dip in the intensity of this meditative session, it is a natural cue to begin to wrap up your work.
  • Gratitude: Thank all the energies and spirits who came to help and connect.  Begin to pull back into your every-day consciousness. 
  • Reassure: Stroke your pet, and speak lovingly to him/her.  Explain to your pet what just took place (he/she already knows – but it helps to galvanize the experience for  both you and your pet).
  • Sit in Love: These practices are intense.  Spend the next hour or so just calmly relaxing with your pet.  Indulge your pet with your undivided attention and love – this adds to the effectiveness of healing.
Shamanic Healing for Pets: Ancient Animal Connections
Shamanic Healing for Pets: Ancient Animal Connections

More About Pet Healing and Shamanism

It’s important to be open-minded when you are practice this shamanic healing for pets.  Let the ancient ways move with you and through your pet.  Stay in a fluid, creative state as you work with these alternative practices in the energetic animal realms.

Try to be easy with this practice too.  It’s understandable to be concerned (or even freaked out) when a beloved pet is not feeling top-notch. However, connecting your pet with ancient animal ancestors (or powerful mythological creatures) is an opportunity for both you and your pet to learn, grow, explore, and even enjoy life together. 

For example, if working with your dog, see the wolf spirit come alive in your dog, making him/her more active, alive, playful and full of wild vitality.  See other wolves coming in packs to connect with your dog, and assure him/her healing is available within the energetic wolf tribe.  Allow your own shamanic ancestors and guides (we all have these links) to interject playfulness, jubilation and joy into your practices with your pets.

Final Thoughts About Shamanic Pet Healing

At the end of the day, there is no limit to the potential power inherent in alternative healing for pets using shamanic methods.  Give it a try, and see for yourself.  The odds are high you and your pet will feel better, and you may come away with a rich new understanding of the soul of your beloved family member.

At the very least, these suggestions can reveal extraordinary connections between you and your pet, offer comfort during trying times and provide your pet a sense of intense comfort. I hope this article on shamanic healing and connection with your pet inspires you to connect with your animals in deeply profound ways. And while I know you all are savvy folks, I’m compelled to repeat that if your pet is going through serious issues, please consult with a medical professional. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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