Symbolic Moon Phase Meanings

Symbolic Moon Phase Meanings

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Exploring Moon Phase Meanings and Symbolism

I don’t know about you, but I’m highly influenced by the moon, and her moon phase meanings. As a result, I’m always keeping tabs about what the moon is doing, her cycles, her moods, etc. Almost all of us know the movements of the moon influence pretty much everything on earth. Lady Luna’s waxing and waning affect the motion of the oceans, animal behavior, and more. Knowing the basics of moon phase meanings can help us understand more about ourselves and our environment.

Why? Well, consider it…the moon casts her power over the oceans. Her movement causes the push-pull of the tides. She also calls to sea creatures, (crabs are just one example), they are wooed by Lady Luna. By her reflective light, they come ashore for mating mayhem.

Symbolic Moon Phase Meanings
Symbolic Moon Phase Meanings

Simple Symbolism and Moon Phase Meanings

The moon influences a myriad of living things from fur, feather, fin, and human. She even has a silvery hand in atmospheric pressure and gravitational pull! That’s power, baby! With Lady Luna throwing this kind of weight around our environment – it’s a great idea to understand her gravitational pull in our lives. So, let’s take a closer look at moon phase meanings, shall we?

New Moon

As you might guess, the new moon is symbolic of beginnings. La Luna is replete with pure potential and possibility. The slate is clean, anything can happen, and there’s a sense of expectancy about upcoming growth. New moons are generally good times to start new projects and launch new ventures.

First Quarter Moon

From its unseen infancy, the moon embarks into her first phase of growth. This is symbolic of a time of maturation. Her thrust to reach fullness in the first quarter is also symbolic of assertion, drive, motivation, and the need to accomplish. First-quarter moons are a good time to get your motors running toward an end goal. The moon’s increase blesses your increase.

Half Moon

This moon phase meanings are all about liminality. It is neither full nor new. The half-moon represents ‘either-or’ energy that implies anything can happen. Because it represents liminal essence (neither here nor there), it is rife with potential in terms of manifesting dreams, goals, etc. The half-moon is also symbolic of balance and harmony. Think about the yin yang symbol…it represents perfect homeostasis, and that is the energy reflected in the half-moon phase.

Full Moon

Jackpot, domino, bulls-eye, whammo! Ideally, the full moon sees your creative seeds from initial non-existence (new moon), to evolutional growth (first quarter) and now to its complete realization. The full moon is about illuminating what has been hidden. It’s symbolic of the whole enchilada – the full maturation of possibility. Full moons are designed to revel in accomplishments. It’s a time to embrace what has been revealed and bask in the beauty of full manifestation.

Last Quarter Moon

Time to go down for a wee nap. This is Lady Luna’s descent back into childhood and ultimately back into her infancy and newness. The waning of her light is symbolic of relaxation, contemplation, and going within. It’s an extraordinarily introspective time. This is the phase in which to incubate ideas, sleep on your problems, hibernate just a little. You can always pop back out upon Luna’s upswing. For now, it’s time to mull, meander and luxuriate in a time of peace and drowsy calm.

Symbolic Moon Phase Meanings
Symbolic Moon Phase Meanings

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

Moon Phase Meanings and the Seasons

Symbolic seasonal correlation takes our understanding of moon phase meanings a step further. Let’s compare the four quarters with the four seasons.

Springtime – New Moon

The kick-off to each lunar month (about 29 and a half days) is the new moon. It’s like springtime after a long dormancy. After which, the moon slips into ever-increasing fullness, which is called the first quarter.  This moon phase meaning is all about pure potential, possibilities, fresh starts and celebrating new beginnings.

Summertime – First Quarter Moon

The evolution of that phase brings us to her brightest bounty around mid-month (the 15th or so). First-quarter moons are akin to summertime. They’re buzzing with growth and activity. The moon phase meanings for the first quarter moon is about self-expression, action, passion, and embracing the light that summons blessings in our lives.

Autumn – Full Moon

Next comes the full moon. This is a time of full-on expression. The time is neigh for gathering, provision, and harvest. The full moon is like autumn. The light blazes brightest in this phase before succumbing to winter. The moon phase meanings for this full moon is about seeing our dreams realized. It represents the manifestation of our desires and encourages us to give thanks for all that has culminated to achieve accomplishments, attain success and embrace the bounty of our gains.

Wintertime – Last Quarter Moon

Subsequent to the full moon, Luna begins her reduction into the last quarter. This takes us to the end of her cycle at the end of the lunar month. As hinted upon, this last quarter is like wintertime. It’s a time of descent, sedation, and covering ourselves once more with the shadow-blankets of time. And the cycle goes on and on and on. The moon phase meanings for the winter last quarter moon deals with rest, withdrawal, and going within. It is a time for introspection, inner contemplation, and meditation.

Symbolic Moon Phase Meanings
Symbolic Moon Phase Meanings

Closing Thoughts About Moon Phase Meanings

I hope this brief, simple explanation of moon phase meanings offers insight into walking in step with the moon and all her movements.  Living a life guided by the moon is akin to being in harmony and balanced with the rhythm of the cosmos. It is a rewarding experience, and I hope this inspires you to give it a shot (if you aren’t walking along the lunar phase pathways already).  As always, thanks for reading! Oh, and if you liked this, don’t miss my article on the influence of moon phases on luck and mood here.

Mighty brightly,

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