Ultimate Guide to The Different Planes of Existence and Their Meanings

Wait, What? Stuff You Never Knew About the Cosmic Planes of Existence

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You’re smart peeps, and yall probably know more about the planes of existence than I do.  However, I do know a thing or two from my decades-long experience of going “where the buses don’t run” (living and learning in the ethereal, esoteric realms).  In the spirit of sharing & caring – I want to welcome you to (what is defined by man and observation) the concept of planes of existence. It’s a captivating realm with secrets and wonders waiting to be discovered. 

In this article, I’m attempting to nail down the ephemeral. I’m trying to regale you about the deep and uncharted territories of – well – existence. I’ll talk about the meaning of the planes of existence, unpack the different planes and their significance, and even give you some tips on how to tap into each plane of existence as a practice for self-improvement. 

So fasten your seatbelts, join me where those buses don’t run, and let’s prepare for an exhilarating journey through the realms of astral projection, spiritual enlightenment, and infinite possibilities through the primary planes of existence! Get ready for a mind-bending adventure as we unveil stuff you never knew about the intriguing concepts behind the esoteric planes of existence!

Ultimate Guide to The Different Planes of Existence and Their Meanings

Nitty-Gritty: What Are Planes of Existence?

The cosmic planes of existence are different levels or dimensions of reality that exist beyond our physical world. They are believed to be inhabited by various beings and energies, each with their own unique characteristics and qualities.

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These planes are not tangible or visible to the naked (physical) eye, but they can be accessed through deep meditation, spiritual practices, or even in dreams, lucid dreaming, and altered states of consciousness. Each plane has its own vibrational frequency and is said to have its own laws governing it.

The concept of cosmic planes of existence has been present in various ancient civilizations and spiritual traditions throughout history (and I’ll talk about that more in a minute). These planes are believed to offer a deeper understanding of the nature of reality and provide opportunities for growth, exploration, and spiritual development.

Understanding the meaning and significance of these cosmic planes can help us expand our awareness beyond the limitations of our physical existence. By exploring these realms, we can gain insights into our true nature as spiritual beings having a human experience.

In order to fully comprehend the concept of cosmic planes, it’s important to explore each plane individually. The primary four planes include the physical plane (our everyday reality), the astral plane (a realm associated with emotions and desires), the mental plane (related to thoughts and intellect), and finally, the soul plane (a higher level connected with divine wisdom).

By delving into each realm separately, we can begin to understand how they interconnect with one another and influence our experiences in life. This knowledge empowers us to consciously navigate through different dimensions while embracing their vast possibilities for personal growth.

Who Came Up With This Stuff? History and Origin of The Planes of Existence

The concept of the cosmic planes of existence has been around for centuries, but who exactly came up with this stuff? Well, it’s not easy to pinpoint a single person or culture that originated the idea. Instead, understanding different planes of existence can be traced back to various ancient civilizations and spiritual traditions.

For example, ancient Hindu philosophy introduced the concept of different realms or lokas. These realms were believed to exist on different levels of consciousness and were inhabited by beings corresponding to their respective vibrational frequencies.

Similarly, in ancient Greek philosophy, Plato explored the idea of multiple dimensions and levels of reality. He described a hierarchy of forms or ideas that existed beyond our physical world.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the ideas about celestial levels, consciousness, and realms got to be a hot topic. Specifically, in mystery religions such as Theosophy or neo-Rosicruciansim, the concept of varying levels of awareness started to become more organized and popular. These esoteric groups even espoused that different beings could be contacted when we (as humans) became able to connect on a certain level of awareness. 

The development and exploration of these concepts continued throughout history with contributions from various philosophers, mystics, and spiritual teachers from different cultures worldwide. Each added their own unique perspectives and interpretations to this fascinating topic.

Today, we have an amalgamation of these historical influences shaping our understanding and interpretation of the cosmic planes. We gain insights into how humanity has grappled with questions about existence through studying these diverse sources.

Ultimate Guide to The Different Planes of Existence and Their Meanings

Who Cares? Why Should We Understand the Meaning of the Planes of Existence?

Understanding the meaning of the planes of existence may seem like an esoteric concept that only spiritual gurus or mystics care about. But in reality, delving into this knowledge can have profound implications for our own personal growth and understanding of the world around us.

Grasping the significance of the cosmic planes allows us to expand our consciousness beyond just the physical realm. It opens up a whole new dimension where we can explore and connect with unseen energies and forces that shape our experiences.

Moreover, comprehending these different planes helps us better understand ourselves. Each plane represents a different aspect of our being – from the physical body to emotions, thoughts, and even our soul’s essence. By recognizing these aspects within us, we can work towards achieving balance and harmony on all levels.

Understanding the planes of existence also enables us to submerge into elevated states of consciousness (don’t you love that paradox?!) and unlock hidden potentials within ourselves. Through practices such as meditation or astral projection, we can access realms beyond ordinary perception and experience greater clarity, creativity, and spiritual insight.

Furthermore, studying these cosmic planes offers insights into interconnectedness and unity. It reminds us that we are not isolated beings but part of a vast web connecting everything in existence. This awareness fosters empathy towards others as we also recognize their journey through various dimensions.

Different Planes of Existence and Their Meanings (In Order)

The concept of different planes of existence may sound mind-boggling at first, but it holds fascinating insights into the nature of our reality. Understanding these planes can help us explore deeper aspects of ourselves and the universe. So, let’s dive into the cosmic rabbit hole by starting with a quick rundown of the four primary planes of existence!

  1. First up is the Physical Plane
    This is where we experience our everyday reality through our senses. This plane encompasses everything tangible and material – from the Earth beneath our feet to the objects we interact with daily.
  1. Next comes the Astral Plane
    This is a realm that exists beyond our physical senses. It is often associated with dreams, imagination, and spiritual experiences. Here, thoughts take on a form that transcends physical limitations.
  1. Moving further inward is the Mental Plane (or Causal Plane)
    The realm of thoughts and ideas. It’s where concepts are born and transformed into actions or creations. Exploring this plane allows us to tap into our mental power for manifestation and personal growth.
  1. Then we have the Soul Plane
    An ethereal dimension connected to our higher selves or souls. It represents our innate wisdom, purpose, and connection to something greater than ourselves.

These four primary planes—Physical, Astral, Mental, and Soul—are interconnected yet distinct in their own ways. Now, let’s submerge ourselves more deeply into each of these planes of existence to mine the treasures each level has in store for us.  Ready? OK! Let’s rock this block in the neighborhood of energetic wonder! Can you dig it? Let’s roll…

Physical Plane and Its Meaning

Planes of Existence - Physical

The Physical Plane is the most familiar and tangible of all the planes of existence. It refers to our everyday physical reality, the world that we can see, touch, and experience with our five senses. Natural laws govern this plane and operate within the framework of time and space.

On the Physical Plane, everything is made up of energy in different forms – from atoms to galaxies. It encompasses not only our planet Earth but also extends into the vastness of the universe. We are all interconnected within this plane through a complex web of relationships.

In this realm, we navigate through life using our physical bodies as vessels for our consciousness. Our experiences on this plane shape us as individuals and contribute to our growth and evolution.

To better understand and work with the Physical Plane, it is important to cultivate awareness of our surroundings, develop mindfulness practices, and engage in activities that promote physical well-being, such as exercise, healthy eating habits, and self-care rituals.

Grounding ourselves in this plane and maintaining an open mind towards other realms allows us to grab hold of an intense knowing of the intricate tapestry of existence that surrounds us each day.

Stuff to Do With the Physical Plane

The Physical Plane is the most familiar and tangible to us as human beings. It is the realm of matter, where our physical bodies exist. But there’s more to it than meets the eye! So, what can we do with this plane?

Bond With Nature

Let’s explore the wonders of nature. Take a walk in a lush forest or lay on a sandy beach – connect with the Earth and feel its energy coursing through you. Engage your senses by immersing yourself in sensory experiences like tasting delicious food, listening to uplifting music, or marveling at breathtaking art.

Get Moving

Next, indulge in physical activities that bring joy and vitality to your life. Whether it’s yoga, dancing, hiking, or playing sports – find something that gets your body moving and heart pumping!

Comfort the Body

Another way to engage with the Physical Plane is through self-care practices that nourish both body and mind. Go ahead.  Indulge in a relaxing massage or spa day (you deserve it); prioritize sleep for rejuvenation; nourish your body with nutritious foods; practice mindfulness during daily activities.

Astral Plane and Its Meaning

Planes of Existence the Astral Plane

The Astral Plane is an intriguing realm that exists beyond the physical world. It is said to be a dimension of energy and vibration, where thoughts and emotions take on tangible form. This ethereal plane is often associated with dreams, out-of-body experiences, and astral projection.

In the Astral Plane, time and space are fluid, allowing for limitless exploration and connection with other beings. It is believed to be a realm of heightened consciousness where one can access higher levels of wisdom and spiritual insight.

Engaging with the Astral Plane allows for deep healing, personal growth, and an expanded understanding of reality beyond what our physical senses perceive. Through intentional practice and open-mindedness, we can unlock new dimensions within ourselves and experience profound transformation on this mystical plane of existence

How to Work With the Astral Plane

The Astral Plane, a realm of consciousness beyond the physical world, holds mysteries and experiences waiting to be explored. To work with this ethereal plane, it is crucial to develop an understanding of its meaning and purpose.


To begin your journey on the Astral Plane, start by honing your visualization skills. Imagine yourself floating above your body or visualize entering a different dimension. Engage all your senses in this process to enhance the experience.


Next, try meditation techniques specifically designed for astral projection. These practices help detach your consciousness from the physical body and navigate through different realms of existence. Experiment with guided meditations or explore various breathing exercises that promote relaxation and heightened awareness.

Lucid Dreaming

Another powerful way to work with the Astral Plane is through lucid dreaming. You can consciously direct your experiences on this plane by becoming aware of your dreams. Keep a notebook beside you to record any vivid dreams or encounters you have during sleep.

Work With Crystals

Additionally, crystals such as amethyst or selenite can aid in connecting with the energy of the Astral Plane. Place them near you while meditating, or sleep with them under your pillow to enhance astral travel experiences.

Remember that working with the Astral Plane requires patience and practice. It may take time before you fully master this skill, but don’t lose hope! You can unlock incredible journeys without boundaries on this mystical plane of existence with determination and an open mind.

Mental Plane and Its Meaning

The Mental Plane (also called the causal plane) is a fascinating realm beyond our physical reality. It is the place where thoughts, ideas, and consciousness reside. Unlike the Physical Plane, which deals with tangible things, the Mental Plane operates more abstractly.

In this plane of existence, everything is energy and vibration. Our thoughts have immense power and can shape our reality. The Mental Plane allows us to tap into our inner wisdom, explore new concepts, and expand our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Harnessing the energy of the Mental Plane allows us to manifest our desires into reality. It’s all about aligning our thoughts with what we want to create in life. This requires self-awareness, intentionality, and consistency in thought patterns.

Remember that while engaging with this higher realm of existence is essential, grounding ourselves in everyday life is equally important. Balancing both realms allows us to live harmoniously between two worlds – one practical and tangible, while the other expansive and limitless.

Working With the Mental Plane and Practices

Working with the mental plane can be a fascinating and transformative experience. This plane of existence is all about thoughts, ideas, and consciousness. It’s where our minds create and process information, shaping our perception of reality.

Meditation (yes, again – of course)

To tap into the power of the mental plane, there are various practices you can explore. One such practice is meditation. Quieting, stilling the mind while zoning in on your breath or an object can be transformative and allows you to move more deeply into the cosmic depths, access unveiled thoughts, and gain insight into your inner world.

Be Mentally Affirmative

Another way to work with the mental plane is through visualization techniques. Visualizing desired outcomes or positive affirmations can help reprogram your subconscious mind, leading to personal growth and manifestation.

Write it Down

Journaling is also an effective way to engage with the mental plane. Writing down your thoughts, emotions, dreams, or goals allows you to reflect on them more deeply and better understand yourself.

Be Mentally Aware

Mindfulness exercises are yet another valuable tool for working with this plane. Practicing present-moment awareness helps bring attention to your thoughts without judgment or attachment, fostering a sense of peace and equanimity.

Soul Plane and Its Meaning

Practices to Explore with Different Planes of Existence

The Soul Plane is a realm of existence that goes beyond the physical and even astral planes. It is a level where our true essence resides, our soul. In this plane, we connect with our deepest selves and explore the depths of our being.

Unlike the physical plane, which focuses on materiality, or the astral plane, which deals with emotions and desires, the Soul Plane delves into spiritual growth and enlightenment. Here, we can experience profound insights, wisdom, and connection to something greater than ourselves.

In the Soul Plane, time loses its significance as we tap into timeless wisdom. We transcend limitations and gain a broader perspective on life’s challenges. This realm allows us to heal past wounds and discover our life purpose.

Connecting with the Soul Plane requires inner work such as meditation or contemplation. Through these practices, we can quieten our minds and tune into the whispers of our souls. By consciously exploring this dimension of existence, we open ourselves up to transformational experiences.

What to Do With the Soul Plane – Ideas and Tips

What can we do with the Soul Plane? Well, this is where things get really interesting. The Soul Plane is all about connecting with our true essence and higher self. It’s a realm of pure consciousness and spiritual growth.

Be Quiet

So, what are some ideas and tips for working with the Soul Plane? One powerful practice is meditation. By quieting the mind and tuning into our inner being, we can access the wisdom and guidance of our soul. This can help us gain clarity on our life purpose, heal emotional wounds, and deepen our connection to something greater than ourselves.

Be Creative

Another idea is to explore creative expression as a way to connect with the Soul Plane. Whether it’s through art, writing, music, or dance – tapping into our creativity allows us to channel the energy of our soul into something tangible.

Be Kind

Additionally, engaging in acts of kindness and service can also align us with the energy of the Soul Plane. When we help others without expecting anything in return, we are embodying compassion and love – qualities that resonate deeply within this plane.

Is That All? What About the Spiritual Plane and Its Meaning?

Ah, the Spiritual Plane – a realm that transcends our earthly existence and delves into the depths of our souls. Depending upon which school of esoteric study you consult, the four planes of existed (mentioned above) are prime – but other philosophies have a Spiritual Plane. So, what’s that all about?  Connecting with the Spiritual Plane is like diving into an ocean of pure consciousness, where all limitations melt away. But wait, we haven’t explored this ethereal realm yet! Let’s uncover its secrets.

The Spiritual Plane is often seen as the pinnacle of existence, where profound enlightenment and spiritual growth can be achieved. It goes beyond the physical, astral, mental, and soul planes we’ve discussed so far. This plane is all about connecting with something greater than ourselves – a divine force or universal energy.

Here in this sacred space, one can experience unity with all things and tap into their highest potential. It’s a place of deep inner knowing and awakening to our true nature. The meaning behind this plane lies in discovering our purpose in life and aligning ourselves with higher truths.

So, what can we do with this elusive spiritual plane? Well, it’s not about doing as much as it is about being present and open to receiving guidance from the universe. Practices such as meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and contemplation help us connect more deeply to this ethereal realm.

By immersing ourselves in practices that cultivate awareness of the present moment or by surrendering to divine guidance through prayer or ritualistic practices across different cultures around the world – we allow ourselves to transcend ordinary reality for glimpses into something extraordinary.

Buddhist 31 Planes of Existence

Surely That’s All. Nope. What About the Buddhist 31 Planes of Existence?

Now that we’ve explored the primary four planes of existence (plus the Spiritual Plane), you might be thinking that we’ve covered it all. But hold on tight because there’s more to discover! In addition to these four planes, Buddhism introduces us to a fascinating concept – the Buddhist 31 Planes of Existence.

Even better than Baskin Robbins’ 31 flavors of ice cream, the Buddhist 31 planes of existence represent different realms or dimensions in which beings can exist. Each plane has its own unique characteristics and levels of consciousness. From heavenly realms filled with bliss and tranquility to lower realms plagued by suffering and turmoil, the Buddhist 31 Planes offer a comprehensive view of existence beyond what we typically know.

It’s important to note that these planes are not physical locations but rather states of being or consciousness. They encompass both material and immaterial aspects, with each realm determined by one’s actions (karma) and level of spiritual development.

How to Move Through the Different Planes of Existence (and why you should – benefits of working with the planes of existence)

Moving through the different planes of existence can be a transformative and enlightening experience. By tapping into these higher realms of consciousness, we open ourselves up to a whole new level of understanding and spiritual growth.

So, how exactly do we move through these planes? Well, it starts with awareness. We must first become aware of the existence of these planes and believe in their power and potential. Once we have this foundation, we can begin exploring and navigating these realms.

I’ve said it before (like a bazillion times), but I have to say it once more – meditation works.  It’s a titanic tool that can help us access the different planes of existence. We can transcend our physical bodies through deep relaxation and focused intention and connect with the astral, mental, soul, or spiritual planes.

Visualization is another technique that can assist us in moving through these realms. By visualizing ourselves ascending or descending through each plane, we are able to create a bridge between our current reality and the higher dimensions.

Working with affirmations specific to each plane also aids in our journey. By repeating positive statements about each realm, such as “I am connected to the astral plane” or “I embrace my soul’s purpose,” we reinforce our intentions and align ourselves with those energies.

The benefits of working with the planes of existence are numerous. They offer us a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe and provide opportunities for healing, personal growth, and expanded consciousness.

Through exploring these realms beyond our physical reality, we gain insight into super-keen stuff like:

  • Exploring our past lives on Earth or other dimensions
  • Receive guidance from spiritual beings
  • Tap into limitless creativity
  • Unlock dormant abilities
  • Find inner peace
  • Deepen connection with universal energy
  • Heal emotional wounds at their core
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Manifest desires more effortlessly.
What to Do With Different Planes of Existence

Meditation Ideas for the 4 Different Planes of Existence

Here are some meditation ideas for each of the four different planes of existence: physical, astral, mental, and soul.

Physical Plane Meditation Ideas

In the Physical Plane, you can practice grounding meditations to bring your awareness fully into your body. Focus on your breath as you conceptualize roots emerging from your feet into the earth, anchoring you to the present moment. Feel the sensations in your body and embrace a sense of stability and solidity.

Astral Plane Meditation Ideas

When it comes to exploring the Astral Plane through meditation, visualization exercises are particularly effective. Close your eyes and envision yourself floating above your physical body, soaring through ethereal realms filled with vibrant colors and energy. Allow yourself to experience this realm with an open mind and heart.

Mental Plane Meditation Ideas

Meditating on the Mental Plane can be transformative for those interested in delving into the depths of their thoughts and emotions. Practice mindfulness meditation by observing your thoughts without judgment or attachment. Notice how they arise and pass away like clouds in the sky, cultivating a sense of detachment from them.

Soul Plane Meditation Ideas

The Soul Plane invites us to connect with our inner essence beyond our ego identities. During meditation sessions focused on this plane, turn inwardly towards self-reflection. Ask yourself meaningful questions about life’s purpose or seek guidance from higher realms within yourself.

Just be aware that these meditation ideas are simply starting points – feel free to adapt them according to what resonates with you personally! Regularly engaging in these practices across various planes of existence may gain insights into deeper aspects of reality while fostering personal growth along your spiritual journey.

Affirmations to Use for the 4 Different Planes of Existence

Yeah, yeah. You might be thinking, “Affirmations are so yesterday.”  But they are just as powerful and relevant today as in any other era. Affirmations can be pivotal in getting aligned with the different planes of existence. By using affirmations, we can shift our mindset and tap into the energy of each plane, allowing us to manifest our desires and experience greater harmony in our lives.

  • On the physical plane, affirmations related to health and vitality can be incredibly beneficial. Repeat statements such as “I am strong and healthy” or “My body is vibrant and full of energy” to reinforce positive beliefs about your physical well-being.
  • Affirmations focused on expanding consciousness and connecting with higher realms can be helpful when working with the astral plane. Say phrases like “I am open to receiving divine guidance” or “I embrace my intuition and trust in its wisdom” to enhance your spiritual connection.
  • To activate the power of the mental plane, use affirmations that strengthen your intellect and promote clear thinking. Repeat statements like “My mind is sharp and focused” or “I easily absorb new knowledge and information.”
  • On the soul plane, affirmations centered around self-love, inner peace, and purpose can be transformative. Affirm things like “I love myself unconditionally” or “I am aligned with my soul’s purpose” to cultivate a deep sense of fulfillment.

Bear in mind – consistency is key when using affirmations. Take a few moments each day to repeat these uplifting, high-level-energy statements aloud or silently in your mind. Allow their vibrations to permeate through all levels of your being as you connect with the different planes of existence.

Incorporating these affirmations into your daily practice will create an energetic resonance that attracts abundance, joy, clarity, and spiritual growth into every aspect of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Planes of Existence

Are the planes of existence real or just a concept?

The planes of existence are both real and conceptual. They exist as different levels or dimensions of consciousness that individuals can explore through meditation, astral projection, or spiritual practices. While they may not be tangible in the physical sense, many people have had profound experiences and insights while working with these planes.

Can anyone access the planes of existence?

Yes, anyone can access the planes of existence with practice and dedication. It requires developing one’s awareness and honing their ability to navigate different states of consciousness. However, it is important to note that each person’s experience may vary based on their level of spiritual development and understanding.

How do I know if I am in a specific plane?

Each plane has its own distinct characteristics, energy vibrations, and qualities that can be felt or perceived by those who are sensitive to them. With increased awareness and practice, you will become more attuned to recognizing the signs indicating which plane you are in.

Can we interact with beings from other planes?

Yes! Individuals have sometimes reported encounters with beings from higher-dimensional realms during astral travel or deep meditative states. These interactions can provide valuable insights into our own spiritual growth and understanding.

What benefits come from exploring the different planes?

Exploring the different planes allows us to expand our consciousness beyond ordinary reality, gain deeper self-awareness, connect with higher aspects of ourselves, receive guidance from spiritual guides or teachers on these realms, heal emotional wounds at a soul level, and tap into greater wisdom for personal growth.

Can we transition between different planes during meditation?

Absolutely! Meditation is a powerful tool for navigating through various levels of consciousness within each plane itself, too- creating an opportunity for personal transformation and expansion across all physical, mental, emotional & spiritual areas!


The cosmic planes of existence hold a vast and intriguing realm that goes beyond our physical reality. Understanding the meaning and significance of these planes can open up new avenues for personal growth, spiritual exploration, and self-discovery.

From the physical plane, where we experience our everyday lives, to the astral plane, mental plane, soul plane, and even the spiritual plane – each offers unique insights into different aspects of our existence.

The cosmos is calling. Will you answer? I hope this article inspires you to answer, listen, dance, and thrive in the fascinating realms of varying existence. As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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