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Law of Attraction and Butterfly Meaning

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Exploring the Law of Attraction and Butterfly Meaning

Drawing Similarities Between Law of Attraction and Symbolic Butterfly Meaning 

Very few of us are strangers to law of attraction (LOA) – it’s been a big trending topic since “The Secret” came out. What’s interesting about LOA is that it’s hardly a trend, and it’s definitely not a new idea. LOA is a universal law.

This law is essential to the creation of our universe, our earth, ourselves.

This is ancient juju, and it’s important for us to pay attention to it. Since LOA has been established since pre-time, it’s linked with other timelessness elements – like Nature.

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This gave me the idea to write how LOA is illustrated though Nature. If we observe Nature, we can see law of attraction in effect all the time. Some creatures demonstrate the simplicity of LOA better than others. Like the butterfly.

Now, I’ve been putting the law of attraction in action for decades. In fact, I was first exposed to LOA in my teens. I first got hold of the Seth books by Jane Roberts. Then later I discovered Abraham-Hicks. Lemme tell ya – the information couldn’t have come to me at a better time.

How come? Well…I was a fat kid. I also had massive rashes (called eczema) all over my body – including my face. Then there was always the asthma. My chubby bum didn’t get too far without puffing on my inhaler. It was very uncool to be me in school. Can you imagine? Not pretty. Schoolyard comments like “Hey! There goes the beached whale!”, or “Hey! There goes the leper!” haunted me. And don’t even get me started on the slight stutter that cropped up my freshman year in high school. Good grief. Epically bad scene.

“We have access to immutable truths that illuminate and support us.

We just have to evolve and transform to access them.”


butterfly meaning and law of attraction
Butterfly meaning and law of attraction

No matter how dire or distasteful your circumstances, you CAN change them.

Never underestimate the power of law of attraction in action.

You might feel a little wormy sometimes, but

consistent utilization of LOA will give you beautiful wings

so you can fly towards your greatest expectations!

As a result of these few setbacks in my youth, my confidence was pretty much sub-zero. So, when I was introduced to LOA, I was introduced to a whole new way of thinking. I was liberated! I realized that I did not have to be a slave to my external conditions. Nope. I learned that my internal landscape predicted what happens externally.

Those of you who’ve followed my work for awhile know I don’t share personal details. So why did I share my woes about being a whale-leper-air-sucking-stuttering youth? I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with butterfly meaning.

Consider how the butterfly started. Butterflies are completely different organisms apart from what they were when they arrived on the scene. Worms! Well, caterpillars, but can you dig it?! I’ve got no qualms about bugs, but some of us might look at the caterpillar and get creeped out. That’s okay. In fact, if we weren’t aware of butterfly’s journey into transition – we might even overlook caterpillars – never knowing its giant potential for growth, flight, freedom. This ties into my youth. Maybe it ties in with yours too. Most of us are a little awkward. It ain’t easy being a kid. We’re like little caterpillars – creeping along – making our way – but nobody has any idea what we’ll evolve into. Heck, WE don’t even know! I think that’s super keen. It’s about infinite potential.

That’s what law of attraction is. Infinite potential. And butterfly meaning is about potential too. Butterflies are symbolic of moving from one phase of life to another and coming out with flying colors. Where caterpillars inch along, the butterfly soars!

butterfly meaning and law of attraction
Butterfly meaning and law of attraction

The big trick to connecting butterfly meaning with LOA is all about transition and potential.

The butterfly’s process of transforming itself is an elegant metaphor for how we humans can transition too.

It’s also a beautiful example of how, with patience and faith, LOA can transform our lives.

Three Reasons Why Butterfly Meaning and Law of Attraction Make a Great Pair

1). Keep Calm and Crawl Along

Caterpillars click along on their tiny legs. Content to just creep about. But they also mow down something fierce. Their whole purpose is to consume. Eat, eat, eat! We humans kinda do the same thing – but only in the thought world This is especially true in youth. Think on it. Before coming across vital wisdom like LOA, the teachings of the Bible, or whatever… we tend to just crawl along…not really conscious of what’s going on within or without us. And like the caterpillar, we’re stuffing ourselves through this coma. When we are not enlightened, we absorb all the crummy crud around us. That means we swallow false beliefs. If our dad told us we’d never amount to anything – we ate it. If our mother told us not to cross the street or we’d go blind – we accepted that too. See my point?

Unfortunately, we’re not born like a cake from a Betty Crocker oven. Ping! Done! Perfect and complete. Nope. We need to evolve. We’ve got to develop, learn lessons, cop a clue. I want to hammer this point home for one reason: It’s okay. It’s okay that we may stumble about, glazed over and baffled. Some of us stammer about for a very long time before we latch onto illumination. Totally okay. I want that to be a take-away here. None of us can live in freedom if we’re stuck in the stupidity we committed in the past. Law of attraction will absolutely, positively NEVER work if we’re holding on to previous mistakes, or ignorance. We’ve all got to slog through this life. We all learn. We’re all doing the best we can. But never sentence yourself to the crime of ignorance. If you don’t know – you don’t know. That simple. Law of attraction responds to your conscious knowing. Forgive yourself if you didn’t know. Then move forward with new wisdom, and allow LOA to transform you into the amazing butterfly you are.

2). Shhhhhhh, Cocooning in Progress

Alright. Let’s say you’re like most of us folks out there who’ve staggered about blindly before we came into contact with some revolutionary wisdom. I certainly did. Not ashamed to admit it. I was a wreck before I was fortunate enough to learn the laws of the universe, study the divine, connect with Nature. I think it’s safe to say without a foundational wisdom, we’re all a little lost. But now let’s propose we’ve all embraced special truths. Essential truths that allow us to breathe freely, live easier, love more completely. In my case, it was law of attraction and other accompanying laws of Nature.

So you’ve got the goods. You’ve got wisdom of this amazing, universal law that influences everything. You’ve also got an idea that LOA can transform your entire life if you’re conscious of it, and utilize it. So now what do you do?

Many of us (me included) start tunneling into it, digging and forcing it to work. I mean…life is work, so we must HAVE to put in considerable effort to make LOA work for us, right? Nope.

Do as the caterpillar does. Hold your desire in your heart, and incubate. Wrap yourself in the thoughts that nurture your development. Clothe yourself in the silk that keeps you joyful, feeling free, loving life. The cool thing about LOA is that there’s very little effort involved. In fact, the biggest effort is to circle ourselves in right thought. The rest is gravy. Seriously. Cocoon yourself in the fullest idea of what you desire. Keep your thoughts honed on all things that support what you want. Then cocoon up. Burrow yourself into those positive thoughts and feelings. Law of attraction will do the rest. Just like Nature does all the work when it comes to caterpillars metamorphosing into butterflies.

3). Catch Some Air and Toss Your Cares

We’re hypothesizing that you’ve forgiven yourself for whatever in your times of not-knowing. We’re also figuring that you’ve taken time to cocoon your thoughts/desires/intentions. Now we’re at the point where big magic happens. When you release your hang-ups, allow your dreams to incubate – LOA WILL respond. It is law. Inevitable. So, now you are dressed in glorious radiance. You are bathed in Technicolor wonder. You’re living your dream.

A natural response to this would be to cast all your cares away, and know “everything’s gonna be alright” (as Marley would say). But we humans don’t always take the natural path. Nope. Too often we grab onto stuff that tends to snag our progress. We ought to go with the flow, move downstream, embrace the joy, love whatever and smell those lovely roses. But we don’t. We latch onto worry, stress, and all those nasty “what if” scenarios. DON’T DO IT! Be like the butterfly. Relish your freedom. Don’t get caught in the big bug zapper of unreal reality and conventional life. Even if you can’t feel your wings, KNOW they are there. Know you can be lifted out of any situation. Don’t be tempted to regress. Ride that air current for all it’s worth. Migrate to sunnier, soulful destinations.

The whole Nature responds to the law of attraction.

The butterfly is attracted to migration and continuation of her species.

Her need is met through the morphing process.

What we want and desire dictates our life direction.

Learn more about Law of Attraction Meanings here.

Butterflies trust their instinct and the ways of the universe. For the law of attraction to work for us, we must do the same.

Closing Thoughts on Butterfly Meaning and Law of Attraction

Can you tell I got a little fired up about this article? Yep – I put it on pretty thick. That’s because I want the best for you, dear reader. You know what else? The Universe (god, goddess, the divine, Nature…whatever you call it) wants the best for you too. That’s why we’ve been afforded cool rules like the law of attraction.

We have access to immutable truths that support us, and help us. But we’ve got to evolve to utilize them. So here’s the big sum-up:

  • We can’t be content to just creep along. We’ve got to strive for more.
  • Once we do, we must forgive ourselves for past error or ignorance. Let that stuff go!
  • Then we’ve got to huddle in with our deepest desires.
  • Really hunker down and hang tight to the ideal vision of our lives.
  • Dream your dream. Sit with it for as long as it takes to produce transformation.
  • Then the rest is downhill. The rest is enjoying, loving and living our passion.
  • Butterflies don’t revisit creepy caterpillar things. Neither should we.
  • Take flight, be the brilliant being you are.

That’s the cool thing about LOA. It only takes a few manifestations to get us on a roll. Once on a roll, LOA assures we’ll continue on a path of our choosing.

I hope this article helps illustrate how butterfly meaning and LOA work hand-in-hand. Be sure to check out my other articles on law of attraction as compared with Nature.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

May all your butterfly journeys attract your every desire.


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