druid signs and celtic astrology

Druid Signs Part Two

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Druid Signs Part Two: Your Celtic Sign For The Lunar Year

Druid Signs: Thirteen Signs of the Celtic Astrological Lunar Year The Celtic Ogham is a complex language of trees. The Druids were super-sensitive of trees and their relationship with the moon. Over time, Druid signs were created according to the tree and full moon within a month. Basically, Druids created marriage of meanings between trees, moons and mankind.

Basically, the determination of Druid signs works like this: Druid signs are based on the Celtic lunar calendar. That means Druids took measurements of the lunar rotations around the earth within a year. Within each month, there is at least one full moon.Druids matched each monthly full moon with corresponding power-trees in the Celtic Ogham system.

druid signs and celtic astrology
Druid signs and Celtic astrology

“Anything is possible in the fabulous Celtic twilight.”

~J.R.R. Tolkien

If you want to know more about how Druid signs were created and the history behind this fascinating form of Celtic astrology, just click here – Druid Signs Part One. In the meantime, feel free to browse over these Druid signs and their personality types according to the Celtic lunar year. I hope you find these insights as illuminating as I did in writing about them. As always, thanks for reading!

druid signs and celtic astrology
Druid signs and Celtic astrology

Druid Signs According to the Celtic Lunar Calendar

Gateway Moon

December 24 – January 20

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon:  Birch

Corresponding Power Stone: Quartz

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Renewal, Transition, Purification, Clarity, Beauty

Personality Traits for the Gateway Moon Druid Sign: This is a gateway moon. By association, you are a gateway soul. What does that mean? It means you are a way-maker. It means you make a path allowing energy to flow. You have a special ability to clear obstacles, doubt, fear and problems from a situation. In so doing, you allow new opportunities to come forth. Who you are makes big shifts in the lives of others. You have a knack for providing clarity to others. This isn’t an easy job. Consequently you tend to be tough, resilient and patient. You know what it’s like to be burdened by unique challenges. As a result, you work to make burdens easier on others. Who you are tends to jump-start transitions wherever you go. In turn, your role in the lives of others is kind of like a midwife. You give birth to new ways of thinking. You’re okay with transition and change because you know it augers opportunity and growth. People appreciate your constancy in an ever-changing world. You bring beauty in the world by casting light in the shadows and you reflect strength to others. You remind people that there is hope in the worst of times. In truth, you are needed for your candor, your humor and your clear vision about what is truly worthwhile in this life.

Inner Moon

January 21 – February 17

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Rowan

Corresponding Power Stone: Diamond

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Controlling, Protection, Intellect, Silence, Grounded, Insightful

Personality Traits for the Inner Moon: As the term ‘inner moon’ suggests, Druid signs born under this moon tend to live fullest from within. That means you go inward to function at your best. Unlike other Druid signs, you don’t really need to talk about your problems to sort them out. You don’t act out when things go pear-shaped. You don’t seek blame and you don’t get overly emotional. At least not on the outside. On the inside, however, you’re a whole different creature. From planning your next crusade to inventing a new recipe for the best brownies in the world…you’re solving everything in the vastly capable realm of your mind. This kind of mental processing gives you a sense of control over situations and your environment. As a result, you can seem withdrawn, quiet or reserved. In truth, you are extremely connected and have an instinct about what others are thinking. You come off as strong and steadfast. Consequently, people gravitate towards you for advice and sturdy support. Because you present yourself as composed and steady, people gravitate to you for protection. Luckily, that role usually comes easy for you. You tend to stand up for those who are too weak to defend themselves. Underdogs gravitate to you as an advocate and helper.

Changing Moon

February 18 – March 17

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Ash

Corresponding Power Stone: Coral

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Passionate, Versatile, Initiative, Inspiring, Wisdom, Connection

Personality Traits for the Changing Moon Druid Sign: For a myriad of reasons, Druid signs under this Celtic moon tend to get in the throes of people and events around them. It’s not that you’re overly influenced by people or circumstances. Quite the contrary. You’re flush with independence and have no problem asserting your original ideas. It’s just that your presence tends to get stuck in the middle of high drama. As a result, you can sometimes be a drama-junkie. This isn’t a bad thing. It actually works in your favor. You’ve been in the middle of so many colorful situations, you tend to be incredibly flexible. You can adapt to crazy conditions with ease. Being caught up in these whirlwinds tends to feed your passion. You love the forward momentum of progress, excelling in projects or propelling yourself into new adventures. In fact, you’re rarely at a stand-still. Nope – you like to move and explore. You tend to initiate excitement wherever you go. As a result, people are easily inspired by you. You are devoted to coaxing dreams into reality. People love this about you, and your dynamic spirit is a remarkable thing for others to behold.

Advancing Moon

March 18 – April 14

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Alder

Corresponding Power Stone: Ruby

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Guiding, Hopeful, Motivated, Confident, Endurance

Personality Traits for the Advancing Moon: Among the Druid signs, you are perhaps the most gifted with leadership skills. Whether guiding a hiking group, leading a team of co-workers or instigating a new idea – you’re the sign that rises to a leadership challenge. Sometimes you may not feel that way, but it is an inherent gift you have. You’ve got a passion for helping others meet their goals. This makes you a natural motivator. Others gravitate to you for the right words to get them back on track when they’ve lost their way. You support without enabling. This takes a lot of strength because you know how fragile people can be. Regardless, you also see the strength in others as well as yourself. Under the worst conditions, you still hold out hope that something positive will come out of a bad situation. You’re a natural problem-solver and tend to find solutions easily. You often think fast and move faster. Sometimes others mistake this for impetuousness. Not true. You simply know that nothing ever gets accomplished by sitting on your hands. You don’t make rash decisions, but you also tend to push forward – especially in times of stagnation. It’s your natural confidence that allows you to take risks without too much discomfort. You shine best and most bright when you’re talents and accomplishments are recognized.

Dreaming Moon

April 15 – May 12

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Willow

Corresponding Power Stone: Moonstone

Attributes for These Druid Signs: Balance, Compassion, Sensitivity, Healing, Intuition, Imagination

Personality Traits for the Dreaming Moon: Just like the willow tree, those born under the Dream Moon are whispy and willowy and wonderful. You have a delicate way of moving through life. This inspires others around you. People admire your soft ways and ability to walk a mile in their shoes. Your baseline tends to be in a place of understanding, empathy and sensitivity. People sense this about you, and gravitate towards you for help in personal growth and healing. Your caring heart has mended many souls. You don’t keep count of those you’ve helped, but you take pride in the fact that you have assisted in mending broken spirits. You like the idea of wholeness. That’s why healing and mending tends to be your go-to behavior. You seem to have a need to balance what is imbalanced. Many times you find yourself in the midst of lots of broken situations, only to dig your heels in and administer compassion. Part of your skill for soothing out troubling wrinkles comes from your innate intuition. It’s like you inherently know what’s vexing someone, and apply your spiritual salve – which usually has a positive result. All this kind of healing and compassion has its drawbacks. You can become exhausted with obligation, responsibility and the sense of coming to the rescue. To deter burnout, many of you will drift into a dreamlike realm. An inner wonderland where life might not be reality, but certainly manageable. Your hopes, dreams and imagination are your personal saving grace. Remember this when you might be taking care of everybody else when perhaps you ought to take care of you.

Gifting Moon

May 13 – June 9

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Hawthorn

Corresponding Power Stone: Amethyst

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Awakening, Growth, Fertility, Prosperity, Happiness, Ancestry

Personality Traits for the Gifting Moon Druid Sign: Your sign isn’t called the ‘Gifting Moon’ for nothing. Granted – all the Druid signs have tons of gifts to give to human-kind. But your sign has special treasures to share with the world. You’ve got a unique way of showing people how to go about life unconventionally. How do you do this? You do it by living an unconventional life. You can be spontaneous, impulsive and bold. In a balanced life, this manifests into fabulous lucky breaks and bigtime happy moments. When you get those lucky, happy moments you milk them. You know what it means to carpe diem. You know the gifts you’ve been given, and you often want to share your windfalls with others. Speaking of gifts, you tend to be very connected to roots – family. If you have children, you hold them as the dearest treasure a human could ever have. Even if you don’t have kids, you tend to dig deeply into the roots of your family tree. Connection is key for you. You’ve got to know about your origins. Where you came from lends credence to your identity. Often you experience moments of clarity about who you are because you have clarity about where you came from. As a gifting moon sign, you have a propensity for being good with resources. Whether it be money, time, skills or whatever – you usually handle resources with expert efficiency. What’s more, you’re happy to share your resources with others.

Standing Moon

June 10 – July 7

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Oak

Corresponding Power Stone: Amber

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Justice, Longevity, Prudence, Loyalty, Power, Success

Personality Traits for the Standing Moon: Why is your sign called the ‘Standing Moon’? Simple: You stand in and stand up when things get shaky. When others flee, you stick to what you know – what you believe – what you feel is right. Sometimes this leads you down some weird paths in life, but you’re okay with that. You handle unstable situations with a kind of stalwart nonchalance. It’s as if you know everything is going to work out. You understand the circuitous nature of time and how it passes. As a result, history is often intriguing to you. Perhaps you place your mind in other eras of time and try to feel what it was like to live during the Renaissance or WWI. This interest in history may come from a need to expose light upon what is just, what is true, what is right. But whether you do this or not, I’m betting you certainly put yourself in a solid position of authority in positions of power. You enjoy expressing your expertise and knowledge in various situations. You’re a shrewd operator, and you’ve got a great way of wielding your power when needed. As a firm believer in truth and justice, you see the world in very clear terms. Where other people see grey areas, you see things pretty much cut-and-dry. Often this prompts you to take action. Your action often leads to success. Nevertheless, you have a keen observation. Many times you’re okay with being a bystander…just standing back and watching the interplay between characters of life. Although you are very comfortable with being in a position of power, you’re cool with standing back too. Why? Because you know about long-term resolution. You have confidence that the light of justice will eventually shed light on the grey areas.

Royal Moon

July 8 – August 4

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Holly

Corresponding Power Stone: Ruby

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Energy, Guidance, Intelligence, Courage, Luck, Humor

Personality Traits for the Royal Moon: These Druid signs are remarkably unsinkable. Setbacks are just pish-posh for you. Granted, some setbacks are more challenging than others, but for the most part, you never shy away from obstacles or challenges life throws at you. This might because you tend to maintain a healthy sense of humor. Sometimes this humor may run on the sarcastic side, but you never intend to be cutting or hurtful with your words. It’s almost as if you get the inside joke into everything. This kind of knowing gives you an easy confidence. Most people look at you in awe. Many people born under this moon appear larger than life. You may not always feel like you’re the big cheese, but there’s a voice within you that whispers “You’re special and unique”. There is a lot of royalty and nobility worked into the Ogham holly. The Celts highly regarded holly properties. As such, you often move through life on a marked incline. Promotions, advancements, lucky breaks – they tend to magically appear on your path. Sometimes you might feel you have a Midas touch. This may be true, but a lot of that comes from your own courage, intelligence and determination. You know nothing comes for free. What seems like luck, is really a lot of hard work you laid down before you got that lucky break. People admire you as a strong and enthusiastic leader. You tend to keep positive, even under challenging conditions. You are a natural mentor, and people often count you as one of the best advice-givers they’ve ever had. You have influence over others, but you also have pride. This means you rarely take advantage of your positions of power which wins respect from those around you.

Authority Moon

August 5 – September 1

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Hazel

Corresponding Power Stone: Sapphire

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Creativity, Productivity, Manifestation, Focus, Determination

Personality Traits for the Authority Moon Druid Signs: You’re a keen cookie. Shrewd, intelligent and lightning-quick wits. As an Authority Moon, you easily take control of situations and people. You do well in leadership positions, but you’re not always comfortable with all the responsibility that goes with it. You’re so adept at handling multiple details and managing them. In fact, you’re so good at managing… people often heavily rely on you. This can be worrying and burdensome for you sometimes. You can’t stand the idea of letting people down. You thrive on success and seeing the fruits of your labor. Luckily, you’re extremely crafty when it comes to finding solutions. There are very few challenges that stump you. As a result, many people look up to you and place their faith in your strong wisdom. You’re at your best when you are kept busy by a pet project. Whether it be raising a family, or running a political campaign – you’ve got to be in charge on some level. You also need to be passionate about the projects you undertake. Your shining moments are when you see your plans come together, and everybody’s needs are met through your solutions.

Balancing Moon

September 2 – September 29

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Vine

Corresponding Power Stone: Emerald

Attributes for These Druid Signs:  Equality, Perspective, Connection, Personal Growth, Sensitivity

Personality Traits for the Balancing Moon: These Druid signs have a propensity to have things orderly and tidy. It’s not like your obsessive-compulsive, but you definitely need things a certain way. This can be troubling in an unpredictable world. Let’s face it, life is messy. So the Balancing Moon sign needs to find stabilization when things get wonky. Luckily, you’re really good at that. Somehow your mind and perspective clearly sees solutions to re-establish equilibrium. This may be because you’ve got a keen view on both sides to every coin. You can put yourself in other people’s shoes and easily relate to their plight. You also tend to easily connect between your inner and outer world. That means you see the craziness in the outside world – but you can go within your inner world and balance the chaos with your own perspective and sensitivity. As a result you’ve likely gone through a great deal of personal growth. You’ve probably evolved far beyond most Druid signs simply because you are compelled to even the equations of life. In short, you know life is like a math problem. There’s got to be a solution to come up with the correct answer. You usually make the right connections to find that correct answer. But even if you can’t strike a balance, you are emotionally advanced enough to move through any discomfort this may cause. You’ve got a special sensitivity that allows you to soothe over jarring imbalances in life. You often live dual lives – it’s the balance thing again. You may appear one way on the outside, but there may be a flip side internally – or vice versa. People look up to you for your innate knowing and stability. You tend to be a regulator and a constant, which makes you dependable and reliable.

Exploring Moon

September 30 – October 27

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Ivy

Corresponding Power Stone: Opal

Attributes for These Druid Signs: Depth, Loyalty, Preservation, Artistic, Spirituality, Reinvention

Personality Traits for the Exploring Moon Sign Due to no fault of your own, you’ve found yourself in big transitions throughout your life. It’s as if big whirlwinds push through your life, and you’re left to pick up the pieces. Many of you transform yourselves in order to be the eye of the storm – that peaceful center when chaos hits the fan. That takes a lot of internal fortitude and personal grounding. Still others of you may elect to reinvent yourselves completely in the midst of conflict. This might mean relocating, and I don’t just mean changing residences. I mean the Exploring Moon sometimes pulls the plug on a type of life, a partnership, a job, etc. in an attempt to deal with the craziness you may find yourself in. Luckily you have an artistic soul. Often it is creative expression that saves your bacon. You have the ability to dive deeply within your soul and create amazing beauty in spite of the internal pain you may experience. Speaking of soul – your sign often gravitates to spiritual studies. It’s that exploring nature of yours that compels you to look outside the mundane world and reach beyond. If spirituality or education doesn’t move you out of the realm of common – then sometimes you may travel to shift yourself in a place of inspiration and creativity. Regardless of your tendency to explore, travel and reinvent – you’re always firm in your roots. You are loyal to those who are loyal to you – no matter how far you journey in life.

Harmonic Moon

October 28 – November 24

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Reed

Corresponding Power Stone: Jasper

Attributes for These Druid Signs: Harmony, Gentle, Unity, Strong Will, Friendship, Protection

Personality Traits for the Harmonic Moon: These Druid signs are sometimes hard to peg. Why? Because you can shift in an instant. You likely get your shifty ways from having to dodge uncomfortable situations. Rather than facing conflict head-on, you often choose to let the conflict flow through you. You’d prefer to see open communication that leads to understanding and unity. When this doesn’t happen, you tend to step back, observe, and you try to preserve integrity during hot-headed moments. You really need to protect that which is just, true and beautiful. You have a strong belief system. You don’t require everybody to fall in-step with your beliefs, but you’ll remain true to your core-self no matter what the odds. In other words, you’re a gentle and understanding soul…but woe be to anyone who challenges something that is intensely sacred to you. This may be beliefs, family, friends – you will defend to a bitter end if you have to – but you’d rather not. A better way to say it is this: You’re a peace-maker, secret-keeper, advocate and lover. You want to shelter that which is special and worthy of protection. You’d rather be Switzerland (neutral), but you often take great strides in achieving harmony in your life and within the lives of the ones you love. People see this and respect you for it. They see a core goodness about you and want that for themselves. Your loved ones appreciate your strong will, but also depend on your gentle side too.

Regenerating Moon

November 25 – December 23

Ogham Tree of Power for this Moon: Elder

Corresponding Power Stone: Bloodstone

Attributes for These Druid Signs: Honesty, Cycles, Abundance, Challenge, Flexibility

Personality Traits for the Regenerating Moon: Lots going on in the Regenerating Moon Druid signs life. Much of this action is self-inflicted. Still…these signs can be a tornado…sucking in a lot of debris around them. Whatever the case, your sign takes the debris life tosses to you in stride. This ability to move forward comes from a deep sense of cycles. You realize that for every season there is a purpose. You often recognize the transitional, transient nature of life. For every beginning there is an end. Some people may have a hard time understanding where you’re coming from, but that’s okay. You continue to push forward on the path of your beliefs. Although you may be stubborn sticking to your guns (beliefs, opinions, etc), you do your best to be considerate of others. This, however, might be thwarted by your unusual gift of honesty. Your candor can be off-putting sometimes, but many of you realize the effect of an overly harsh and candid tongue. As a result, you often do your best to find alternative ways of expressing your opinions. People appreciate you for the way you face challenges by an unsinkable spirit. You’ve got an understated strength and knowing within you that is both intriguing and sometimes unsettling for others. Nevertheless, you tend to have a charming nature, and people often feel at ease with you. People often call upon you to resolve conflict. In response you employ wit, skill and flexibility to solve problems.

I hope you enjoyed these Druid signs and their personality traits as much as I did while writing about them. As always, thanks so much for reading. And don’t miss the links at the end of this page for more Druid signs, Celtic symbols and wisdom this fascinating culture offers.

Post Script:
It’s important to note these are moon signs. So what’s the big deal? Well, it is a big deal, because moon signs tend to address our alternate personality traits. Why? Think on it…the moon itself is all about shadow, mystery and what is hidden. Traits that fall under the full moon are likely latent and subtle within us. It has to do with the symbolic way the moon expresses herself. Lady Luna only has the ability to shine brightest when light is exposed upon her. Same holds true for moon sign personalities. It’s not until we ourselves or others shine light on our deepest depths that those lovely traits are exposed.

Mighty Brightly,


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