cat dream meaning

Cat Dream Meaning

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Cat Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of Cats: Sometimes people email me questions I might think are important to everybody else. I can a question about cat dream meaning, and I decided to publish it here because I thought it could be useful to other people.

The following is the question and answer about dreaming of cats and interpreting these feline dreams.

Question: “I’ve been dreaming of cats. I’m not sure about cat dream meaning. I did some research, and was a little disturbed. Dreaming of cats isn’t a very good thing according to my research. It can symbolize deceit or bad luck.

Avia, do you have any other information you can share about dreaming of cats? I read your page on the symbolism of cats (domestic), but urge you to offer a little bit more about cat dream meaning. Thank you!”

cat dream meaning and the meaning of cats in dreams
Cat dream meaning and the meaning of cats in dreams

Avia’s Response to
“Dreaming of Cats and Cat Dream Meaning”

I believe that negative stuff comes from the fact that cats are wildly misunderstood. They are highly unpredictable, precocious, fickle and not easily pinned in a categorical behavior.

Consider…cats have been “domesticated” since ancient Egyptian times. But are the really domestic? Are they really tamed? Hardly. Cats do what they want to do. They simply do not respond the way a dog would. Most dogs want to please their masters. Cats…not-so-much.

Cats are their own masters. There are some exceptions, but most cats could care less about pleasing their owners. In fact, I rather think cats would shudder at the thought of being ‘owned’.

I think these observations might be a good root for symbolism for cats in dreams. Cats in dreams may imply an element of unpredictability in life. Dreaming of cats may suggest a time of wildness – a bit of chaos. You may simply be in a time where you can’t control your environment or situation. But that’s okay. Thankfully, the cat has 9 lives (so the myth goes). That means whatever unpredictable shenanigans going on in your life with even out eventually. Cats always land on their feet, and so will you.

Cat Animal Symbolism
Cat Animal Symbolism and Cat Dream Meaning

The second level of symbolism is the cats refusal to be domesticated or tamed. In dreams, cats give a “free pass” at going wild. Being free. Allowing yourself to break from conformity and convention. In this light, cats in dreams encourage you to be your own boss, do your own thing, and be a little sassy about it.

No doubt…cats have attitude. Just because their behavior is often misunderstood, doesn’t mean they don’t have an agenda. I like to think cats do have an agenda…they thrive on being unique…being themselves….being free to do and act in ways that suits them.

Cat Dream Meaning

Cats in dreams may ask you to take a look at what’s holding you back. Are you bound by convention? Are there influences in your life that are holding you back? The big take-away point here is this: Define what you “should” be doing versus what you want to do. Cats in dreams remind us that what we “should” do isn’t always what is healthiest.

If you eliminate your “should’s” consider the replacement “could’s” or “wants”. In other words, if you didn’t have to do what is expected of you, what would you do? I think that’s what cats in dreams represent.

Thank you for your email, and I hope this response offers you some clarity on your dream cats.

I’ve written more about cats in dreams, and cat meaning in general. Check out the links below for more information.


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cat animal symbolism

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