How Fragrance Can Enhance Mood and Mind

How Fragrance Can Enhance Mood and Mind

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As a practicing empath and certified medium, I’ve incorporated the power of scent into my practice for decades.  Interestingly, of the five senses (sight, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling), the olfactory center is often overlooked when it comes to connecting with the energetic and spiritual realm of wisdom. With that said, I thought it might be keen to share some insights I’ve gained over the years about how fragrance enhances mood and mind.  

Statistics on How Scents Affect Mood, Mind and More

I recently purchased an aromatic diffuser.  After using it, I’ve noticed my meditation and lucid dreaming sessions are much more intense and vivid.  I have no doubt that the power of scent has something to do with that sense of heightened connection on the other side of physical experience.  In my case, certain scents stimulate my psyche, and render ideal results.  However, aromas impact everybody differently.  Here are a few statistics on how fragrance can enhance mood and mind.

How Fragrance Can Enhance Mood and Mind
How Fragrance Can Enhance Mood and Mind


According to a research study by the Stevens Institute of Technology, certain fragrances can increase productivity. For example, Ohio State University found a 54% increase in productivity when office workers were exposed to the invigorating scent of lemon. This is because it renders a stimulating and pleasant work environment.


Scent has the power to reduce stress.  Research conducted by the University of Geneva showed that 96% of test subjects reported feeling more calm and relaxed after savoring soothing scents such as lavender, ylang ylang, and frankincense.

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Scientists at the University of California, Irvine are linking scent with memory. In fact, some of their studies show that introducing familiar scents invokes memories. A study conducted showed that fragrance affected 63% of subjects in helping them recall long-term memories.  As such, they are beginning to utilize fragrances and scents in groundbreaking research in treating memory loss such as found in Alzheimer’s.

Mental Performance:

An additional study from the Uni of Cali was conducted on two groups of students who were studying for exams. All the students were exposed to a distinctive fragrance while studying. When students were called to take the exam, one group had no aromatic stimulation during test-taking, while the same scent was introduced in the room of the 2nd group of exam-takers. The group of students who were introduced to the same aroma while both studying and taking the exam performed 88% better with more accurate answers than the group that was not reintroduced to the fragrance while taking the test. This is one among many studies that show that fragrance can improve mental performance.

Examples and Ways Fragrance Can Enhance Mood, Mind and Wellbeing

After reviewing these statistics, you can see there is solid evidence that the right fragrance can definitely be a boon to your mental wellbeing and productivity. But how can we utilize the power of scent in a conscious way to revolutionize our quality of life.  Moreover, how can we use aromas to improve mindfulness, enhance prayer, accelerate manifestations, etc?  Here are a few tips on how fragrance can enhance spiritual practices.

How Fragrance Can Enhance Mood and Mind
How Fragrance Can Enhance Mood and Mind

Attracting Love

It’s no secret that fragrances can have a big impact on attracting people into our lives. There’s something extremely stimulating and inspiring when we encounter someone who exudes an exotic scent. It triggers feelings, promotes excitement and even adds a sense of mystery.  That’s why Jadore by Dior is such as sought-after fragrance, because it is alluring, evokes passion and signals desire to those who catch the scent.


Practicing mindfulness and being present in the moment is hugely important when developing spiritually. Take advantage of various fragrances by smudging with white sage before meditation. This can get you calm and centered, leading to a more mindful session.  You might also try using essential oils in your mindfulness practices such as sandalwood, neroli oil, and citrus oils such as lemon or orange.  All of these are known to positively act on the olfactory center in that they both calm and encourage mental clarity in meditative states.

Relaxation & Sleep

Putting a spritz of lavender spray on your pillow at night can render incredible results on getting you calm and preparing you for a better night’s sleep.  In addition to lavender, you can also use aromatherapy oils such as chamomile, jasmine, lemon balm, or rose to help you become more relaxed.

You can introduce these calming scents with a diffuser (this is the diffuser I got), or light a candle with one of these tranquil scents, or even burn incense for a peaceful night’s sleep. You can even draw a bath with a few drops of these relaxing oils to put you in a state of serenity.


According to the National Center of Biotechnology Information, certain scents have a direct correlation to our confidence levels.  Improved confidence in anything we are doing typically means better outcomes.  Therefore, whether you are working on manifesting new clients, a better partnership or improved living conditions – confidence is key. 

Aromatherapy oils such as rosemary, vanilla, ylang ylang, bergamot, and sandalwood are scientifically known to enhance self-assurance and confidence. Add these scents to your daily routine such as in meditation, wearable fragrance application, etc.  As you do so, see your desires and intentions manifesting.  Tap into these fragrances as a way to buoy your intentions to manifest beauty and betterment in your life.

How Fragrance Can Enhance Mood and Mind
How Fragrance Can Enhance Mood and Mind

The Last Word on the Transformative Power of Scents

It’s clear that fragrance enhances mind, mood, productivity and a lot more.  It can be a helpful ally in achieving better results in getting better sleep, manifesting desires, attracting a partner, and staying mindful.  The trick is to commit to utilizing scents for your wellbeing, while not overdoing it. As they say, too much of a good thing is often not so good at all. 

Start small when using the aforementioned scents, or trying your own.  Record your results when you wear or use certain essential oils.  Pay attention to outcomes and make notes about which fragrances work better on your mood and mind.  In time, you will get a clear sense of which scents are best for your needs.

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