Questions About Moth Meanings

Questions About Moth Meanings

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Potential Moth Meanings

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The following is a question about moth meanings from Ally. She describes some curious behavior she noticed from a moth in her home and thought it might be significant. Guess what, it is!

Question About Moth Meanings

Hi Avia, I’m reflecting on the moth meanings article you wrote. I’ll start off by saying that the pics chosen for the moth article are beautiful, the moths look more like butterflies in the daytime, not how I usually imagine moths at all, where I live moths are simply different shades of drab, secondly I suppose I’ll get to my question. So a lot of symbolism around the moth concerns it being nocturnal and its flight. 2 things I’ve noticed about the moths I keep seeing are that they are totally still and I always see them during the day. They are usually sitting on walls, windows, curtains with zero movements even when I try to chase them off, today’s little guy did a whopping 9 hours of nothing (he shows up on my work shift so I recognize him). I guess what I’m asking is how or if the symbolism for moths changes when they are stationary and seen only during daytime hours?? I found out that they are called day-flying moths.” ~Ally

Avia’s Response to Ally’s Question to Moth Meanings

Questions About Moth Meanings
Questions About Moth Meanings

Okay…about your baby moths…

 In my world, everything is symbolic. Some may argue I take it all a bit too far, but I say pish-posh to that.

David J. Crotty Photography on Etsy

 So, I say yes – the meanings and messages for the moth change depending on their behavior.  Whether active, stationary, colors, location, timing, etc…I think there is meaning in all of it.

 When I’m unsure about a nuance of creature messages, I always go back to the core meanings/messages of that creature and then apply it to the aspect that has me flummoxed.

 We know the moth is a representative of intuition, attraction, subtlety, contemplation.  Given that, a long-resting ‘day flying’ moth may ask you to take more time to meditate during the day. Or, take breaks to soulfully contemplate and ruminate. Or, to employ more subtlety in your dealings throughout the day. 

Or, to check in with yourself more often during the day to confirm you are attracting what you want in your life. In other words, being mindful of your thoughts and emotions to ensure they are in light with the vision you have for your life.  Or the resting moth might be a signal to simply sit in nature and just rest. Or, simply sit in silence and read a book.  -Just some suggestions.

 At the end of the day, I think these sweet day-flying moths are reminding you to be in the present moment.  A message that might say something like…

 “It’s okay to be still.  See me?  I can be still, present and content for 9 hours!  I’m not asking you to do that, but please try to take more time to be in the NOW…the present moment is where pure potential lives, and that’s always available to you if only you become more still in each moment. Steep yourself within the space of a second and you will find the flavor of all of your moments to be rich and robust.”

 I hope this helps.

 Thank you again for your kind email! 

Mighty brightly,

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