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Basics About Cultural Symbols

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Cultural Symbols: What they are, and why they’re important.

This website prides itself on being the forerunner of well-researched information on the cultural symbols, signs and meanings. Why? Because time and time again, I’ve witnessed peace and healing when we make an effort to view symbolic meanings from other cultures. Understanding other cultures and their sacred symbols encourage unity rather than division.

Cultural symbolism delves into how different people view and represent their world with symbols. That’s important because it gives us a well-rounded understanding of the world and the people we share it with. It’s also relevant in terms of ancestry.

Gaining symbolic insight from different cultures allows us to view the world more broadly and with more flexibility. It’s about getting into an indigenous mindset, or tapping into the Native mind.  Looking at our environment and life events through the eyes of our ancestors (Ancient Ones, Native people, etc) gives us pure vision.

Consider: WAY before Google, TVs, and the industrial age – people could only rely on their own perception, their community, their instincts to gain wisdom.  A solar eclipse could not be explained by the Scientific Journal, so meaning was derived from soulful introspection, and talking to other members of the tribe. 

When you look into the ancient ways of living, you will notice a deep, inseparable bond between human and Nature. In fact, there is almost no disconnect between man, beast, bird, tree, sky, sun, etc.

cultural symbols
Exploring cultural symbols is vital to gaining broader perspectives and meaningful insights

Take a look at early Native American people. Tribes relied upon the movement of the earth, sky and all of creation in between to live their lives. So did other ancient cultures. This website travels the globe in cultural myth and history to reveal the extent of cultural symbolic meanings. It is the infinite, unbreakable bond with Nature that makes the indigenous mind powerful when it comes to interpreting meanings and finding solutions in life.

Cultural symbols can also help if you are looking for a special symbol that stands for who you are. Maybe you want a personal crest to remind you of your worthiness. Or perhaps you’re looking for a meaningful tattoo that says: “This is me!”. Cultural symbolism (ie: seeking info from your ancestors) might help you get a foundation for deep meaning and formulate your personal insignia.

For example, there are tons of Celtic symbols that reflect a powerful people and their way of life. Similarly, Native American Symbols are vital in the language of humanity. They express a mighty connection to earth and Nature. Chinese symbols are equally effective in opening grand views of an ancient culture steeped in tradition and rich meaning.

So, the next time you experience something that makes you say “What does this mean?” Look to cultural symbolism for answers.  Our Original People (ancestors, Ancient ones, Native people, etc) had such savvy, spiritual ways of cracking the code of deep mysteries.

This is just a brief summary, so please check out my other articles about cultural symbolism for more information.

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