Animal Birth Totems

Animal Totems at Birth Part Two

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Learning About Animal Totems at Birth (part two) – Preface: This is a sequel to the post on Animal Totems at Birth. To make sense of this second half, you can read the first part here: Animal Totems at Birth Part One. In the first part of this two-part series on animal totems at birth, I left you with the idea that everybody born into this physical world is potentially greeted by at least one animal guide.

How Do We Know Our Birth Totems?

In ancient times, a Shaman or Seer carefully observed nature to identify specific animals who ventured forth to connect with you, and only you on your birthday. Which begs the question: “How do we know our birth totems” in this modern age?

Three-Step Formula to Know Your Birth Animal

I’m going to address this question from three approaches (in no order of importance):

  1. Inquiry (ask)
  2. Observation (pay attention)
  3. Inheritance (check your zodiac animal)

Just Ask

Perhaps the best, and most often overlooked method to determine our animal totems at birth is simply asking.

Ask the wind what winged creatures caught the currents in route to you upon your birth.

Ask the waters which slick and scaled dwellers surfaced to acknowledge your newness in this world.

Ask the earth which one of her beasts bowed to honor your awakening to this Earth plane.

I’m serious.  Ask.

And if the domains do not release their answers,  ask the Shamans and Seers who attended your birth.

These Masters are still performing spiritual midwifery for every human entering this planet – not seen, but certainly participating in your life’s journey here on Earth.  Ask them, they observed the animals gathering to welcome you here.  They’ll tell you.

And if you are still unclear,  ask the animals directly.  Go to the source, they are as generous as saints with their wisdom – they are as candid as your heart is open to receive.

Animal Birth Totems
Animal totems at birth

“There is no better teacher than Nature and the creatures she puts on our path.”

~ Avia


Creatures understand and pickup on energy in different ways than humans do. In many ways, they are far more attuned and connected. Alternatively, humans can get easily distracted. I’m saying all this because it’s important to get to an animal’s level in order to truly match up with their energy. Observing and paying attention to various animals that come into your life – that’s a sign. If certain animals continue to enter your awareness – it’s means your energy is vibrating in like manner as that animal. This might be a clue that this is your birth animal totem.

Look to Your Zodiac Animals

Native North American tribes have zodiacs.  According to your date of birth, there is an animal that governs and serves as a guardian for you.  An example of one Native North American zodiac can be found here.

The Celts, who abided by a lunar calendar, understood certain animals climaxed during specific ranges in time too.  You can get an idea of your animal totems according to your birth date from a Celtic perspective here.

But you don’t have to look to these cultures for inherited birth totems.  You can look as closely as your home town.   Do some research into which animals in your birth region are at the height of activity around your birthday. 

Animal Birth Totems

Use all three methods to determine your birth animal totems.  Be persistent.  Be patient.  Be aware.

I guarantee there are specific animal guides who knowingly chose YOU – and willfully elected to be by your side when you came into this world.  Give them the same devotion; learn more about their presence.  It’s well worth the investment.

I hope this second article on animal totems at birth proves to be helpful to you on your path.

As always, thank you for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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