Zodiac Guide to Moving

The Zodiac Guide to Moving and Settling In

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Moving can be a stressful time for us all, but have you ever considered that your zodiac sign might play a role in how you handle moving to a new place? We wanted to share this zodiac guide to moving and settling in to help you relocate as smoothly as possible.

It makes sense that our zodiac personalities would play a role in our moving experience. In fact, as emotions can often be heightened during a move due to the added stress, it’s likely that the extremes of your personality will show their faces during this time. 

To ensure a more harmonious move that fulfills your inner zodiac sign’s needs, it’s worth considering aligning your astrological spirituality with your moving plans

Moving Tips Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Below, we’ll dive into each sign and offer some tips and insights to help you make your move a more positive and enjoyable experience.  Before you move, consult this zodiac guide to moving for insights and help in relocating.

1. Aries

Zodiac Guide to Moving Aries

Aries are independent and have a very take-charge attitude, which can be great for getting things accomplished during a move. With their fiery, energetic spirit, Aries also tend to handle transitions well and often find it easy to settle into a new place. Just make sure to make space for others in your life who might need a little more time to adjust to their new home. 

Best time to move: April – this is a great time for Aries to put all of the spring energy into a move. 

Where to move: A big city with lots to do and see. 

2. Taurus

Zodiac Guide to Moving Taurus

Taureans love comfort and stability. Unfortunately, moving can often force them out of their comfort zones and make them feel chaotic. To avoid this, it’s important to stick to your normal routine as much as possible when moving to a new place. Make sure your comfort essentials are easily accessible along the way and try setting up a space where you can rest and relax right away in your new place.

Best time to move: June – the nice weather this time of year will help entice Taureans to move out of their comfort zone. 

Where to move: A cozy home in a cute town or somewhere where your grounded spirit can be surrounded by nature is a good choice. 

3. Gemini

Zodiac Guide to Moving Gemini

Gemini are very charismatic, they have an innate curiosity, and they love to plan, which makes them excellent at handling a move. As a Gemini, you likely know how to turn anything into a good time, as such, your goal should be to moderate the move and make sure everyone is having a good time. 

Best time to move: May – Spring is a time of new opportunities, and Gemini love adventure and trying new things. 

Where to move: Somewhere with a vibrant social scene. Think arts, culture, and nightlife. 

4. Cancer

Zodiac Guide to Moving Cancer

Cancer is very caring and sensitive, which is great when making emotional connections, but not so great for stressful moves. Moving to a new place and leaving old memories behind can be difficult for Cancer. To cope, give yourself plenty of time to say your goodbyes and make sure you don’t misplace any treasured mementos. 

Best time to move: July – the longer days and plenty of sun make this a great time for Cancer and their big hearts to establish emotional connections to a new place. 

Where to move: Somewhere with a good balance of ease and things to do. Cancer tends to be homebodies, but they need a place that still encourages them to get out so they don’t feel alone. 

5. Leo

Zodiac Guide to Moving Leo

Leos have bold, ambitious personalities. To fulfill your desire for only the best, consider hiring an elite moving service to help you pack and move to your new place. Once there, make sure you take the time to decorate your space to align with your impeccable taste, and don’t be afraid to try something creative and unique. 

Best time to move: August – Leos are great at seeing the best in every situation, so they will know how to take the end-of-summer energy and run with it.

Where to move: Leos are natural performers with their bold personalities, so a move to a city that is just as bold and exciting is best. 

6. Virgo

Zodiac Guide to Moving Virgo

Virgos like to feel useful and generally have a fix for everything, so when moving, give yourself a detailed list with plenty of tasks to help you stay organized and feel accomplished. Virgos also like things neat and tidy, so give your new place a good scrub down and go to town planning out a new organized system so everything has a place. 

Best time to move: March – as this is the true beginning of spring, this is a great time for Virgos to make a move as things come back into balance for the new year. 

Where to move: Virgos value practicality, so they would do well in a city that is well-organized and offers many conveniences.  

7. Libra

Zodiac Guide to Moving Libra

Libras can be both strategic and spontaneous, which can make it difficult for them to make decisions at times. To avoid decision fatigue when moving, make sure to plan everything out ahead of time and give yourself a list of everything that needs to get done to help you stay focused and on track. 

Best time to move: September – Libras can struggle with feeling settled, so the transition into fall is a great time to move as things shift into a slower pace with the equinox. 

Where to move: As Libras are both introverted and extroverted, they need a place that caters to both — a city where they can relax or go out and find adventure if they so choose. 

8. Scorpio

Zodiac Guide to Moving Scorpio

Scorpios are an enigma. They don’t express emotions easily and can withdraw when stressed, which isn’t great for a move. Hiring a reliable moving company can help alleviate your stress. It might also be a good idea to make a list of all the pros and positives of the move to help you stay happy and motivated throughout the process. 

Best time to move: October – As Scorpios tend to keep things hidden, the fall is the perfect time for them to move when things start to retreat and become more introspective and tucked away. 

Where to move: A city that is just as mysterious and enchanting as a Scorpio. Think somewhere Gothic with a rich history. 

9. Sagittarius

Zodiac Guide to Moving Sagittarius

Sagittarians are natural explorers, which means they will likely handle moving somewhere new quite well. Moving can be a great opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and try some new things. When you move, you will likely benefit from going with the flow and not being held back by strict planning or schedules. 

Best time to move: November – Sagittarians love being entertained, so this is the perfect time for a move when all of that holiday energy is just on the horizon. 

Where to move: As a free spirit, Sagittarians would do well in a city that excites and brings lots of adventure. 

10. Capricorn

Zodiac Guide to Moving Capricorn

Capricorns are responsible and like to prove to themselves that they can get something done. This means you’ll likely have no problem staying focused and on task during a move. Just give yourself a break occasionally so you don’t burn yourself out. Our biggest tip in this zodiac guide to moving for Capricorns is to try to have some fun during the relocation process.   

Best time to move: January – as Capricorns are masters of discipline, they’ll mesh well with that new year energy of getting back on track and having a new plan. 

Where to move: Capricorns need a city that is just as driven and ambitious as they are. Think New York or Washington, D.C. 

11. Aquarius

Zodiac Guide to Moving Aquarius

Aquarians are caring and intuitive, which can make them sensitive to change. To avoid flaking out on your moving duties, try getting an early head start and set a goal to do a little each day so you don’t feel overwhelmed having to do everything at once. 

Best time to move: February – Aquarians are loving eccentrics, so the month of love is a great time for them to make a move. 

Where to move: As philosophical bohemians, Aquarius would do well in a quirky and creative city such as Portland. 

12. Pisces

Zodiac Guide to Moving Pisces

Pisces are dreamers who are prone to fantasy, which can distract them from the task at hand. Moving is a reality check for them. As such, you would benefit from having a to-do list to keep you focused, but also a fun and whimsical playlist to keep you motivated while you pack. 

Best time to move: December – Pisces shine in December when everything is a little more merry and fanciful. 

Where to move: Somewhere that feels like a dreamy escape, such as the coast or somewhere near the forest with stunning landscapes. 

Additional Advice to Consider for a More Harmonious Move

Aside from this zodiac guide to moving, here are some additional tips to help you settle into your new home after a move:

  • Make sure to notify everyone important that you’ve moved to a new place; 
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors to make new connections;
  • Don’t forget to update your mailing address and set up your utilities; 
  • Find a new doctor and get all of your medical records transferred;
  • Check that all the detectors and security systems are in working order;
  • Unpack the essentials first.

A move to a new neighborhood or even another city nearby might not be that big of a deal. However, if you are moving across the country, consider these moving essentials in addition to our zodiac guide to moving tips:

  • Try downsizing the amount of stuff you have to move by sorting and decluttering what you already have; 
  • When traveling far, it’s crucial to research and select a reliable moving company that won’t damage or misplace your items; 
  • Invest in sturdier and more protective packing supplies to avoid any mishaps;
  • Make sure you clearly label all your boxes as you might not remember what goes where once you get there; 
  • Consider getting insurance when shipping high-value items. 

Additionally, if it’s a long day of moving, make sure you have a day-of bag with essentials that you can easily access along the way or once you get to your stop. This can include a change of clothes, basic toiletries, water, snacks, a phone charger, and any other essentials you think you might need. 

Final Thoughts

Your home has so much more meaning than simply being a roof over your head. When settling in, consider adding symbolic features that help you feel more connected to your space, such as a bright paint color to make you feel happy, or plenty of plants to help you feel grounded. Really dig deep into your astrology and consider this zodiac guide to moving as a helpful tool to identify your wants or needs to feel content when relocating.

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