Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and the Chinese New Year

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and Chinese New Year

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Exploring the Hare & Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning

Those who have the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign are quite unique. Perhaps out of all the signs, this one has the most potential. On the one hand, we have symbolic themes of caution, regulation, and meekness (but not in terms of weakness). Then on the other hand – we see themes of tremendous courage. This courage is expressed in terms of mending fences. Philanthropy, forgiveness, peace, empathy…these are all watchwords for the sign of the Rabbit. It is in this same spirit that we should explore the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign meaning.

The Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign extends great compassion and empathy.  They tend to have a caring vibe that often spreads to other people in their family, work or community.  In other words, their ability to care and extend tenderness to others takes on a domino effect. In a way, being in the presence of the Rabbit makes others want to be more kind, better people.

Their only stumbling block is a bit of shyness. Actually…it’s not even shyness…it’s more like the need to be 100% positive that all signs say “go” before they make a move toward peaceful progress. Rabbits have to feel secure in their environment before hopping out in new directions. If something is the slightest bit wonky – forget it – Rabbits will burrow back in the den.

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and the Chinese New Year
Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and the Chinese New Year

Messages and Warnings for the Year of the Rabbit

Some things to look out for: It’s that element of caution I mentioned earlier. A Rabbit is so sensitive to her environment. Overly sensitive, in fact. So much so, that the Rabbit may invent, or imagine threats looming about that aren’t even there. This will cause the Rabbit to never come out of her hole. This is quite tragic, really, because the Rabbit has so much to offer the world. To avoid this “head in the hole” mentality – Rabbits must make every effort to establish a safe-haven for themselves (physically and emotionally). Create a “happy place” – a space in which you can always feel safe – no matter what perceived dangers are out there. That way, when things get scary, you’ve always got a buffer of comfort and security upon which to revert if needed. 

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Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and the Chinese New Year
Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign Meaning and the Chinese New Year

Mythology and Legends About the Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

In Chinese myth, the hare/rabbit is a feature of fertility and extends a “be fruitful and multiply’ vibe.  In fact, early myths establish all rabbits as female, which begs the question…how can they get fruitful and multiply without a male counterpart? Well, the clever Chinese answered this question in a legend that depicts all female rabbits reproducing through the consumption and digestion of early spring plants and young grasses.  Interestingly, instead of giving birth (called kindling in the rabbit realm) conventionally, baby kits are born from the rabbit’s mouth. 

Symbolically, this is a cool connection with the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign. As birth is a sacred way of improving and growing a community, it underscores the observation mentioned earlier about rabbit signs’ ability to ‘spread the love’ among those they hang out with. 

Chinese Year Of The Rabbit
Chinese Year Of The Rabbit

Meaning of the Sign of the Rabbit in the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year of the Rabbit will encourage us to love and appreciate the simple things in life. You’ll find this intense appreciation will be infectious. Others around you will observe your love for life. They’ll also pick up on your inner calm. So powerful will your aura of peace be – that others will be compelled to follow suit. This is an incredible asset. If all Rabbit signs put their mind to it – I’m convinced they could bring about world peace….especially if they did so during the year of the Rabbit. I’m not kidding! Rabbits have powerful influence to spread intense love, calm, peace and security across the scope of humankind.

The year of the Rabbit has the potential for warmth, growth and connection. This is a great time to start a family, or increase the one you’ve got (whether planning for an additional family member, or enlarging your social circle). Rabbits are symbolic of fertility and increase. This expanse might come in the form of wealth as well as expanded family and social circles. Rabbits are the friends of the Chinese zodiac. Generous, thoughtful and understanding are keywords for Rabbits and for the Rabbit New Year.

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