You Are Not Alone: Tips to Feeling Less Lonely

You Are Not Alone. Tips to Feeling Less Alone

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You are not alone: A friend and I were philosophizing on this statement.  There are varying reasons why some people feel alone and others do not. For instance, some folks swear they never feel alone, even if they’re locked in a box on some remote island.  Why can some people feel the presence of supportive energy no matter how removed they may be from everything?  Why do some of us feel completely remote, and unable to grasp the presence of divine help, healing, and guidance within our midst?

“Do not feel lonely. The entire universe is inside you.


Some of us respond to the statement “You are not alone” with an emphatic, “Yes! I know!”  They instinctively know they are not without buoying influences.  They feel the presence of supporters – as close to them as their skins, as intimate as the inhalation of air. 

However, others of us feel a ring of isolation. This might prevent us from feeling that consistent presence of energetic support.  Some of us incorporate techniques, rituals, or healing habits in order to gain etheric unity for the purpose of becoming saturated by the varied presences of the divine. 

Becoming More Aware That You Are Not Alone

Whether we call them gods, goddesses, angels, higher selves, animal guides…by whatever name – we can become more aware of intangible energy elevating us with assurance and support.

Those who find themselves feeling hermetically sealed in a vacuum of solitary confinement may wonder what the trick is to ripping off the lid and encountering divine accompaniment.  Here are a few tips to feeling the uplifting presence of profound support on a daily (or even moment-to-moment) basis.

Tapping Into the Body (A Surprising Way to Feel Less Alone)

You Are Not Alone: Connecting With the Body
You Are Not Alone: Connecting With the Body

Pulling ourselves from the attic of our minds helps us to feel less alone.  Walk “downstairs” into the body

That means making connections with movement, breathing, heartbeat.  It means listening to our own blood as if it were exotic music.  And if you dig music in conjunction with your body rhythms, that’s an invitation to acknowledge a composer, a conductor, and a collaborative orchestra rendering that specialized music from within. 

One of the most (deceptively) simple ways I’ve found to dissuade the mind from its separation is to draw attention to the wilderness within the body. 

To be sure, the body is a multi-verse, and tapping into that diversity of consciousness is a vital step to feeling less of a stranger in a strange land.  

Each cell within the body represents an individual life.  In fact, most of us forget that there are billions of individual consciousness’s residing within ourselves function so elegantly as a whole. That said, we can summon a communication with these individual cells that culminates into a genuine dialogue.

Try it some time.  If you’re feeling that ring of isolation squeezing the joy from you, and you’re seeking divine connection and communion – try a meditative ride within the subway system of your arteries.  Listen to your aortic tympani (the drumming of your heart).  Start a discussion with your intestinal bacteria (don’t laugh! Bacteria can be stimulating conversationalists!).

Nature Is the Ultimate Social Network

You Are Not Alone: Connecting With Nature
You Are Not Alone: Connecting With Nature

If you feel you are alone, then knock, knock, knock on Nature’s door.  Nature has a way of encroaching into every crevice of energetic life.  It can inundate, consume and wash over any kind of semblance of isolation. Why? Because Nature is the epitome of life pulsing around you. 

What’s more, Nature doesn’t necessarily need to be acknowledged, necessarily – but when you do – whoa, buddy!  You understand that you could never be alone.  Not with birds, bees, flowers, and trees skipping through your existence. Communion with Nature is the ultimate bond. It is the fullest degree of feeling one, unity, and whole.

The trick is to embrace and invite Nature to enter your lonely domain.  That requires attention and observation.  Perhaps meditate upon Nature and all Her glory.  Or maybe just take a walk among oak trees beneath cerulean skies.  Listen to the woodpeckers sending you Morse code in the woods.  Watch as lizards scurry upon your path, leaving dusty smoke signals in their wake for you to decipher. 

Communication runs rampant in Nature.  Furthermore, Nature provides a language that is easily accessible when you take the time to tune in.  What’s more, Nature’s wisdom is staggering, and you could learn a lot about being more fully you, and crushing that whole idea of feeling isolated or alone.

You Are Not Alone – Overcoming the Illusion

My point is this:  We are inseparable from all manner of divine energy whose presence and purpose is to accompany each of us on our life journey. More simply put, being alone is impossible. Between the majesty of Nature and the multi-verse of our own cellular structure – there’s no way you could possibly be alone.

Nevertheless, some of us feel the austerity of seclusion more often than divine companionship.  If that’s the case with you, I’m suggesting a move out of the mind and into the body as well as into Nature.  These are effective steps to becoming intimate with the reality of inclusion and consistent support.

Mighty brightly,

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