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Planetary Orbits Influence On Consciousness

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Exploring Planetary Orbits and Consciousness: This article is the second part in a two-part series about how the planets influence and relate to the conscious and unconscious mind.

Conscious and Unconscious Planets

There are four planets that represent the conscious mind are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. These are also known as the “inner planets” in astronomy.

The four planets that represent the unconscious mind are: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. These are called the “outer planets” in astronomy.We can get a overview of our own condition of consciousness by observing this different planets. The movements (orbit) and personality of the planets tell us about our personality too.

Here are some suggested meanings and behaviors related to each planet. Also included are potential responses to planetary orbits on human consciousness.

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“Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.”

Planet Meaning and human consciousness
Planet Meaning and human consciousness

Planet Meaning and Their Influence on Human Consciousness

Now that we’ve talked a bit about conscious and unconscious planets – let’s take a look at how each of the planets influence our human consciousness. Additionally, the following will describe how planetary orbits also impact our consciousness and lives.


Mercury (conscious planet): The activity of Mercury will give you hints into how you communicate with others. When direct, you are consciously aware of your communications with others, and tend to express yourself clearly. When retro, you tend to re-think your actions and may find it challenging to exchange ideas or feel understood.


Venus (conscious planet): Activity in Venus will offer clues into your attitudes about love. When direct, you are conscious of the value of love and the role it plays in your life. When retro, you may feel a lack of emotional satisfaction, or feel a need to reevaluate love relationships.


Earth (conscious planet): The planetary aspects of the Earth convey our conscious perception about security, community and physical wellbeing. Depending upon its position in relation to the other planets and luminaries (sun & moon), our conscious and unconscious motions will be effected


Mars (conscious planet): Activity in Mars will point to action. When moving forward, you are conscious of progress and will be aware of your ability to aggressively obtain goals. When in retrograde, you may find yourself taking precautionary action, or reviewing or even redoing past actions.


Jupiter (unconscious planet): The planetary orbits of Jupiter will give clues about our unconscious knowing related to our resources, social status and destiny. When direct, we have a pervasive sensation that we are traveling in the right direction and we have plenty of resources to enhance personal development. We have no tangible explanation for this feeling of forward momentum (as it is an unconscious planet). When retrograde, we tend to philosophize inwardly. We feel an (unconscious) need to withdraw from social view and ruminate internally.


Saturn (unconscious planet): The activity of Saturn will relate to control, learning and objectivity. As an unconscious planet, much of Saturn’s influences will be “under our radar” and we will often find ourselves questioning our behaviors (particularly whilst retrograde) in order to gain control in our lives. When direct, Saturn will offer us structure and we will detect a clarity perfectly designed for learning lessons. When retrograde, we will be concerned with rebuilding ourselves from the inside out.


Uranus (unconscious planet): The motions of Uranus will outline progress in creativity, new ideas, science and inspiration. Uranus is sometimes called the planet of the muses because when direct, you will experience wonderful new ideas and inspiration. You might not be sure of the source of your creative epiphanies as these will surface from the unconscious. When retrograde, you will find yourself inexplicably drawn to reformation, rediscovery and renewal.


Neptune (unconscious planet): Activities of Neptune will manifest experiences in our imagination, intuition and spiritual realms. Neptune is a “double-punch” of psychic power because it is an unconscious planet, and the planet itself is the ruler of dream dimensions. Direct, Neptune will trigger precognition, clear foretelling, prophecy and visionary experiences. When in retrograde, Neptune will cause us to dive even deeper into our emotional, spiritual, intuitive waters. We will be called to revisit our mystic visions on a karmic level and reflect upon our findings.


I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts about how planetary orbits influence the conscious and unconscious mind and how these orbits impact human behavior.

For an introduction and more information on this concept, visit my article on Conscious and Unconscious Planets here. And be sure to check out the links at the end of this page for more great planet-related symbolic topics. Thanks for reading!

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