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Celtic symbols - Miscellaneous

Celtic symbols offer lucid insight into the ancient Celtic culture. Moreover, Celtic iconography, when utilized mindfully, can open up a whole new realm of meaningful experience in our lives.

It's privilege to participate in the perennial mastery of Celtic wisdom. As sort of tribute to the inspiration and wonder Celtic wisdom has offered me, I've devoted a few pages on Celtic symbols and their meanings.

In tracking down the meaning of Celtic symbolism, many shifts can occur in our psyche, awareness and being. To wit, here are some transformations we can experience when delving into ancient Celtic symbol meanings...

Exploring Celtic Symbol Meanings Can Promote

  • Movement into the footsteps of our Celtic forebears, submersing ourselves into a vibrant culture.

  • Allowing us to follow an ancient energy uncanny in its uniqueness, hence augering unique awareness.

  • Tracing a path of divine connectivity that evokes reverence within us, and deeper appreciation for humanity's creativity.

Thought of in these terms, as exploring pathways into the center of Celtic belief systems, we move into a sacred space of the heart. A space the beats with respect, honor, and humility as we pull the ancient threads of Celtic mystery.

This is a miscellaneous group of links about Celtic symbolism that doesn't quite fit in an orthodox category.

Please refer to the in-site links on the right for classic Celtic categories and their related pages. For the main Celtic symbols page, click here.

In-Site Links to Celtic Symbols and their Meanings

Celtic tattoos Celtic Tattoo History
Studies deduce that Celts were probably really big on tattoos. We're not talking a rose on the cheek. More like full sleeves, along with full chest and back pieces. Check out this page for examples of the art, and learn how they "got inked."


Celtic jewelry Celtic Jewelry History
Celtic jewelry was just as popular in the times of the ancient Celts as it is today. There's a reason for that - take a closer look at Celtic jewelry, and the history behind it.


Celtic cross meaning Celtic Cross Meaning
A magnificent symbol of faith, the Celtic cross meaning has a lot of other symbolic implications too. Read about them here.


Celtic symbol for purity Celtic Symbol for Purity
How did the ancients express the concept of purity? Check this page out for some ideas on the Celtic symbol for purity.


Celtic triskelion symbol meaning Triskelion Symbol Meaning
What's all the commotion behind the three-legged motion of the Triskelion? Find out the various Celtic symbol meanings of this unique emblem on this page.


Celtic symbol for trinity Celtic Trinity (triquetra) Meaning
Discover more about the celtic symbol for trinity, and the meaning behind the triquetra.


Celtic meanings of the five fold symbol Celtic Five Fold Symbol Meanings
Discover the Celtic meanings behind the five fold symbol, including symbolic associations and insights into the Celtic fifth element.


Celtic mandala Celtic Symbol Mandalas
View beautiful Celtic designs in mandala style. Celtic knot meanings along with other symbolism is included with each design.


Celtic symbol meanings page Celtic Symbol Meanings
Want to know more about ancient Celtic symbols and signs? What do they mean? Why were they used? Discover answers to these questions and more as you explore various Celtic symbols such as the Triskelion, Fivefold Pattern, and Triquetra.


Celtic symbol meanings page Celtic Skull Symbolism
Observations about the Celtic preoccupation with head skull symbol. Includes meanings that may shed more light on the Celtic skull cult.


Celtic Symbols of the Tuatha Celtic Symbols of the Tuatha De Danann
Exploration of the Celtic symbols of the Tuatha de Danann. Their properties, associations and magical influences described here.

I hope you enjoy browsing through these articles on Celtic symbols and their meanings. I hope this information brings you as much enlightenment into Celtic wisdom as it did for me. Thanks for reading!

click links below for symbolic meanings.
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