Astrology and Parental Guidance

Astrology Signs and Parental Guidance

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This article on astrology signs and parental guidance might not be what you expect.

I’m not suggesting astrology can make you a better parent (although, it certainly will because you can see a “big-picture” perspective of your child’s personality and behavior by viewing them through the stars).

Rather, I’m suggesting our astrology signs can serve as archetypal mothers and fathers, and offer us guidance in our lives.

Specifically, our moon signs and sun signs:

  • Moon signs are feminine, and esoterically represent express sentiment from maternal energies.
  • Sun signs are masculine, and esoterically represent messages from paternal energies.

We can approach stellar parental advice in several different ways, and we’ll explore a few of these in this article.

You’ll need a few things before we go any further.  Namely, you’ll need to know your sun sign and your moon sign.  The date of your birth will determine your sun sign, and most of you reading this will already know what your sign is (it’s the one you use to look up your horoscope in the newspaper). You’ll need your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth to determine your moon sign.  With these coordinates, you can look up your moon sign in an ephemeris. 

Once you have your moon and sun signs, you’re ready to move on to a deeper level of communication and tap into the wisdom your astral-parents can offer.

Astrology and Parental Guidance
Astrology and Parental Guidance

Explaining Astrology Use for Parental Guidance

What do I mean by astral-parents or parental guidance?  Simply put, I’m talking about wisdom from a more advanced placeRegardless of what the condition of your relationship with your earth-parents is, you can utilize your moon and sun signs to gain a parental-type of nurturing and loving guidance.

Ideal parents care for us, watch over us, look out for our best interests.  Ideal parents also know us very well – sometimes better than we know ourselves because they’ve observed us from birth and they’ve been aware of us even before we were able to be aware of ourselves (in a sense).

Here are three suggestions for obtaining this kind of ideal parental-type guidance.

Literal Parental Guidance from the Stars

This tactic asks you to contemplate your father through your sun sign, and your mother through your moon sign.  Graft your actual parents into your astrology signs, and see the interconnectedness. 

This practice can be really uncanny.  You’ll be amazed at the correlations and similarities between your sun-sign-father as well as your moon-sign-mother. 

After you’ve contemplated the similarities, see if you can observe any communication from your parents through your astrology signs. 

For example, my sun sign is Sagittarius. The first correlation I drew between my sun sign and my dad is the love of horses.  In fact, horses run rampant through my entire paternal lineage. 

Taking this kind of loose dialog a step further, I can contemplate that connection, and find a link between horses and fatherly advice.  In so doing, I ponder the symbolism of horses, and search familial memory banks dealing with lessons learned around equestrian topics.

You can do the same kind of free-association with your own earth-parents as you marry them with your own sun & moon signs.  Just be light about the practice.  Be in a dozy kind of state when you seek connections.  They’ll come, along with insights and profound guidance of a loving, parental nature.

Past Life Parental Guidance from the Stars

This is very similar to the Literal Parental practice, only you’ll be diving into a deeper meditative state when you ponder mother/father energies in conjunction with your moon/sun signs (respectively).

Get relaxed and let your analytical mind take a back seat.  This is an exercise for your dreamy, melodic mind.  Contemplate archetypal mother energy in relation to your own moon sign.  See what the cosmic seas churn up in your awareness.  Record your impressions so you can revisit them and contemplate the meanings further.

Do the same with archetypal father energy in relation to your own sun sign. 

Astrology and Parental Guidance
Astrology and Parental Guidance

Divine Parental Guidance from the Stars

This practice has an obtuse, pervasive, infinite feel.  If we throw ourselves back to the earliest way of thinking, we would be cosmic children of a Father God, and a Mother Goddess. 

You guessed it, in this practice, the Father God would be linked to your sun sign.  The Mother Goddess is connected with your moon sign.

Again, in a dreamy, meditative state contemplate higher divine energies in terms of loving, nurturing, all-knowing Father/Mother deities. 

Do this while simultaneously being aware of your own astrology signs.

Ideally, these divine parents can be channeled through your signs

For example, Virgo is my moon sign, and when I channel the Mother Goddess through the Virgin, I am profoundly guided in matters of my conscience.  In this light, the Mother Goddess streaming through my Virgo aspect is always guiding me to bring order out of chaos (quite effectively too).

I hope these three methods and the examples I’ve provided give you a deeper insight into how to use your sun/moon astrology signs as parental guides. If you liked this, you may also like this family zodiac guide.

As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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