February Astrology Forecast

Astrology Forecast for February by Jahben

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The second month of a year is also known as “the month of cleansing” if you go into its Latin nomenclature. The month of February is also the shortest month of the year. To be sure, February astrology can be just as quick and mercurial in its meaning. With the month so fleeting, the astrology forecast for February is bound to be rife with insight.

As we transition to this month, there might be a lot of questions in your mind. Or, you might be just wondering what is waiting ahead of you there. 

Let’s take an astrological view and scan across the possibilities and surprises waiting for you. 

February Astrology Forecast
February Astrology Forecast

Beginning of February Astrology

As the lunation is in process during the first phase of the month, it opens a great opportunity for new beginnings. You must initiate a fresh job or new goals during this phase of the month.

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From Feb 3rd, when the mercury parks back to Capricorn, causing reversal, you could utilize the time to clear the air. Use this time to sort out any issue, clear any misunderstandings. Untangle miscommunication or just sort out life and things at a broader level. 

The elemental principles of astrology suggest that people with Fire elements must utilize their power of passion and boldness to welcome new things or implement a good change in life.

People with Air elements must use their ability of intellect and sharpness to re-establish certain things when the mercury parks back to Capricorn.

People with Earth and Water elements should remember to stay calm. Keep grounded in nature to deflect volatile situations and resolve things in a much more peaceful manner.

Astrology Forecast for February
Astrology Forecast for February

Mid – February Astrology Forecast

As the full lunar sets in the Second Phase of the month, the doors to creativity will be wide open. During this period, you must enjoy the simpler things in life.  Maybe extend some gratitude, some reunion with old friends and relatives, some quality time with peer mates. Your inner child must be reincarnated to make maximum use of this period. 

The elemental principles in this phase of the month indicate primal energy. People with fire elements must use their adventurous instincts to enjoy good times. People with Earth elements are suggested to use their calm. Stay composed in character. Appreciate the smaller things in life in a deeper fashion.

Water element holders are suggested to use their wisdom to educate their circle with the moral ethics of life. They must avoid getting moody as things done on impulse could turn out bad in the long term. 

Astrological Signs to Look for in Late February

Pluto is in its homecoming phase. Yes, you heard that right. Pluto is returning! 

As per astrophysicists, this happens every 248 years. During this phase, it is suggested that you focus on self-improvement, self-love, and care. This period will amplify your inner strength and self-confidence.

You could manifest these feelings of self-improvement boosts to come up with better plans for the future. During this period, you must ensure that you stay straightforward with your family to maintain harmony at home. 

The elemental properties suggest that people with Fire and Water must control their impulses. Fire signs with temper and water with oversensitive properties can drastically alter the balance of emotions. You are suggested to be calm and composed during mood swings or sudden emotional fluctuations.  

Astrology Forecast for February by Jahben
Astrology Forecast for February by Jahben

The Last Word on This Month’s Astrology Forecast

The month of February is the month of new beginnings

The moon’s lunation phase and mercury parking back to Capricorn and Pluto getting ready to visit us. This means the month should run majoritively smooth. There could be some issues with adapting to new changes, which will find their way back in no time. 

This February should bring you more opportunities and peace. It will give you more opportunities to enjoy smaller things in life. This month will also help you with self-care and inner growth. 

About the Author: Jahben is a 3rd generation intuitive and has spent two decades studying various divinatory art forms. He has devoted his life to learning and has been trained by some of the finest healers, psychics, and mystics of today. Jahben is committed to his clients and has helped thousands clarify their life purpose, obtain healing remedies, and consistently provides intuitive guidance. Find out more about Jahben and how you can gain personal wisdom through his intuitive & interpretive gifts by visiting his website here at Jahben.com

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