Signs of a Credible Psychic

4 Signs of a Credible Psychic: Ensuring Legitimate Spiritual Guidance

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You don’t have to be alone when you’re embarking on a spiritual growth journey. There are many different professionals who can provide you with guidance. This can make your experience richer and provide you with insights you can use as you develop. One type of collaborator you might consider working alongside is a psychic. Choosing the right psychic for you isn’t just about reviewing the different types of mediums and the potential for personal compatibility; that said, these are important considerations. You should also look into how credible the psychic you intend to work with is. A legitimate professional can help you navigate your spiritual path on a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect. Let’s explore some of the signs of a credible psychic.

They Don’t Exhibit Scam Red Flags

More psychics today are providing services online. This can be a positive thing, as it means you have access to a wider range of experienced guides who could fit your spiritual, emotional, and practical needs. But, as with so much of the online space, it’s good to be a little cautious when choosing the right collaborator for you.

Primarily, when finding a credible psychic, be mindful of some of the red flags for online scams. Scams are on the rise, with people using various tactics. Some of those most likely to be involved with fraudulent psychics could include:

Signs of a Credible Psychic
  • High pressure or urgent demands: If a psychic is trying to push you into paying for their services quickly, it may be a sign they don’t want you to think too deeply about what you’re paying for.
  • Requests for sensitive information: Naturally, any relationship with a psychic will involve you sharing a certain amount of personal information. However, asking for unnecessary sensitive data—such as financial information or your Social Security number—is a red flag.

Not to mention that psychics who ask too many questions may well be fishing for data they can use for a combination of cold and warm reading tactics. This is where illegitimate psychics manipulate even small amounts of information alongside clients’ non-verbal cues to make it seem as though they have greater clairvoyant insights than they really do.

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Another factor to consider whether you’re seeking a psychic online or in person is whether a potential psychic is offering services that are too good to be true. No genuine spiritual guide should be making guarantees about how they can impact your life, connect you with passed loved ones, or make you rich. It’s good to be optimistic about your spiritual potential, but psychics who promise too much could at best be overestimating their abilities and at worst be trying to take advantage of you.

They Put Clients’ Spiritual and Mental Wellness First

Another sign of a psychic’s credibility is that they put their clients’ spiritual and mental well-being first. Yes, professional psychics are running businesses and have goals just like anyone else. Nevertheless, it can be helpful to think about a good psychic as any other wellness professional. It should be clear that they recognize their responsibility to the care of their clients. 

Some indicators of putting clients’ well-being first can include:

  • Needs assessments: A credible psychic should take the time to talk to you about your spiritual needs and why you’re seeking a psychic. They should be open about whether they’re the most appropriate collaborator for your journey. They may even refer you to a more suitable colleague or therapist with areas of expertise that align better with your needs.
  • Patience: Another sign of a credible psychic is that they demonstrate patience. While they may encourage you to face challenges, they shouldn’t push you to explore ideas or areas of your life you’re not ready for.
  • Aftercare: Visiting a psychic for spiritual guidance can be an emotionally turbulent process at times. A credible psychic shouldn’t have this impact and leave clients to handle it alone. They should provide a certain amount of aftercare, whether they dedicate the last portion of each session to gently winding down or follow up after your session to check how you’re feeling.

So, how can you assess these elements? In some cases, psychics will have details about how they run sessions and approach client care on their website. It can also be a good idea to call or email in advance of a booking to ask a few questions regarding their attitude to welfare and how they safeguard it.

They Don’t Exploit Clients’ Good Intentions

Signs of a Credible Psychic

People head to psychics for a number of reasons. The majority of these are likely to be driven by the best of intentions. Perhaps you want some help healing from traumatic circumstances or want to learn more about yourself and the options you have for your future. Part of your reason may even be to support new-age practitioners you feel are doing important work. One of the signs of a credible psychic is that they aren’t out to exploit your positive intentions.

In some cases, psychics who operate on a donation basis may fraudulently claim to work on behalf of charities to take advantage of clients with a philanthropic side. It’s vital to protect yourself against common donation scams that target people with good intentions. For instance, do your research into the charities psychics claim to support to ensure they’re legitimate. Avoid clicking on emailed links to donate to psychics’ activities. You’ll be safeguarding yourself against phishing scams, particularly if the emails are unsolicited.

Another area of exploited good intentions to be aware of is related to your care for your family and other loved ones. A credible psychic won’t hold information they claim to have about your relatives’ future wellness to “ransom.” They also shouldn’t suggest your or loved ones’ spiritual health is at risk unless you keep attending sessions. It can be difficult to check for these aspects in advance and it will often come down to you keeping an optimistic yet vigilant mindset when attending sessions or communicating with guides.

They Have Positive Independent Feedback

A good indicator of a psychic’s credibility is what others have to say about them. Sure, you can get a good feel of what a psychic is about and their approach from their own words. Yet, seeking opinions from those who have spent time with a psychic while pursuing spiritual journeys gives you a more independent source of information that you can make informed decisions on.

Many psychics will have testimonials on their websites. While these can be useful to an extent, they have in all likelihood been carefully selected by the psychic and are therefore likely to have a certain amount of bias. Rather, when you’re doing your research into psychics, look for reviews on independent websites, like Google or TrustPilot. Look at both the positive and negative things people have to say and, importantly, how the psychic has responded to reviews. You can get a sense of the consistent types of experience clients have had and the general attitude the psychic has when dealing with them.


Credibility is one of the most important traits when seeking your spiritual collaborator. There are some solid signs, such as a lack of scamming behavior and a clear prioritization of your well-being. 

Even beyond these points, listen to your instincts. Your gut can also provide you with subtle signs that a psychic isn’t right for you or even that they could be a positive influence in your life. When informed by evidence and your instincts, you have a good opportunity to make solid decisions for your spiritual growth.

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