Centaur Meaning for My Tattoo Idea

by Q. Burns
(Las Vegas)

Centaur Meaning

Centaur Meaning

Centaur Meaning
Centaur Tattoo Idea

I am a Sagittarius, and am thinking about getting a centaur tattoo.

Can you tell me more about the meaning of centaurs so I can develop my idea for this tattoo? Like, what does the arrow mean? And what is some of the myth meaning of the centaur? I have read there is a lot of duality with the centaur. Is that true? And if so, what does that mean?

Any ideas or help you can offer would be great.

Avia's Response to
"Centaur Meaning for Tattoo Ideas"

Centaur Meaning for a Tattoo Idea
Hi Q.,

As a fellow Sagittarius, I appreciate your need for further insight into centaur meaning. Granted, I'm biased…but I think your tattoo idea for a centaur is very keen. : )

Centaurs are all about paradox, with the first evidence illustrated physically - half man, half horse.

The sign of Sagittarius often deals with themes of philosophy, higher learning, and exploration (either through adventure/travel or through academia). There is a parallel here in the Greek myth of Chiron, who was an educator. The centaur Chiron was wisdom personified, and in fact, was Achilles' tutor.

Not all centaurs are tempered by wisdom. The original centaurs described in ancient Greek myth were born from one of Apollo's sons and Stilbe, who was a mare of Magnesium. These offspring were wild, untamed and utterly primal.

As if the half man, half horse isn't enough of a paradox, here we have conflict of primal nature (wild behavior) versus civilized nature (educated, refined behavior in Chiron).

Another incident of duality is that centaurs were split between two Greek families in myth. Ixion and a torrential cloud joined to create centaurs. This offspring was also torrential - frenzied, furious and unreasoning beasts. Philyra and Cronos birthed a more civilized batch of centaurs. From this lineage, Chiron the Wise came forth. This split in the family tree is a metaphor for dark vs light, or base nature vs evolved nature.

Even the bow and arrow is a duplicitous symbol. The bow is a female symbol, its opening representative of the female gender. The arrow is a male symbol, a symbol of the male phallus. In this reference, we have duality, but also harmonizing of opposites.

At its most intense, the polarities illustrated in the centaur-figure demonstrate the core conflict in all humankind: Light vs. Dark, Good vs. Evil, Man vs. Beast. It is the age-old conflict every human encounters.

The epitome of centaur meaning in a righteous light is this sign's ability to merge opposites to form a cohesive, healthy unification. In other words, the sign of the centaur is a challenge to the human race to find balance...

Balance within ourselves by accepting what Christianity would call "sin nature" while simultaneously accepting the divinity within.

Balance between both male and female energies within one human vessel.

Balance of the light and dark within each of us, so we may find harmony.


Because harmony from within equates to external equilibrium. Change from within effects the environment. The centaur reminds us that internal balance leads to global homeostasis.

So, for a tattoo idea, the centaur is a profound reminder of the vital importance of equality, balance, temperance, moderation.

Centaur meaning is complex and colorful. These are just a few of the deeper philosophical references to the centaur. I would encourage you to do further independent research.

Looking into the symbolism of the horse is a good place to start. Then follow that up with other centaur symbols such as the bow and arrow, the harp, and the staff.

As far as Sagittarius goes, there's plenty of information on my website, and others that can offer more insight.

An outstanding feature of the Sagittarius sign is that it is a fire sign, which elicits symbolic meaning of passion, clarity, intelligence, vision, expansiveness. There can be no darkness when exposed to the light of the sun (fire).

This is a parallel for a tendency for Sagittarius' intolerance for dishonesty. The sun is a symbol of truth, and Sagittarius hold truth above all else. They often speak the truth boldly, and to their own detriment.

Just like Chiron, many Sagittarius signs are natural educators (because they seek the truth), philosophers and students. They love knowledge. Poets, artists, writers and actors are often good occupational matches for Sagittarius because these vocations channel the inherent wild nature (horse) through controlled intelligence (human).

These are just generalities about the sign of Sagittarius. Everybody is different, and it would be imprudent to clump all Sag's into the same personality profile.

I hope this response gives you a little more insight into the centaur meaning for your tattoo idea. Please feel free to check out the links I'm going to offer you at the end of this response for more information into your query.

Thanks for your contribution!


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