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Zodiac Symbols For Sagittarius

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Zodiac Symbols For Sagittarius

Exploring Zodiac Symbols for Sagittarius: Inspired, wandering, optimistic Sagittarius…what would the world do without you dreamers of the zodiac? I’ll tell you what we’d do…we’d become mired in the minutia of the mundane, forever yearning for the sparkles you bring to the world.

As with all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius is just as complex and hard to figure as everybody else. But Sag might give us an easier time in ciphering who they are, because they have a tendency to ‘let it all hang out.’ 

Sagittarius sun-signs are pretty much what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Take Sagittarius’ ruling planet, for example – Jupiter. It’s a planet symbolic of generosity, fortune, zeal and expansiveness. When a Sagittarius turns on these features in society, it’s hard to miss. There’s no denying a Sag when they are high on a new adventure or in the throes of enthusiastic excitement. Further, Jupiter is a highly visible planet…even by the naked eye in certain times of the year. So too is the Sagittarius. You just can’t remain blind to a switched on Sagittarius within your midst.

Another element of obvious transparency regarding the Sagittarius personality is their governing color. Sagittarius is governed by the color purple. This is a long-held color of royalty. As in the old days, when such pomp and circumstance was observed, when the community saw purple, they knew a biggety wiggety was in their presence. Same with Sag. When a healthy, whole Sagittarius comes on the scene, you’re going to know you’re in the presence of a bombastic being. To find out more about the color purple among Sagittarius’s zodiac symbols, take a look at zodiac signs and color meanings here.

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Zodiac Symbols Sagittarius
Zodiac Symbols Sagittarius

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.”

~William Shakespeare
zodiac symbols for sagittarius and sagittarius astrology meanings
zodiac symbols for Sagittarius and Sagittarius astrology meanings

But don’t let the fullness of Sagittarius’ potential fool you. There are a lot of subtle nuances to this sun-sign that go overlooked. That’s why learning about the zodiac symbols for Sagittarius is a key action. Knowing these nuances can help figure out what makes this wild centaur gallop.

There’s tons to savor about Sagittarius, and learning about their zodiac symbols is a great way to connect with this exciting sign.

A reminder: These zodiac symbols are linked to Sagittarius’s sun-sign. It’s a good idea to familiarize ourselves with other signs cycling through our charts. If you want to get your all your neato-keen astrological sign information, go to to cast your chart and go over all your lovely astro-facets.

Let’s get started and take a look at the key zodiac symbols for the sign of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius Zodiac Symbols and Sign Meanings

The Prime Zodiac Symbol for Sagittarius

Arrow glyph: On the surface, it’s pretty obvious what Sagittarius’ glyph represents – an arrow. But upon closer inspection, the arrow has a heftier portent. The arrow is symbolic of aim, and there’s nothing quite like Sagittarius’ who has a clear aim to a dream or goal. Furthermore, the arrow is a symbol of being direct, or hitting the mark in effort and meaning. Sagittarius tends to do this in spades. Renowned for their bluntness and candor, Sag has no problem with hitting the bullseye of truth. More mature Sagittarius’ have learned to launch their arrows of truth in diplomatic ways. Less tactful Sagittarius can land their arrows of honesty in painful ways. In a more tangible sense, this zodiac symbol of Sagittarius represents high-reaching ideals. The arrow of this glyph always points upwards. This is symbolic of being grounded (as an archer may be on the ground) while aiming high, and launching ideas (the arrow) into the ethers of the unknown…unsure where that ideal/arrow will land, but willing to let loose of the bow and see what happens. This is a quintessential Sagittarian attitude.

Elemental Zodiac Symbol for Sagittarius

Fire: Aries and Leo also share the element of fire in the zodiac, and they express their fire in undeniably passionate ways. Sagittarius takes fire to a unique level. How so? Well, fire is symbolic of many things, like: Passion, heat, provision, inspiration. Sagittarius possesses all of these qualities. But there’s another essence to fire that is akin to Sagittarius’ disposition. That essence is wanderlust. Think on it. Let a fire go unbridled, and it will run wild. Ever see a tiny spark grow into an unbelievable fire? That’s a Sagittarian potential. Left unchecked, a Sag fire will blaze a trail that can be both stunning in its beauty, and horrifying in its destruction. Sagittarius has a spectacular ability to create brilliance and also destruction at the same time. It’s a good thing to know when contemplating this sun-sign. The light and heat that comes from fire is a very, very good thing. It can also be dangerous to mess with.

Flowers as Zodiac Symbols for Sagittarius

Narcissus: Those of you who know the mythology behind Narcissus, might know that the Greek hunter was besotted with his own appearance. He couldn’t pass a reflection without admiring himself. That myth isn’t too dissimilar from Sagittarius’ perspective. Healthy Sagittarian’s love themselves, and figure everything is all about them. Narcissus the flower, also shares the same self-loving bent. How so? Well, Narcissus is a perennial. It comes back, over and over every year…reminding us of their beauty, and how lovely they look upon the land. Narcissus the plant is also very ‘vocal’ in about their looks. To explain, this flower is a relative of the daffodil family. As such, most Narcissus have a trumpet-like flower. This is symbolic of trumpeting their own loveliness…something many Sagittarius have no problem doing either. Check out more flowers as zodiac symbols for Sagittarius here.

Stones as Zodiac Symbols for Sagittarius

Turquoise: Turquoise the stone comes in many different colors, but blue is most potent for Sagittarius. Blue turquoise will have a tendency to calm a wild Sag, and get them grounded to the point of being able to think their actions through clearly. As a grounding stone, turquoise is a perfect stone for Sagittarian’s to wear because it helps to put feet (and arrows) back in the ground before they fly off to parts unknown (or unwanted). Indeed, turquoise will enhance clarity of thought and emotion – which comes in handy for many Sagittarian’s. Turquoise is also absorbent. Meaning, it will absorb a lot of negative influences unique to a Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Overarching Zodiac Symbols for Sagittarius

Centaur: Chiron is the famed centaur of Greek mythology because of his endless search for truth and logic. What’s less known about Chiron the centaur, is his relentless struggle between civilized thought and his primal nature. Herein lies the juxtaposition of Sagittarius symbol and nature. The centaur and Sagittarius share a wealth of commonalities. At their core, Sagittarian’s are teachers. They love to explore (in mind, spirit, emotion, in the world, wherever) and then bring back their discovers to share and teach the world. But they struggle in their adventures with their wild nature. That’s where the horse comes in. Undomesticated horses are known to be rambunctious, roam, sow wild oats, etc. That’s a struggle for Sag’s too. Another interesting similarity between centaurs and their Sagittarian counterparts is the aspect of duality. On the one hand, we have an unbridled, untamed beast – the horse – whose only compass is scent, sight and senses. On the other, we have human who has a broad buffet of emotion, intellect and intuition to pick from. Half man, half horse is a duplicitous place to be in, and that’s a constant tug-of-war for a Sagittarius to deal with. Take a canter through horse symbolism here.

I hope this page on zodiac symbols for Sagittarius has given you a good foundation into the make-up of the Sagittarian sun-sign personality. To be sure, Sagittarius is an endless source of energy and enthusiasm. But there’s so much more to this sign than that. If you’re a Sagittarius, embrace yourself for who you are. If you’re not, take the time to trot in their horseshoes. Sagittarius can offer so much…to themselves, to others, and to the world.

I’ve written more about astrology and zodiac sign symbolism. Be sure to check out the links below for all kinds of goodies on zodiac symbols and meanings.

Thanks for reading about the fascinating realm of zodiac symbols for Sagittarius.

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