Finch Meanings

by Beverly
(Chicago IL)

Symbolic Finch Meaning

Symbolic Finch Meaning

Symbolic Finch Meaning
Symbolic Meaning of The Finch

Inquiry About Symbolic Finch Meaning

Hi Avia,

I LOVE your website! Your blog is amazing too! I've been visiting your informative sites for years. I checked in today to see what you've written about finches.

I just moved to Chicago from California (don't ask! lol). As you can imagine, the climate is completely different. It's SO COLD here! Everything is so different from Cali. Even bird behavior.

I thought all birds flew to California during the cold winter months in the north. At least it seemed that way to me. So many birds all year round from my sunny home state.

However, I have a slew of finches feeding from my balcony...and it's 10 degrees outside!

This got me thinking. It made me consider how brave these little birdies are to endure this cold. I mean, birdie bodies are nothin' but fluff! Even their bones are hollow! What tremendous fortitude these little creatures must have to stick around when winter conditions are so cold and cruel!

I was wondering what your symbolic take on all this is. I loved what you wrote about gold finch meanings, and it helped me piece together some great lessons in my life.

What's your symbolic POV (point of view) on finch sightings in the dead of winter? Or how do you feel about symbolic finch meaning in general? Any insights you have will be, I'm sure, quite interesting and useful.

Thanks for reading this!

"Frozen in Chicago" lol

Avia's Response to
"Symbolic Finch Meaning"

Hello Beverly,
Thanks for the positive feedback, and for sharing your finch observations!

There are hundreds of different kinds of finches, and their presence spans across the globe. A truly versatile bird! They are seen wild as well as kept pets. The canary, in fact, is a finch that was bred in captivity for its beautiful color and song.

Speaking of song, finches have some of the most elaborate and eloquent vocal expressions. This ties into a powerful symbolic finch meaning...their song should encourage us to raise our own voices with cheer, delight and beauty. When the finch flies into our awareness, it's a good time to observe our speech. Are we vocalizing in a lovely way? How are we verbally expressing ourselves, and how can we make our words as lovely and bright as finch-song?

I appreciate the observations you made about the finch braving the winter time. The finch is a symbol of longevity in Asia. Your intuition is correct, Beverly, the finch is a great representative for courage, determination and fearlessness when it comes to facing harsh conditions.

Symbolic finch meaning also deals with resourcefulness. They make their way in this world with what they have at hand (or wing, I should say). This is an important lesson for humans. Rather than have the most expensive or extravagant stuff...perhaps we all could do as the finch does...simplify, and make do with the resources at hand. In this way, the finch is also a good reminder to recycle. Use or re-purpose what is available rather than tossing and replacing.

Sighting the finch in the winter time is also a symbol of hope, renewal and a promise that yes indeed, the sun will come out and shine brightly on our souls once more. Winter can be a bleak time, potentially. Symbolic finch meaning includes a sweet reminder that joy and bright beauty can be found in the most sterile, cold environments.

So, is a rundown of some symbolic finch meanings:

  • Hope

  • Beauty

  • Strength

  • Eloquence

  • Expression

  • Creativity

  • Determination

  • Resourcefulness

I hope these insights help you on your symbolic finchy path!


Special thanks to Dave Crotty for the Gold Finch pictures. :)

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