Most Superstitious Zodiac Signs

Most Superstitious Zodiac Signs

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Astrology: The Most Superstitious Zodiac Signs

For some, horoscopes are just a little light reading on their daily commute; something to have a bit of a giggle at as a light-hearted break from the seriousness of the morning’s news. For others, the Zodiac is a mantra to live by, and these people take their daily reading with the same seriousness as the rest of the morning’s newspaper. Whichever side of the line you fall on, it seems that all the mainstream Astrologists agree that some signs are more superstitious than others – does this give the art of astrology great plausibility? I’ll let you decide, as I don’t want to trample on anybody’s beliefs; instead, I’ll share with you what I’ve found about the most superstitious zodiac signs from astro-pros much more knowledgeable about this subject than me!

But First: Why Does it Matter?

For those who are superstitious, it can make them behave in ways which may seem… a little unusual to those who are unfamiliar with the “rules” that superstitious people insist on not breaking. From not walking under ladders, fearing black cats, or nailing a horseshoe to your front door for good luck, to the uninitiated, any or all of these processes can seem strange and even downright bizarre. 

Superstition also pays a big part in gambling too; Play at a live casino in Canada and just watch how many people will start betting heavily on black after a long run of sequential red numbers. These bettors truly believe that, in some way, the balance of the world must be restored with an equally large number of blacks eventually and are often willing to put their entire bankroll on the line in support of belief. 

But don’t be fooled – when it comes to gambling, no amount of superstition can ever overcome the house edge! I don’t know if I would spend my time trying to get this point across to believers in Astrology who were born under any of these star signs…


Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Teachers - Pisces

The most superstitious sign of the entire zodiac, Pisces are said to be impressionable and even “malleable” in nature, often being convinced by the simplest of coincidences. Pisces are apparently able to receive energy waves that other people cannot, enabling them to make decisions that will lead to greater fortune than members of the other zodiac signs. Whilst evidence of this trait is nothing more than anecdotal, there have been a few interesting tales of the years that suggest the rituals of the most superstitious Pisces have, indeed, led to these people earning more money than their less superstitious peers – even on the casino floor!


Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Teachers - Scorpio

Mysteries, legends, and magic are all appealing to many Scorpios, with some believers in Astrology born under this sign even believing that they can see into a different reality that is hidden from the rest of us. The belief in an intangible realm makes it easy to understand why a Scorpio may believe in superstitions easier than the rest of us; inanimate objects such as crystal balls are often believed to possess predictive or healing powers, and colors too often play an important part too. Some Scorpios are known to stick to a rigid routine with almost religious determination to ensure their life does not become unbalanced.


Another sign with a particular predisposition to clairvoyance, lucidity, and the belief in the supernatural, Leo’s are just as superstitious as Scorpio’s but in dramatically different ways. You will often see Leo’s touching or knocking on wood before important meetings or business dealings for good luck, believing that this simple action can dispel bad energies. Leos are also well known for their love of “Protective jewelry” such as bracelets and necklaces that they believe can offer them special protection. 


Astrology-believing Cancers speak of building a shell around their daily lives which protects them from the roughest of life’s realities. This is another sign with a strong belief in magic, and the power of protective items, but Cancers prefer to keep these items hidden around their person rather than on display as Leo’s do. Women, for example, will keep such items in their purse, whilst men may keep their protective items in a jacket pocket or similar. The ultimate protective item is said to be a four-leaf clover found as a child, and a Cancer will often keep such an item on their person every day for the rest of their lives. 

The Least Superstitious Sign: Capricorn

Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Teachers - Capricorn

Capricorns are said to overly rational, although it does feel a little strange to suggest that somebody who believes in the power of Astrology could also be said to be too rational to believe in superstition. Nevertheless, Capricorns believe that they own their own destiny, so won’t appreciate you giving them any good luck charms – unless they find the item pleasing or beautiful on an aesthetic level, or perhaps as a thoughtful gift. 

The Last Word on Superstitious Zodiac Signs

Of course, every astrology (sun) sign has different views, beliefs and proclivities. Everybody is different. These are just a few most superstitious zodiac signs that were considered extra cautious or credulous than other signs. Ultimately, we all have our own ways of looking at the world. Some might prefer to believe in symbolism over superstition. Other’s may only want cold hard facts before leaping into a decision or new direction. Whatever you subscribe to, we hope this information proves helpful. Thank you for reading.

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