meaning of astrology houses

Basic Meaning of Astrology Houses

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Exploring Basic Meaning of Astrology Houses

The basic meaning of astrology houses lends great insight and enlightenment into our personalities.  Yet, the gravity of house-influences is often overlooked simply because their meanings aren’t as popularized or commonly known.

Intro to Astrology Houses

Ancient astrologers of Mesopotamia recognized the need to make certain divisions in astrology charts in order to organize the various areas within human life.

Ergo, they designated 12 “houses” – each with its own flavor, decor and feel pertaining to an aspect of life.

It’s vital to understand that meaning of astrology houses is based on each house having a distinct personality. 

Just like houses, in reality, they all have differences…different furniture, paint, exteriors, etc.  Same with astrology houses. Consider the meaning of each astrological house as the place where that energy or quality lives.

So, if your chart shows a sign like Leo living in your first house…you can consider the relationship Leo has with the ‘furniture’ or ‘design’ (personality and theme) of the first house.

The meaning astrology houses are revealing because they describe our proclivities in the theatre of life.  Houses give us an inside look into areas of wealth, relationships, aspirations, and more.

“The puzzling thing is that there is really a curious coincidence between astrological and psychological facts, so that one can isolate time from the characteristics of an individual.”

~ Dr. Carl Jung
meaning of astrology houses
Meaning of astrology houses

Basic Meaning of Astrology Houses

1st House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

First House:
This is the house that most represents you, and astrologists often consider this to be the most revealing house in your chart. 

The first astrology house is the house that explains your style, mannerisms, tendencies in behavior and temperament.  If you want to “know thyself” look inside this house.

2nd House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Second House:
This is the house of money and material possessions.  It also sheds light on the various ways you may go about acquiring income.  Even more important, the sign in this house will reveal your beliefs about money and possessions. 

If you want to know about your relationship to money look inside this astrology house.

3rd House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Third House:
The meaning of this house in astrology pertains to self-expression and communication.  Specifically, your sign in this house will reveal your relationship with immediate family members and how you interact with these people in your life. 

If you want to know how you deal with your day-to-day environment as well as your inner responses to close relationships, peek inside this house.

4th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Fourth House:
This is the house of home life, security and how you process the cycles of time in your life (childhood, adolescence, adulthood, etc).  This house will reveal certain aspects of your personal development and how you go about the process of maturing. 

If you want more clarity about your domestic life and how you process the evolution of your growth, look into this house.

5th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Fifth House:
This house deals with sexuality, creativity, love, and entertainment.  This house will give you a better view of how you feel about children too.  This house will open up information about where you seek out sensual pleasure and how you express yourself in terms of creative urges too.  Look to this house for data on how you derive joy.

6th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Sixth House:
This is the house of health and empathy.  This house will reveal how you deal with yourself and others who are in need.  Are you compassionate and empathetic? Or, do you care for others by giving them hard lessons?  This house will open doors in your awareness about how you offer philanthropic service to others.

7th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Seventh House:
This is your house of marriage and partnership.  Obviously, this house is going to tell you about what kinds of mates you are attracted to and how you behave in committed relationships.  These aren’t limited to just people – this house will also tell you if you are married to work and partnerships in other areas of your life.

8th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Eighth House:
This house can be shrouded in mystery because it’s classified as the house deals with matters of the afterlife and death in general.  This house meaning in astrology deals with secrets and will offer strong revelations about your psychic powers.  Look to this house to reveal powerful secrets about your shadow selves.

9th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Ninth House:
Where the third house touches on short trips, the ninth house explores long journeys – both physical and mental.   This house deals with study too and will reveal your avenues of intellectual/mental expansion.  Look to this house for matters of astral travel, long-term vision and expanding horizons in your life.

10th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Tenth House:
This is the house of status and career.  This house will reveal your proclivity to certain vocations as a means to fully express yourself.  Also known as the house of ambition, this house also touches on how others see you in status.  Look in this house to glimpse how you present yourself to the outside world (in career and otherwise) and how others see you too.

11th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Eleventh House:
House of friends, hopes and dreams – this area will speak to you about your tendencies in social interactions.  It will also reveal more about the aspirations and hopes you have for your life.  The eleventh house will also reveal how you go about attaining your dreams.

12th House Meaning

meaning of astrology houses

Twelfth House:
Another tricky house to interpret, because this house deals with secrets as well as sorrows.  Open these doors to reveal esoteric aspects of yourself – dark shadows that linger in your cosmic energy.  This is a house that will speak to you about troubles, self-defeating tendencies, accidents and disappointments in life.  Unlocking the door to this house can offer information you can use to put you on a higher path (and avoid self-defeating behaviors).

I hope you have enjoyed this brief insight into these basic meanings of astrology houses.  Keep in mind, this is an extremely basic overview. Oh, and if you liked this, you might also like my post about Venus in the 12 houses of astrology here.

As always, thanks for reading!

Mighty brightly,

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