Spider Tattoo Meanings
and Spider Symbolism

Spider Tattoo Meanings

Spider Tattoo Meanings and Spider Tattoo Ideas

Spiders (and therefore spider tattoo meanings) share their symbolism with the webs they weave. Countless ancient cultures hailed the spider web as a connective matrix from which all of creation emerged. As the web mimics the interconnectivity of life/nature - the spider, then, is the creatrix.

For example, in India the spider is a weaver of reality and is a symbol of cosmic order. In this light, the web of reality is spun from the womb of the spider and so, the spider is also a representation of the Upanishads (spiritual wisdom) because the spider is both the creator and the inhabitant of wisdom. Spider tattoo meaning can also be connected to the Hindu concept of Maya (illusion) too as spiders weave crazy webs affecting perception.

Symbolic Spider Tattoo Meanings

  • Luck
  • Magic
  • Progress
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Secretiveness
  • Thoroughness
  • Practicality
  • Connectivity
  • Creation/Creativity
Spider Tattoo Meanings

The spider is often considered a solar creature and is associated with the sun because of its radiating legs and radiating webs. In this respect, the spider is also symbolic of: Life, vitality, health, radiating energy.

Furthermore, the spider has eight legs which is symbolic of infinity, cycles, time, progression and harmonic balance (more on meaning of number eight here).

In Islam, white spiders are considered good luck symbols. Black spiders...not-so-much. :)

Alternatively, the spider is also thought of as a lunar creature and is linked with moon symbolismtoo: Passivity, intuition, mysticism, shadows, cycles, time.

Mythological Deities Associated with the Spider

  • Neith: Egyptian - the great weaver goddess

  • Anansi: African - spider god who tutored humans how to weave

  • Grandmother Spider: Native American Indian of Southwestern tribes - nature spirit connected to creation and wisdom

  • Arachne: Greek goddess turned into a spider after she bested the jealous Athena in weaving skills

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